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Badge: A crowned lion's head.
Septs: McLaren, MacLaurin, MacLaurin, MacLauren, McLauren, McLarin, McCLarin, MacLaran, McLaran, MacLaruan, MacLeran, MacLaurie, McLaurie, Laurence, Lawrence, Law, Lawson, Low, Lowe, Lawrie, Laurie, Lowery, Lowry, Faed, Patterson, Paterson, Peterson, McPater, Patrick, MacPatrick, MacRory, McCrory, McGory, MacRuari, Wright, MacGrory, Peterkin and Borison.
Names associated with the clan:
Cririe Fade Faed Faid Fead Feid Fetridge Fied Gilfeather Gilfedder Giothbrith Godfraid Godfrey Goffraidh Gorey Gorre Gorrie Gorry Gothbrith Gowrie Guoroor Larrie Laurence Laurie Laurri Laury Lawrance Lawrence Lawrie Lawry Lowrey Lowrie MacArorie MacArory MacClaran MacClaren MacClarence MacClarene MacClarens MacClaring MacClarren MacClarron MacClawrane MacClearen MacCleron MacCorrie MacCorry MacCory MacCrary MacCreary MacCreerie MacCreery MacCreire MacCreirie MacCreory MacCrerie MacCrery MacCrire MacCririck MacCririe MacCriuer MacCrore MacCrorie MacCrory MacFaddrik MacFade MacFadrick MacFaid MacFait MacFaitt MacFate MacFater MacFather MacFatridge MacFead MacFeat MacFeate MacFeaters MacFederan MacFedran MacFeeters MacFetridge MacGilfatrick MacGilfatrik MacGillefatrik MacGillefedder MacGillepartik MacGillepatrick MacGillepatrik MacGillephadrick MacGillephadruig MacGillifudricke MacGilliphatrick MacGillphatrik MacGilparick MacGilphadrick MacGilpharick MacGorie MacGorre MacGorrie MacGorry MacGory MacGroary MacGrory MacGrury MacGyllepatric MacHpatrick MacIlfadrich MacIlfatrik MacIliphadrick MacIllepatrick MacIllephadrick MacIllephedder MacIllepheder MacIllephudrick MacIllfatrick MacIlliruaidh MacIlpadrick MacIlpatrick MacIlpedder MacKilpatrick MacKlarain MacKrory MacLabhrain MacLabhruinn MacLairen MacLaran MacLaren MacLarin MacLaring MacLauren MacLaurent MacLaurin MacLaurine MacLawhorn MacLawran MacLawrin MacLawrine MacLeran MacLern MacLeron MacLorn MacOlphatrick MacPaid MacPartick MacPatrick MacPeeters MacPhade MacPhadraig MacPhadrick MacPhadrig MacPhadrik MacPhadruck MacPhadruig MacPhadryk MacPhaid MacPhaide MacPhait MacPharick MacPhate MacPhater MacPhatrick MacPhatricke MacPhatryk MacPheadair MacPheadarain MacPheat MacPhedar MacPheddair MacPheddrin MacPhedearain MacPhederan MacPhedran MacPhedrein MacPhedron MacPheidearain MacPheidiran MacPheidran MacPheidron MacPhete MacPhoid MacRaurie MacRearie MacReary MacReirie MacRerie MacRiridh MacRirie MacRorie MacRory MacRourie MacRoyre MacRoyree MacRoyri MacRuairidh MacRuaraidh MacRuary MacRuidhri MacRurie MacRurry MacRury MacRyrie Makcrire Makerori Makfatrick Maklaurene Makpatrik Makreury Makririe Makrore Malpatric Meiklefatrick Meiklfatrick Padair Padan Padesone Padison Padon Padraig Padruig Padson Padyn Padyne Pait Paitt Paruig Patair Pate Patein Paten Paterson Patersone Patersoun Patersoune Patesone Patheson Pathruig Patieson Patirsone Patirsoun Patison Patisone Patisoune Paton Patone Patonson Patonsoun Patoun Patoune Patowne Patric Patrick Patrickson Patricksone Patricson Patrikson Patrison Patrisone Patrisoun Patrykson Patten Patterson Pattie Pattinson Pattison Pattisoune Patton Pattone Pattoun Pattoune Pattounsoun Pattowsone Paty Patynson Patyrson Pautoun Pawton Pawtonsoun Pawtoun Pawtoune Peathine Pedair Pedan Pedden Peden Pedin Petensen Pethein Pethin Petirsoun Phadair Ririe Rorie Rorison Rorrison Ryrie Vclaurent

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