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Motto: "Virtue mine honour".
Badge: A tower with battlements.
Septs of the Clan: Beath, Beaton, Black, Lean, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBeth, Macilduy, MacLergain, MacRankin, MacVeagh, MacVey, Rankin.
Names associated with the clan:
Bay Beath Beathune Beathy Beaton Beatoun Beattone Beattoun Bethon Bethune Betoin Beton Betone Betoun Betown Betowne Betton Bettune Beutan Bey Bittoune Blac Black Blacke Blackie Blaick Blaik Blaike Blaikey Blaikie Blak Blake Blayk Clanachan Clanahan Clannachan Clanochan Clean Clenachan Clenaghan Clenochan Douie Dowie Dowy Duart Gildawie Gildowie Gilduff Gillan Gillean Gilledow Gilleduff Gillegowie Gilleon Gillian Gilyean Gilzean Gilzeane Leach Lean Leatch Lech Leche Leech Leeche Leetch Leiche Leitch Leitche Leyche Liche Liech Lietch Litch MacAldowie MacAldowrie MacAldowy MacAlduie MacBa MacBae MacBaith MacBathe MacBay MacBea MacBeath MacBeatha MacBeathy MacBee MacBeith MacBeth MacBetha MacBey MacBheath MacBheatha MacBheathain MacClan MacClane MacClean MacCleane MacClen MacCraing MacElduff MacGildhui MacGilduff MacGildui MacGilevie MacGilewe MacGilladubh MacGilldowie MacGilleathain MacGillebeatha MacGilledow MacGilleduf MacGilleduibh MacGillegowie MacGilleoin MacGilleon MacGilleone MacGilleoun MacGilleoune MacGillewe MacGillewey MacGillewie MacGillewy MacGillewye MacGilliduffi MacGilliewie MacGilligowie MacGilligowy MacGilliue MacGilliwie MacGillogowy MacGillon MacGilloyne MacGilvie MacGleane MacHilliegowie MacIlday MacIldeu MacIldeus MacIldew MacIldoui MacIldowie MacIldowy MacIldue MacIlduf MacIlduff MacIlduy MacIlergan MacIlewe MacIlghuie MacIlguie MacIlguy MacIllergin MacIllewe MacIllewie MacIllhuy MacIlliduy MacIllon MacKbayth MacKcline MacKeldey MacKeldowie MacKelein MacKildaiye MacKilday MacKilleane MacKlen MacKlin MacLean MacLeand MacLeane MacLein MacLen MacLene MacLergain MacLergan MacLin MacLyn MacMalduff MacOleane MacRaing MacRankein MacRankin MacRankine MacRanking MacRankyne MacTarlach MacTarlich MacTerlach MacThearlaich MacVanish MacVay MacVeagh MacVeay MacVeigh MacVenish MacVey MacVinish Maelbeth Makclean Makcleane Makclen Makgilleoin Makgilleon Makgilleone Makgilleoun Makgillevye Makgillewe Makgillewie Malbeth Melbeth Mickellduff Padan Padon Padyne Patein Paten Paton Patone Patonson Patonsoun Patoun Patoune Patowne Patton Pattone Pattoun Pattoune Pautoun Pawton Pawtoun Pawtoune Raincin Ramkein Ranequin Rankeine Ranken Rankene Rankesoun Rankin Rankine Ranking Rankinge Rankins Rankinson Rankyn Rankyne Rankynson Renkine Renkyn Rinking MacLean Of Dochgarroch: Gellion Gillon

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