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Branches: MacNachtan of Dunderave
Badge: A castle
Motto: I hope in God
Slogan: Fraoch Eilean (Gaelic: The Heathery Isle)
Septs and Names of the Clan: Ayson, Bissett, Easson, Ferguson, Henderson, Hendrie, Hendry, Henerdie, Henerdy, Henrie, Henry, Kendrich, Kendrick, Kinrick, MacAire, MacAirey, MacAirie, MacAiry, MacAnir, MacAry, MacAys, MacBrayn, MacBrayne, MacBreen, MacBrine, MacBrinn, MacCachren, MacCarhy, MacCarie, MacCarken, MacCarrie, MacCarry, MacCavic, MacCavick, MacCeol, MacClackuon, MacCoal, MacColl, MacCrackan, MacCrackans, MacCracken, MacCracken, MacCrackens, MacCrackin, MacCrackin, MacCrackins, MacCracktin, MacCracktine, MacCraken, MacCratic, MacCratick, MacCrocken, MacCrocklin, MacEal, MacEel, MacFergusse, MacGrachin, MacGrattan, MacGratten, MacGrattin, MacGreachain, MacGreachan, MacHanvichar, MacHarrie, MacHarry, MacHendrie, MacHendry, MacHenrie, MacHenry, MacImery, MacImmery, MacInerie, MacInery, MacInrye, MacIntaylor, MacInterrie, MacInterry, MacIntrye, MacKay, MacKendrich, MacKendrick, MacKendricks, MacKenerick, MacKenerie, MacKenery, MacKindrick, MacKindricks, MacKinrick, MacKnatt, MacKneight, MacKnigh, MacKnight, MacKnot, MacKracherne, MacMath, MacMitt, MacNac, MacNachdan, MacNachtan, MacNachten, MacNachton, MacNack, MacNagen, MacNaghtan, MacNaghten, MacNaghtin, MacNaight, MacNair, MacNairy, MacNamell, MacNammill, MacNarie, MacNary, MacNatt, MacNattie, MacNatton, MacNatty, MacNauchton, MacNaugh, MacNaught, MacNaughtan, MacNaughten, MacNaughton, MacNayer, MacNayre, MacNear, MacNeid, MacNeight, MacNeir, MacNerie, MacNery, MacNet, MacNete, MacNett, MacNette, MacNetten, MacNetton, MacNeur, MacNevens, MacNevin, MacNevins, MacNight, MacNitt, MacNivan, MacNivans, MacNiven, MacNorton, MacNott, MacNought, MacNoughtan, MacNoughton, MacNoyer, MacNuir, MacNut, MacNutt, MacNuyer, MacPortland, MacQuaig, MacQuake, MacQuaker, MacRac, MacRack, MacRacken, MacRackin, MacRagan, MacRaggan, MacReachain, MacReachan, MacRuck, MacRucke, MacVicar, MacVickar, MacVickars, MacVicker, MacVickers, MacVig, MacVige, MacVrine, MacVryne, MacWaughton, MacYole, MacYoll, Manaugh, Mannice, Mannis, Mannise, Nachtan, Nachten, Nactan, Nacten, Naghton, Natton, Naughten, Naughtie, Naughton, Naughty, Nechtan, Nechten, Nectan, Necten, Nevin, Nevins, Nevinson, Niven, Nivens, Nivenson, Nought,  Nucater, Nucator, Nutt, Porter, Weir.
Names associated with the clan:
Eanrig Eanruig Enrick Henderson Hendersone Hendersonne Hendersoun Hendersoune Hendery Hendirsone Hendirsoune Hendrie Hendrisoune Hendry Henersoun Hennersoune Hennryson Henresoun Henreysoun Henriesoun Henrison Henrisone Henrisoun Henrisoune Henry Henryesson Henryson Henrysoun Inrick Inrig Kendrick Kenrick Knevan MacBrain MacBraine MacBrayan MacBrayne MacBreyane MacBreyne MacCanrig MacCanrik MacCans MacCanse MacCansh MacCants MacCeol MacCoal MacCoel MacCraccan MacCrachan MacCrachen MacCrackan MacCracken MacCraikane MacCraken MacCrekan MacCrekane MacCrokane MacEanruig MacEnrick MacEol MacHendric MacHendrie MacHendry MacHenrie MacHenrik MacHenry MacHnight MacInair MacInayr MacInnuer MacInnuier MacInnyeir MacInuair MacInuar MacInuire MacInuyer MacKanrig MacKendric MacKendrich MacKendrick MacKendrie MacKendrig MacKendry MacKenrick MacKeracken MacKnach MacKnacht MacKnaer MacKnaight MacKnair MacKnaire MacKnaught MacKnaughtane MacKnawcht MacKnaycht MacKnayt MacKneicht MacKnicht MacKnight MacKnitt MacKrachin MacKraken MacKrekane MacKynnair MacKynnayr MacNachdan MacNacht MacNachtan MacNachtane MacNachtin MacNachton MacNaght MacNaghtane MacNaghten MacNaicht MacNaichtane MacNaight MacNair MacNait MacNaoimhin MacNar MacNare MacNatt MacNauch MacNauche MacNauchtan MacNauchtane MacNauchton MacNaught MacNaughtan MacNaughten MacNaughton MacNauth MacNauton MacNayair MacNayer MacNayr MacNayre MacNeacain MacNeacden MacNeachdainn MacNeachden MacNear MacNeer MacNeid MacNeight MacNeir MacNeit MacNeiving MacNett MacNeur MacNevin MacNewer MacNicht MacNight MacNitt MacNivaine MacNiven MacNorton MacNoyar MacNoyare MacNoyiar MacNuer MacNuir MacNuire MacNure MacNutt MacNuyer MacNvyr MacQuaker MacQwaker MacVicar MacVicker MacWiccar Makanry Makbrehin Makcrakan Makcrakane Makcraken Makenaght Makfikar Makhenry Makknacht Makknaicht Maknacht Maknachtan Maknair Maknare Maknath Maknauch Maknaucht Maknayr Maknech Maknewar Maknoyar Makwicar Makynnair Naomhin Naughton Neiven Neivin Nevane Nevein Neveine Nevene Nevin Nevins Nevinus Nevison Nevyn Nevyne Nevyng Newein Newin Newing Nifin Nivein Niven Niveson Nivine Niving Nivison Portair Portar Porter Vair Veir Vere Veyre Vicarson Wair Ware Wayre Wear Weare Weer Weir Weire Were Werr Weyir Weyr Whier Wier Wir Wire

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Thanks to Jerry McCracken for this picture of Dunderave Castle