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Motto: Vincere vel mori - "To conquer or die" (MacNeil of Barra).
Badge: A rock.
Septs of the Clan: More than 1000 different spellings of the family name are recognized: Macneil, MacNeil, Macniel, MacNiel, Macneill, MacNeill, Macneal, MacNeal, Macneale, MacNeale, MacNeilage, Macneilage, MacNelly, Macnelly, MacNeally, Macneally, Mcneil, McNeil, Mcniel, McNiel, Mcneill, McNeill, Mcneal, McNeal, Mcneale, McNeale, McNeilage, Mcneilage, McNelly, Mcnelly, McNeally and Mcneally; also: Neil, Neal, Neale, Neill, Niel, O'Neal, O'Neil, O'Niel, Nelson, Neilson and Nielson and variants of these. Other family names recognized as loyal to the proud traditions held by our Chief include: MacGougan, Macgougan, MacGrail, Macgrail, MacGugan, Macgugan, MacGuigan, Macguigan, McGougan, Mcgougan, McGrail, Mcgrail, McGugan, Macgugan, McGuigan, and Mcguigan.
Names associated with the clan:
MacNeil Of Barra: Gugan MacGougan MacGrail MacGreal MacGreil MacGreill MacGuckin MacGugan MacGuigan MacGuoga MacKneale MacKnilie MacKnily MacNail MacNaill MacNale MacNeal MacNeale MacNeall MacNeel MacNeelie MacNeil MacNeill MacNeille MacNeillie MacNeilly MacNele MacNelly MacNely MacNeyll MacNial MacNiel MacNielie MacNillie MacNily MacReil MacReill MacReull Magneill Magreill Makneill Maknely Makneyll Maknill Nail Neal Neale Neil Neill Neilly Niall Niel MacNeil Of Colonsay: Colonsay

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