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Motto: Meminisse Sed Providere (Latin: Remember, but look ahead)
Slogan: Sgorr a bhreac [Scorrybreck] (Gaelic : The Speckled Rock)
Septs: Nimmo
Names associated with the clan:
MacNeacail MacNicail MacNiccoll MacNichol MacNichole MacNicholl MacNickle MacNicol MacNicoll MacNychol MacNychole MacNycholl Maknichol Maknicoll Maknychol Maknycholl Neclason Neclasson Necolson Nichol Nicholay Nichole Nicholl Nicholson Nicholsone Nicholsoun Nickle Niclasson Nicol Nicole Nicoll Nicollsoun Nicolson Nuccol Nucholl Nuckall Nuckle Nucolson Nycholay Nycholl Nycholson Nycholsoun

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