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Motto: An t'Arm breac dearg which means "the red-tartaned army".
Badge: The badge is a mailed arm rising out of a crown and holding a dagger.
Septs of the Clan: MacCorrie, MacCorry, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGuaran, MacGuire, Macquaire, Macquhirr, Macquire, MacWhirr, Wharrie.
Other known names are McGury, Gorie, MacQuary, MacGurrie, Gurr, McGurr and M'Guirey.
Names associated with the clan:
Giothbrith Godfraid Godfrey Goffraidh Gorey Gorre Gorrie Gorry Gothbrith Guoroor MacCoirry MacCorrie MacCorry MacCory MacGorie MacGorre MacGorrie MacGorry MacGory MacGuaran MacGuarie MacGuarrie MacGuire MacGuire MacOuhir MacQuaire MacQuarie MacQuarrane MacQuarrey MacQuarrie MacQueir MacQueir MacQuharrie MacQuharry MacQuhir MacQuhir MacQuhirr MacQuhirr MacQuhirrie MacQuhoire MacQuhore MacQuhorie MacQuhorre MacQuire MacQuire MacQuore MacQuorie MacQuorrie MacQurrie MacQuyre MacQuyre MacUidhir MacUidhir MacWarie MacWharrie MacWheir MacWheir MacWhir MacWhire MacWhire MacWhirr MacWhirrie Maguire Maguire Makcorry Makcory Makquharie Makquharry Makquhary Makquhory Makquoyrie Makquyre Makquyre Makwir Quarrie Quarry Quharrie Quharry Quherrie Wharrie

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