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Motto: "Constant and faithful"
Badge: A wolf rampant holding an arrow.
Septs of the Clan: MacCunn, MacSwan, MacSwen, MacSween, MacSwyde, MacWhan, Revans, Swan.
Names associated with the clan:
MacCuidhean MacCuinn MacCuithean MacCuithein MacCune MacCunn MacCuthan MacCwne MacGuin MacHquan MacHquhan MacHuin MacKqueane MacKquyne MacQuain MacQuan MacQuaynes MacQuean MacQueane MacQueen MacQueeney MacQueenie MacQuein MacQueine MacQuen MacQuene MacQueyn MacQueyne MacQuhan MacQuheen MacQuhen MacQuhenn MacQuhenne MacQuheyne MacQuhyn MacQuhyne MacQuien MacQuin MacQuine MacQuinne MacSayde MacSeveney MacShuibhne MacSuain MacSuin MacSwain MacSwaine MacSwan MacSwane MacSween MacSwen MacSweyne MacSwyde MacSwyne MacUne MacWhan MacWhanne MacWhin MacWhinn Makquean Makquene Makquhan Makquhane Makquhen Makquhon Maquhon Quin Quinn Revan Revans Suain Svan Sveinn Swain Swan Swane Swann Swayne Sween Swein Sweing Swen Sweyn Sweyne Swyde Swyn Swyne

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