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McMath Family

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Motto: Res Non Verba (Deeds Not Words)
Crest: a demi savage holding a spear with a quiver of arrows.
Branches of the Clan: Killantringan, Miltonise
Variants of the Clan:
MacMicking, MacMeeken, MacMeekan, MacMeekin, MacMeikan, MacMeickan, MacMeeking, MacMeckan, MacMichan, Mac Mickan, MacMicken, MacMikan, MacMiken , MacMikin, MacMychen, MacMeecham, MacMeechan, MakMakin, M'Maykin, MacMehin, M'Maycan, Makmakyn, Makmechum, McMychin, Makmechane, Makmakin, M'Meikin, McMiken, McMakin, McMeikin, McKmacken, McKmaken, McMecan, McMeckan, McMeikine, McMeikeine, McMeken, McMichan, McMickan, McMicken, McMickin, McMiken, Mamiken.

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