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Motto: Spem successus alit - "Success nourishes hope".
Badge: A hand holding a laurel wreath.
Septs of the Clan: Anderson, Andrew, Dingwall, Gillanders, MacAndrew, MacCulloch, MacLulich, MacTaggart, MacTear, MacTier, MacTire, Taggart, Vass, Wass
Names associated with the clan:
Aindrea Anderson Andersone Andersonne Andersoun Andersoune Anderston Andesoune Andie Andirsoone Andirsoune Andison Andree Andreson Andresoun Andrew Andrewes Andrews Andrewson Andro Androe Androson Androsone Androsoun Androsoune Androw Andrson Andy Andyrson Anndra Connan Connen Connon Corbart Corbat Corbatt Corbet Corbeth Corbett Culloch Dinguel Dingvaile Dingvaille Dingval Dingvale Dingvall Dingvell Dingwall Dingwell Dungwail Duthe Duthie Dyngvale Dyngwaile Dyngwale Enderson Endherson Endirsone Fearn Fearne Fearns Fern Ferne Gallanders Gaudie Gilanders Gilandres Gilandrias Gillaindreis Gillanders Gillandres Gillandris Gilleanndrais Gilleanris Gillenders Gillendrias Gulloch Hagart Haggart MacAlach MacChullach MacClullich MacColloch MacColly MacCoulach MacCoulagh MacCoulaghe MacCowlach MacCuley MacCullach MacCullagh MacCullaghe MacCullaigh MacCullauch MacCullie MacCullo MacCulloch MacCullocht MacCullogh MacCulloh MacCullough MacCully MacGillanders MacGillandras MacGillandrew MacGillandrish MacHulagh MacHullie MacIlendrish MacIllandarish MacIntagart MacIntagerit MacIntargart MacKculloch MacKildash MacKinsagart MacKintaggart MacKowloch MacKowloche MacKulagh MacKullie MacKulloch MacKullouch MacKyntagart MacKyntaggart MacLulaghe MacLulaich MacLulich MacLulli MacLullich MacLullick MacOloghe MacOulie MacOwlache MacSagart MacTagart MacTaggard MacTaggart MacTaggate MacTaggert MacTaggit MacTear MacTeer MacTeir MacTer MacTere MacTeyr MacTier MacTire MacTyr MacTyre MacUlagh MacUlaghe MacUllie MacUlloch Makawllauch Makcoulach Makcowllach Makcowloch Makcullo Makculloch Makcullocht Makhulagh Makintalgart Makteir Makter Malcowlach Mteir Myketagart Pathillock Patillo Patillok Pattillo Pattillock Pattullo Pattullok Patullo Patullow Pethilloch Petillok Pettillo Pettillok Pettillow Pettullock Petulloch Petullow Pitilloche Pitiloch Pittilloch Pittillock Pittillocke Pittilluo Pittulloch Pitullich Pyttyllok Ros Ross Rosse Tagart Taggart Taggert Tegart Teggart Tolach Tulach Tulache Tullach Tullauch Tullawch Tullo Tulloch Tullocht Tulloich Tulloicht Tullow Tulloycht Vas Vase Vass Vassie Vaus Vauss Vaux Vaws Wais Was Wass Waus Wause Wauss Waux

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