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George Scot of Pitlochie

Hello Alastair,

This document in the old Scotts writing it the earliest known document of George Scot of Pitlochie. This is the Grandson of Sir John Scot of Scotstarvit that everyone says "NEVER" existed. The proof here shows George being documented in the Commissary Court giving his Scot title name as Pitlochie or Pitlochry. The proof that this George never went to America with his mother and father who died on the passage to East New Jersey in 1684. 

This George Scot, out of wed-lock with Bessie Malloch had produced George Scot the Clock-maker of Cannongate-Edinburgh (Burgess-Baxter) who founded the Scott's Masonic Lodge. The Lodge that Sir Walter Scott the writer was a member in the end of the 18th century.

This George, is also the father of John Scott the 1st of Greenock, who created the famous shipbuilding company. Today, there are many books on the Scotts of Greenock, who built the oldest(300 years in operation) and largest ship building company the world! Producing over 25,000 boats and ships. Never is it mentioned that George Scott is the father of John of Greenock. Recently, the last will and testament of George has been found, where it states the names of his sons and grandsons of Greenock. 

George was the Greenock Customs agent and linked to the Glasgow group of men who ran the collections. Now, I am under the impression that most of these Scott's of Greenock, have no clue to who their missing link is to George(Jacobite)!

Knowing that George was a maritime Customs agent, we can link his father George who was banished to East New Jersey, with Capt. Malloch, who was shipping banished people to America. Where this George produced, George the Masonic Master, Clock maker with Bessie Malloch. Who the mother is of John Scott the ship builder is unknown? Except, we can definitely connect the factual dots that John Scott the ship builder and George of Cannongate, were half brothers. Who link families to Fredericksburg, Virginia with their trading ventures in merchant shipping. 

Now, with out any question of a doubt, we can now say that Robert Scot the United States Seal maker is 100% in this family. Where if you read the last will of this George Scot of Pitlochie, you will see that his "TRUSTED" executor of his entire estate. Just happens to be on of the most important fathers of Scottish engraving, the famous Richard Cooper. Cooper was also a teacher of Robert Scots teacher, Sir Robert Strange the Scottish Royal engraver for the Stuart family. 

One of the most interesting finds with these elusive families is that Sir John Scot of Scotstarvit was behind the creation of the famous maps of Scotland. Right now, its uncertain which George is behind a very important map that was produced by George Scot and Richard Cooper in 1731. George, was still alive and died in 1734, where the history finger now points to George being the person behind the publication of this map. Today, the top academic Cartographers in Scotland, have never been able to identify this George Scot! Also, there are documents that show another George Scot, linked to this direct family as being a Cartographer. Could this be George Scot of Cannongate or one of Johns sons or grandsons is unknown, except they would appear to be direct family members, no doubt!

Notice, the engraved fish strung up on the map! Our John Scot established the largest fishing with his sons, at one time they owned in the family a fleet of fishing vessels in the hundreds!

Gary Gianotti



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