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Where you are a person interesting in joining our community please read below to find out how to become a member and be able to post new messages or reply to existing ones...

Our Electric Scotland Community is a very small community with probably no more than 500 regular members.  Most of us are Scots living at home or abroad or of Scots descent.  A lot of us are old friends from years of messaging in our old forums so it's a comfortable place where you'll quickly make friends.

Recently we've come under attack from Spammers.  Now I will say these Spammers are not looking to make money as any idiot would recognise their postings for what they are so they are doing it for mischief purposes.  Now it only take a few mouse clicks to remove their messages and ban them from the community so not a lot of work.  However as I am not on the community all day and usually just visit a few times a day these message do clog up the system until I delete them.  That actually made me think on how best to deal with them and so our solution to this problem is actually one that I think will improve the system so my thanks go to them for making me think about this.

There are two purposes for having our community, firstly so that folk can read our newsletters and secondly to have a place where we can chat about anything we want and relax and enjoy each others company. It's really a very Scottish place where you can have a blether or just read the messages.

As a result of all this we have implemented a new procedure as no Scot will ever give in to intimidation in whatever form. The application is thus a wee bit longer than we'd prefer but I think a better solution for our existing and new potential members so here is how it works...

When you go to our community you can read all the messages as a Guest but if you wish to post a message or reply to one you need to be a member. To become a member you simply click on registration and fill in an application form. Having submitted that you will be sent an email to the email address you supplied in your application form asking you to click on a link we provide in the email. Once you have done that you go into an "Awaiting Verification" folder where your application will be manually reviewed. You will receive an email telling you this. That's the first of the new steps we have taken. Normally we will only check that folder once a day and usually around 8 pm EST so it can take some hours before you become verified but anything worth while is worth a wee wait after all this is a one time process.

Now comes the final step you need to take...

At this point of time we're going to assume you are a spammer so the question is how do we identify you as a genuine person that just wants to become a member of our community? Now there is no full proof method to do that so we've come up with the idea that you should email Alastair McIntyre to tell him you want to become a member and that you have completed the application process by verifying the link in the email we sent you. It is important that you tell us the username you registered with so we can identify you. You then provide some information in the email that will convince us you are a genuine person genuinely wanting to become a member of our community.  What you put in the email is up to you but be assured that whatever you say will be confidential.  It will need to contain some information that persuades us you are a genuine person. Having received your email we will then make the decision whether to approve you or delete you.  Where I still have issues I am prepared to reply to your email to ask for further clarification but otherwise if you are accepted you will receive a further verification email from us telling you that your account has been activated after which you can then sign in as a member. In the event you don't hear from us within 48 hours then you application will have been refused.

Remember at all times that you can read all our messages as a Guest so it's only if you wish to participate and post messages that you need to become a member. From our end we are happy just having a small community of friends so we're not looking to become a Facebook or any major social network. This means we don't mind taking this further step as if you really do want to become a member then we're more than happy to have you with us.

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