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Electric Scotland Article Service

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Welcome to our Electric Scotland Article Service and I just want to offer a little advice on how to use it should you wish to submit an article.  Should you just want to read them then just click on the link above.

You are likely best to prepare your article in a text editor such as Notepad or similar.  This means when you come to add your article you can simply copy and paste it in.

Once you paste it in you do have various formatting options.  For example you can decide on a Font and Font Size, make a word or line bold or italic and you can decide on a colour. We'd ask that you be sensible on how you format your article as huge font sizes can make the article unreadable. We tend to default to Arial font and size 2 but you might wish to make a heading size 3 and bold and perhaps a sub heading size 2 and bold.

You will also find a small icon which you can click to add a web site address and another icon to insert an image with the article. It has to be an image on the web as you can't currently upload your own image.

When you come to add your article you will be asked to decide on a category.  Should you not find a suitable category you can use Misc. or send us an email suggesting a new category.

Should you be including a list then you can use the Bullet option icon or if you just want to type a list then you should likely hold the Shift Key down while hitting the Enter Key. If you just hit Enter you actually get a paragraph break instead of a line break. It's all very like using a word processor.

Finally.. if you plan to add a number of articles and you have your own web site then you can use the "Search for Author" option. When the result comes up it will show all your articles.  Now look at the web address window in your browser.  There you will find the web address that will show all your own articles. You can then add that link to your own web site or indeed send it in an email to friends or colleagues.

While this is an Electric Scotland service we're more than happy for you to add articles on any topic you wish and they need not be anything to do with Scotland. Should you wish to see other categories or sub categories added then please email us with your suggestions.

When you click on the Title of an article you will be taken to a screen with just that article on it. You will then see options at the bottom where you can rate the article and also add comments about it.

And finally... please treat this service in a responsible manner as it is a public service and so anyone might use it and so please do not include bad language or any hate articles. We reserve the right to delete any articles that we deem unsuitable for this service.  I might add that this likely means 99+% of the articles will be fine but you always seem to find the odd person or two that spoil it for all. Should you deem an article to be offensive you may email us about it and we'll make a decision about it. Please include the web address of the message with your email.  I would add that because you don't agree with a view posted on the site that doesn't necessarily mean it is offensive :-)

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