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The McGills
Descendants of Patrick, the Pioneer, Cont’d.—The Sons and Daughters of John and Their Offspring

McGILL, CATHARINE - Daughter of John and Isabella.

Born: March 6th, 1823.
Died: July 16th, 1825.


Born: September 6th, A. D. 1824.
Died: March 8th, A. D. 1898.

Anna Maria McGill was an important factor in the family of John McGill. She early assumed responsibility for the honor and welfare of the house and when her mother’s health failed Anna’s sway became absolute. She voluntarily let go every other prospect in life and devoted her cogent energies to the care of others, and a more efficient manager never lived. When both her parents were laid away she bought and fitted up for herself a home in the village adjoining my residence (The Shacks), where she lived dispensing old time hospitality to all comers; and they were not few; for her home became the resort where the scattered members of the old family and their children came often together and passed many pleasant days. The death of Anna Maria was a severance of ties that will never be restored.


Born: Sept. 14th, 1826.
Married : Robert Hunter, September, 1854.
Died: Oct. 14, 1875.
Robert Hunter died April 4, 1876.
No children.


Born: Sept. 1st, A. D. 1828 - On the North Hundred, Good Intent Patent, Saegerstown, Pa.
Married: Sarah Peiffer, of Venango, March 21, 1855.

Sarah was born at Venango, Pa., Aug. 13, 1828, and died at Saegerstown, Pa., June 20, 1906.

They had four children, who were McGills of the fourth generation in America-one son and three daughters.


Born: May 14, A. D. 1856.
William R. McGill, above named is living in Lexington, Ohio, and has three children living.


Born: March 22d, A. D. 1883.

Florence is living in Cleveland, Ohio, and is bookkeeper for a manufacturing establishment.


Born : Oct. 19, A. D. 1884.

Vida is a teacher in the schools at Lexington, Ohio.


Born: Aug. 24, A. D. 1 888.

Augustus is a husky youth. At the age of nineteen years he was over six feet high and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds. He is an athlete of no mean pretentions and with my entire approval enlisted in the U. S. Navy for a four-year term. At last advices his address was U. S. S. Standish, Annapolis, Md. (Is now in Erie, Pa.)


Born: May 11, A. D. 1859.

"Belle" married William Bloom Hough at Windfall, Ind., June 25, 1884. Mr. Hough died Nov. 15th, 1894.

He belonged to a prominent family in Central Indiana and was very much esteemed by all who knew him. He was born Oct. 31, 1856, and died at the age of thirty-eight years one month and fifteen days-and is buried in the Windfall cemetery.

Belle and Bloom had two children, viz.:

CLEO; born Feb. 15th, A. D. 1885; married ARLEY BIRD CLAWSON of Windfall, Ind., March 4, 1904.

Cleo and Arley have one child, viz.:

OLIVE JANICE CLAWSON; born July 26, 1905.

Belle's second child is

OLIVE HOUGH; born March 24, 1887.

When Mrs. McGill died, June 20th, 1906, my daughter, Mrs. Hough, who was then living in Kokomo, Ind., came on to attend the funeral and has since remained at the "Shacks"-Olive came on afterwards and they are now "at home" under the paternal roof. (Belle died July 21, 1909.)


Born: Aug. 6, A. D. 1861.
Married : M. O. Campbell, June 17, 1883.
Died: Sept. 30, 1896.

Lillian left one daughter.

ETHEL CAMPBELL; born Jan. 22, 1884

After the death of her mother Ethel made her home with Mrs. McGill until she also died. She then adjourned to Philadelphia and entered an institution for instructions as a trained nurse-graduated, took her degree and launched out in the profession. She has pluck and plenty of brains-and moreover is muscular, strong and good looking, and her success is well assured.


Born : May 14, A. D. 1870.
Died: May 6, A. D. 1880.

She was a loving and lovable child.


Born: Sept. 26, A. D. 1830.
Married : JAMES T. FLEMING Nov. 29, 1864.

James T. Fleming died May 14, 1891.

Eliza R. (McGill) Fleming died Oct. 2, 1904. They are both buried in the McGill lot, Saegerstown cemetery. They had three children, to-wit:


Born : Nov. 2, A. D. 1865
Died: Minneapolis, March 2, 1894. Interment : McGill lot, Saegerstown cemetery.


Born: May 10, 1868.
Married: WM. P. RUSSELL, Dec. 31st, 1889.

They have two children, to-wit :

ARTHUR F. RUSSELLBorn: Oct. 14, 1891.

JAMES E. FLEMING, son of J. T. and Eliza; born Feb. 23, 1872; unmarried. Plumber, Coudersport, Pa.

McGILL, WILLIAM RYAN-Son of John and Isabella.

Born on the North Hundred, Saegerstown, Pa., Feb. 1st, 1832.

Married to CAROLINE A. HARKINS, July 27, 1861.

Caroline was born April 13, 1842.

They have raised a family of eight sons and one daughter. One son (Duff) died at the age of 21 years.

The home of William R. and Caroline is in Summerhill, beautifully situated on the Inlet to Conneaut Lake and is about ten miles west of the historic Good Intent Patent.

Their posterity line up as follows :


Born: May 5, 1862, at Saegerstown, Pa.
Married : SUSAN KERN, who was a daughter of the late Josiah Kern, of Saegerstown, Pa.

They were married at Saegerstown, Pa., in March, 1887, and now reside at New Castle, Pa., where Mr. McGill is Secretary and Treasurer of The Lawrence Savings & Trust Company, one of the large financial institutions of the city.

They have three children, to-wit:


Born: Jan. 5, A. D. 1890.


Born: June 24, A. D. 1892.


Born: April 22, A. D. 1904.


Born: Sept. 27, A. D. 1864.

Only daughter of W. R. and Caroline.

Jessie graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Music at Liepsic, Germany, in I895, where she also studied German, 1896-i899-three and one-half years she taught music in Christian College, Columbia, Mo. She then opened a studio in Oil City and met with success. It became desirable for her to return home, and she did. For genuine practical usefulness Jessie has no superiors. She is moreover comely, graceful and intellectual.


Born: Jan. 6, A. D. 1867, at Saegerstown, Pa.
Married : MABEL CORSON, of Ann Arbor, Mich.

John M., son of Wm. R. and Caroline, graduated at the University of Michigan in 1892 and is an attorney at law in general practice, with offices at Oil City, Pa.

John M. and Mabel have two children, to-wit :


Born : At Oil City, Pa., July 17, 1898.


Born: At Oil City, Pa., Nov. 20, 1899.


Born : Sept. 4, A. D. 1869.

Married : JESSIE B. SMITH, at Harmonsburg, Pa., Nov. 9, 1892.

Frank I. McGill is Secretary and Treasurer of The Colonial Trust Company of South Sharon, Pa., where they reside, and have three children, viz.:


Born: At South Sharon, Pa., July 26, 1903.


Born: At South Sharon, Pa., Nov. 13, 1906.


Born: At South Sharon, Pa., Jan. 21, 1909.


Born: At Saegerstown, Pa., Oct. 23, 1871

Married: MARGARET L. HOFFMAN, at Franklin, Pa., April 4, 1895.

Fred C. McGill is Cashier of The Citizens' Banking Company, at Oil City, Pa. His home is at Oil City, where he has the reputation of being endowed with a quality that the natives call "push."

Fred C. and Margaret L. have two children, to-wit :


Born : Jan. 27, A. D. 1897.


Born: Aug. 30, A. D. 1902.

McGILL, DUFF— Son of Wm. R. and Caroline A. was born April 8, A. D. 1874.

Died: July 10, 1895. Aged 21 years, 3 months and two days.

Among a galaxy of brilliant youths he shone resplendent, but the Master called him hence. Interment: Saegerstown cemetery.


Born: Oct. 8, A. D. 1876. Unmarried.

Audley R. McGill is Auditor for The Colonial Trust Company of Pittsburg, Pa. This is a very large concern, having extensive transactions with many local banks throughout the country. The position is very important, requiring expert knowledge and other rare business qualifications.

Audley R. has them on tap.


Born: Sept. 4, 1880.

Earl William commenced business as Cashier of the First National Bank of Conneaut Lake. After considerable experience in the banking line he accepted the position of private secretary for 3. D. Downing of Meadville, Pa. Mr. Downing is one of the very wealthy men of the country, holding extensive interests in many states of the Union, and Earl was frequently entrusted with very important transactions.

While thus employed he was suddenly called upon to take charge of extensive street railway, mining and manufacturing interests owned by a wealthy Pennsylvania company at Spartanburg, S.C. It was a "hurry call" and would not admit delay. Earl was getting ready to marry, but the company hustled him off and sent the lady on after him. They were married in the Southern city.


Born: April 13, A. D. 1883, at Summerhill, Pa.

Neil W. of the fourth generation and the youngest son of William R. and Caroline A. McGill, graduated with distinguished honors at Oberlin college, Ohio, in June, 1907. He has chosen the law for his profession and is studying in Columbia University, New York city.

He has lots of ability, and the promise is fair that his career will not detract from the honors of his house.


William Ryan McGill must be accorded the honor of having made a success in life. His opportunities in the outset were not great; in fact, they were meager, but he early acquired the habit of making the best out of every opportunity presented. He was a farmer and always made the farm the basis of all other business operations. He reached out, grasped opportunities in other and kindred lines with marked success and became widely known in this and adjoining counties and wherever he had dealings he won the respect of his fellow-men.

His personality is agreeable and pleasant and he possesses in a marked degree that humorous trait of character so largely developed in his forbears and in fact in all the family. This renders him popular, generally well liked, and is no detriment to his successful transactions in many respects.

In politics W. R. McGill is a Democrat and adheres with great tenacity to the ancient dogmas of his party. He has filled the office of Deputy Sheriff and served as a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, but has been by no means an office seeker.

He and all of his large family are in good circumstances. His large farm is under successful cultivation by the most approved methods—his buildings are fine, commodious and beautifully situated—his herds are among the best in the land, all of which he supervises with care and sets a long table.

He is President of The First National Bank of Conneaut Lake, Pa.

However, the greatest achievement in the busy life of W. R. McGill is the family he has raised and with unerring hand projected upon the highway to fortune and fame.

There are some peculiarities about that family worthy of notice. Of the seven surviving Sons, every one is a gentleman with the easy deportment of the cultured man. Quick of apprehension, they are lightning on repartee and fun fairly fizzles when they get together.

And moreover every one of them is an accomplished musician and can play his horn or any horn for that matter with the best manipulators of wind instruments in the country.

With Jessie at the piano—the seven young men ranged around in proper order and the Patriarch in the center as erect as a dancing master, quivering with time and tone—when he gives the signal with his matchless violin you will hear a burst of music seldom equaled by any of the great musical aggregations of the country. From infancy they have been trained and learned to play together, and they delight in it, and with each returning year they will travel from all points of the compass, over mountains and rivers, to get together for the home concert.

But there is another personage who has just claims to attention in connection with this group. Seated in a rocker near by, sententiously conversing with her comely daughters-in-law and their children, is the mother, and it will be noticed that her complacent eye is not removed for an instant from the manly array before her—all her own.

There is no solicitude upon her brow, nor aught but pleasant pride in the scene. Cares she has had and pains, but they have left no furrows, and there are no sinister marks to diminish the glow of mother’s love.

W. R. McGili is not entitled to all the credit, stately and proud as he is, for building up that family and home. A softer, gentler hand than his molded those noble characters in plastic youth and fitted them well for the sterner form of manhood.

That they know it well is shown by the respectful and affectionate deference, on all occasions, bestowed upon the mother.

McGILL, ISABELLA—Daughter of John and Isabella.

Born: April 26, A. D. 1835.
Died: Dec. 23, A. D. 1851. Aged 16 years, 7 months, 26 days.

Isabella was a beautiful girL She died of heart disease, instantly, without previous illness, premonition or warning.


Born: May 1, A. D. 1838.
Died: June 11, A. D. 1864.

"Tinnie" was the youngest, the pet of the household. She was never physically strong, but inteliectually she was gifted far above all other members of the family. She died in Pittsburg, having gone there for medical treatment. Buried at home.

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