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Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

This publication was a monthly one and these volumes contain 6 monthly issues.

What is interesting about this publication is firstly that it was started in 1817.  This is a period in Scottish history where the Scots were making huge progress. We were making great strides in literacy, inventions, emigration, manufacturing and scientific discoveries. The whole world was at our feet and in this time frame Scots were sought after as Pioneers to help build the new world. Most Scots were well versed in the three R's but they also were engaged at the very forefront of industrial endeavor and thus made ideal emigrants to the new world.

This magazine thus shows what we Scots were interested in at this important time in our history and the breadth of scope of this publications shows where out interests lay.  In here you'll find poems and stories but also commentary on Scientific discoveries, proceedings of Parliament, commentary on countries of the world including Europe, North America, etc. You'll find weather information, comments on agriculture, and even births, marriages and deaths.  Book reviews, Medical reports, foreign intelligence, commercial reports, and also historical articles.

The publication ceased in 1980.

Many of the volumes are available on the Internet archive but we offer the first three volumes here for you to read.

Volume 1: April - September 1817 (80Mb)
Volume 2: October 1817 - March 1818 (129Mb)
Volume 3: April - September 1818 (94Mb)

Blackwood's Magazine was a British magazine and miscellany printed between 1817 and 1980. It was founded by the publisher William Blackwood and was originally called the Edinburgh Monthly Magazine. The first number appeared in April 1817 under the editorship of Thomas Pringle and James Cleghorn. The journal was unsuccessful and Blackwood fired Pringle and Cleghorn and relaunched the journal as 'Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine' under his own editorship. The journal eventually adopted the shorter name and from the relaunch often referred to itself as Maga. The title page bore the image of George Buchanan, 16th century Scottish historian.

Many copies are available on the Guttenberg site
Also see the Internet Archive for many copies

Annals of a Publishing House
William Blackwood and His Sons, their Magazine and Friends by Mrs. Oliphant in 3 volumes (1897)

This publishing house is so important in Scottish History that I feel it important to bring you this set of books.

Volume I  |  Volume II  |  Volume III

Tales from Blackwood
Being the most Famous Series of Stories ever Published Especially Selected from that Celebrated English Publication Selected by H. Chalmers Roberts

Vol. 1. Left-handed Elsa; by R.E. Francillon; The great earthquake at Lisbon; Some one pays, by Charles Lever; Sir Tray: An Arthurian idyl.- Vol. 2. Shakespeare's Funeral, by E.B. Hamley; A night with the volunteers of Strathkinahan, by L.W.M. Lockhart; The secret chamber, by M.O.W. Oliphant.- Vol. 3. A French speculation, by Margaret Majendie; Rufus Hickman of St. Botolph's, by Lord Wellwood (H.J. Moncrieff); Hans Preller: A legend of the Rhine Falls, by C.L. Lewis; The Puerto de Medina, by Maurice Kingsley; Jack and Minory, by Alfred Harcourt.- Vol. 4. What I did at Belgrade, by Bob Considine; Wrecked off the Riff Coast, by Alexander Innes Shand; Dollie and the Two Smiths; A railway journey, by Margaret Majendie.- Vol. 5. The missing bills: an unsolved mystery; My hunt of the silver fox, by W.B. Cheadle; Narrative of Prince Charlie's escape, by one of his companions; A Fenian alarm; The philosopher's pendulum, by Rudolph Lindau.- Vol. 6. The battle of Dorking; Late for the train; The congress and the agapedome, by Prof. Aytoun; Maga's birthday.- Vol. 7. Christmas Eve on a haunted hulk, by Frank Cowper; Dicky Dawkins; or, The Bookmaker of the outer ring, by Jack the Sheperd; Airy nothing, by M.H. Dziewicki; Chapter from an unknown life, by Captain Morris; Mar'se Dab after the war, by A.G. Bradley; "Unfathomed mysteries", by C.F. Gordon Cumming.- Vol. 8. Cousin John's property; A modern magician, by W.W. Story; Edgar Wayne's escape, by Alexander Allardyce.- Vol. 9. Bourgonef; Thomas, by W.K. Clifford; The brigand's bride, by Lawrence Oliphant; The misogynist, by Henry Prothero; A fetish city, by Frederick Boyle; The Gascon O'Driscol, by the author of "The forging of the anchor.- Vol. 10. A medium of last century, by W.G. Hamley; Alive and yet dead, by Andrée Hope; An unexpected fare, by Maxwell Gray; Reminiscence of a March, by T.P.W.- Vol. 11. Such pity as a father hath, by W.G. Scott-Moncrieff; Coincidence, by Colonel Russell; A dead man's vengeance, by Captain Bird; The story of James Barker: A tale of the Congo Coast, by J. Landers.- Vol. 12. The haunted Enghenio; Milly's first love, by Margaret Veley; Mrs. Beauchamp's vengeance; A family feud, by Frederick Hardman; The disappointing boy, by Julian Sturgis

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