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Articles by Marie Fraser of Canada
Boleskine & Dores (Inverness-shire)
Place Names in Parish Registers pre-1800

Alternative spellings are given, but some names that are listed as different may in fact be versions of the same name.  The names in square brackets, followed by numbers, are names from the modern Ordnance Survey maps of the district [Landranger Series], and the numbers are the National Grid References - all references have the NH prefix.  Attempts to identify these names with modern names have not been exhaustive, but some of the 18th century names have certainly disappeared.  A few of the obsolete names were located, with Grid References, by Alan B. Lawson in his book “A Country Called Stratherrick” (1987).  -- Thanks to Professor Harry W. Duckworth who compiled this list in conjunction with his article on the Frasers of Dell, first published in Canadian Explorer, June 2000 - the quarterly newsletter of Clan Fraser Society of Canada.

Map reprinted from The Highlander article “The Frasers”

It should be noted that Simon Fraser 11th Lord Lovat was executed for treason in 1747 and his lands and titles were forfeited to the Crown; therefore, neither Simon nor Archibald ever succeeded their father as 12th or 13th Lord Lovat.  However, in 1774, Major-General Simon Fraser of Lovat (1726-82) was granted some of the Lovat lands forfeited to the Crown in 1747; in recognition of his military service and the payment of some 20,000 Pounds Sterling.  Some of the lands were sold to meet certain financial obligations of General Fraser; on whose death the remaining lands passed to his younger half-brother, Archibald Campbell Fraser of Lovat (1736-1815).  When Archibald died, without legitimate surviving issue, the Lovat lands passed, by entail, to a distant cousin, Thomas Alexander Fraser of Strichen, Aberdeenshire (1802-75) who later (1857) became 14th Lord Lovat, but for the attainder.  Abertarff was left to Archibald's only grandson, born out of wedlock, on whose death (1884), it passed to the new Frasers of Lovat, who presently sold it. 

Map reprinted from “A Country Called Stratherrick”

Aberchalder/Aberchalladar  [nr Fort Augustus] [Aberchalder  342 033]
Aberchallidar [Daviot] [Easter Aberchalder  563 198; Wester Aberchalder 552 198]
Abersky/Aberskie [Dores] [Abersky  597 268]
Achdirosk [Dores]
Achdich/Achdych/Achediech [Dores]
Achdivoch [Dores]
Achnabat [Dores] [Achnabat  598 302]
Achnadarroch [nr Fort Augustus]
Achnakonaron of Glenmoriston [nr Fort Augustus] [Achnaconeran  415 180]
Achrosk [Dores]
Achsheaganach [Dores]
Aldaury/Aldoury/Aldourie/Auldduorie [Dores] [Aldourie Castle  601 372]
Aldhehach [nr Fort Augustus]
Ardochy/Ardachigh/Ardachieth [Boleskine]
Arddarroch [Boleskine]
Ardochie [nr Fort Augustus] [Ardachy Lodge  380 075]
Auberichan [Dores]
Auchnacruran [nr Fort Augustus]
Bailenascaig [nr Fort Augustus]
Balblair/Balblain [Dores]
Balcharnach/Balcharnich/Balchernach [Dores]
Balchdavit [Dores]
Balchladeich/Balhladich/Balchiadich [Dores]
Balchragan/Balcragan [Dores] [Balchraggan  547 256]
Balchurn/Balcharn/Belchourn [Dores] [Balchuirn   541 254]
Balhedin [Dores]
Balinard [Dores]  same as Balnaird
Balindarich [Dores] [Ballindarroch  613 393]
Balinrich [Dores]
Balintian [Dores]
Balintruach [Dores]
Ballaggan/Belleaggan/Bellaggan/Ballagan [Dores] [Ballaggan  535 250]
Ballaggan Balcharnich [Boleskine]
Ballintean [nr Fort Augustus]
Ballnadallack/Balnidalloch [of Farraline] [Boleskine] [Ballindalloch 559 209]
Balloan/Belloan [Dores] [Balloan  670 427]
Balmain/Bailmeen [nr Fort Augustus]
Balnadin/Balnaodin/Balnidin/Balnedin/Balniden/Belnedin/Balnitin [Dores]
Balnafeddack/Balnafedak/Balnafeddag/Balnafedich [Dores or nr Fort Augustus]
Balnagaik/Balnagaig/Balnagaick/Balnagaic/Ballnaglaick/Balnagauk [Dores or Boleskine] [Balnagaig Farm  636 429]
Balnagaraline/Balnagarline/Balnagarlin [Dores] [Balnagarline  556 259]
Balnaglaich [Dores] same as Balnagaik ?
Ballnaguaille/Balnaguille of Farraline [Boleskine]
Balnagearn/Balnagean [nr Fort Augustus] [? Balnacarn in Glenmoriston 274 132]
Balnain/Belnain [Dores] [Balnain  561 256 - Lawson]
Balnaird [Dores]
Balnalagan [Dores] same as Ballaggan ?
Balnarois/Balnaroig [Dores]
Balnaselach [Dores]
Balnatua/Balnalua/Balnatue/Balnatna/Bailnatua [nr Fort Augustus]
Balnrich [Dores]
Balnuilt/Bailnuilt [Dores or nr Fort Augustus] [not on map, 554 258 - Lawson]
Balnupal [Dores]
Balrich [Dores]
Banachten [Dores]: see Bunachten
Belcharnach: see Balcharnach
Belchomzian [Dores]
Belchourn [Dores]: see Balchurn
Bellaloin [Boleskine] [Bellaloin  495 167 - Lawson]
Bellintrom [nr Fort Augustus]
Belloan [Dores]: see Balloan
Bennetsfield [nr Fort Augustus]
Blardown/Blerdown [Boleskine]: see also Farrline Blardown
Bochrubin/Bochrobine [Dores] [Bochruben  572 273]
Boleskine [Easter Boleskine  510 224; Boleskine Ho.  510 222]
Bolinrich [Dores]  same as Balinrich
Bona [of Ness] [Dores]
Bonactin/Bonachtin [Dores]: see Bunachten
Borlum/Borlam [Abertarff, nr Fort Augustus] [Borlum   384 083]
Borlum [Dores] [Borlum  623 401]
Bounds of Portclair [nr Fort Augustus]
Bridgend [of Fort Augustus] [nr Fort Augustus]
Bridgend of Oich [nr Fort Augustus]
Broom [Dores]
Bualimore [Dores]
Bunachten/Bunaughton/Banachten/Bonactin/Bonachtin [Dores]
Bunchegovie/Bunchigovie [Boleskine] [Bunkegivie   508 176]
Bungughton/Bunght [Dores]
Bunoich/Bunyoch/Buneoich/Bunioich [nr Fort Augustus] [Bunoich  379 096]
Caippach/Cappach [Boleskine]
Carnnagoddie/Carnghoady/Carnaboddy/Carnghaddy/Carngodie [nr Fort Augustus]
Carnowname of Culo[…] [nr Fort Augustus]
Castleleathers [nr Fort Augustus]
Chappeltown/Chappletown/Chaptn [Dores]
Clackkniekaurlich [Boleskine]
Cladach/Cladoach/Claddach [Dores]
Clary [nr Fort Augustus]
Clovendell [Dunlichity]
Clune [of Duner…] [Dores] [Old Clune House   605 353]
Corelnaulick [nr Fort Augustus]
Coulachie/Cullachie/Colechie/Cuilechie [nr Fort Augustus] [Culachy House 376 066]
Crachy [nr Fort Augustus]
Craftmore/Croftmore [Boleskine]
Cranstruack [Boleskine]
Croachy/Croachie [Daviot] [West Croachy  645 271; East Croachy  650 276]
Croftbegg (=Little Croft) [Boleskine]
Croftmore: see Craftmore
Culaine [Dores]
Cularichean/Cularichan/Cularachan [Dores]
Culards/Cularit/Culard/Culaird/Cullards/Culairds/Cullairds [Dores] [Cullaird  637 402]
Culnauloch/Culnoalesh/Culnalach/Culnallach [nr Fort Augustus]
Cultac of Musady (Musady Cultie) [Boleskine]  same as Cultie ?
Cultie/Cuiltie [of Musady] [Boleskine] [Cultie   525 207]
Dalbreack/Delbreack [Boleskine]  same as next ?
Dalbriach of Foyers [Boleskine] [Dalbreack, not on map  498 198 - Lawson]
Dalcattack/Dalcatag/Dalcattoig/Dailcaitteg [Dores]
Dalchappel/Dalchapple [Boleskine] [472 121 - Lawson]
Dalcraig/Dalcrag/Dielcraig/Dulcragg/Delcraig [Boleskine] [Dalcrag  497 175]
Dantelchag: see Duntelchag
Dell [Dores] [Dell Farm  490 170; Dell Lodge  486 164]
Delriach [Dores] [Dalriach  642 272]
Derchaorach [Dores]
Derchirichan/Derricherichan/Dirchirchan: see Tierchirrachan
Dores [Dores  597 346]
Driminuribh [Dores]
Drimond/Drimmunie [Dores]  same as Drummin and Drummond ?
Drummin/Drummine/Drumin/Drimond/Drimmurie [Dores] same as Drummond ?
Drummond/Drumond [Dores] [Drummond  589 319]
Drummond [Boleskine] [Easter Drummond  478 145; Wester Drummond  469 132]
Drummusbh [Dores] [ ? Drumashie  633 374]
Drumtemple/Drimtemple [Boleskine] [508 185 - Lawson]
Drumterry [?] [Boleskine]
Dulchick in Glenmoriston [nr Fort Augustus]
Dulcrochart in Glenmoriston [nr Fort Augustus]
Dunchea [Dores] [Dunchea  587 277]
Dunmaglas [Dunlichity] [610 239 - Lawson]
Duntelchag/Dunelchag/Duntelcat [Dores] [Loch Duntelchaig  615 310]
Edinuanoan/EdinuanEean/Itinunican [Dores] [Eudinuagain  584 267]
Erchit/Erchitt/Erchite [Dores] [Easter Erchite   585 312; Wester Erchite  578 307]
Erogy/Erogie/Errogie [Dores] [Errogie  556 224]
Essdow/Easdow [Dores]
Farraline/Farrline [Boleskine] [Farraline  566 220]
Farrline Blardown [Boleskine]: see also Blardown
Fort Augustus [Fort Augustus  380 093]
Foyerbegg/Foyerbeg [Boleskine] [Foyerbeg, 434 136, W of Knockie - Lawson]
Foyers [Boleskine] [Foyers  495 210]
Frindrom [Boleskine]  same as Troindrum/Trindrom
Galley [Dores]
Garline/Garlin [Dores]
Garraghie [Boleskine] [Garraghie Lodge  521 118]
Garthbegg [Boleskine] [Garthbeg  518 170]
Garthmore [Boleskine] [not on map, approx 514 265; Lawson says 513 165]
Glencoe [Boleskine]
Glendo/Glendoe [Boleskine, nr Fort Augustus] [Glendoe Lodge  403 096]
Glendobeg [nr Fort Augustus] [Glendoebeg  414 090]
Glendomore [=Mickle Glendo] [nr Fort Augustus]
Glengary [nr Fort Augustus]
Glenlie [Boleskine] [Glenlia Farm  502 202; Lawson says 515 215]
Glenmoriston [nr Fort Augustus]
Goraghie [Boleskine] : see Garraghie
Gortan [Dores]
Gortuleg/Gorthlick/Gortleg [Dores] [Gorthleck House   545 210]
Hogvaddie [Dores]
Inchnacardoch/Inchnardoch/Innishnacardoch/Inchnacardach [nr Fort Augustus] [Inchnacardoch  381 103]
Inchnahanich [nr Fort Augustus]
Inverfarigaig [Dores] [Inverfarigaig  521 241]
Invergary House [nr Fort Augustus] [Invergarry   308 012]
Inverlagan [nr Fort Augustus]
Invermoriston [nr Fort Augustus] [Invermoriston   421 168]
Irshtown of Fort Augustus [nr Fort Augustus]
Itinunican: see Edinuanoan
Keaunboll/Kanpol/Kenbol/Keaunboul [Dores]
Kenmore [Boleskine]  same as next ?
Kenmore of Aberchalder [Boleskine] [not on map   561 202 - Lawson]
Keytry/Kytry [nr Fort Augustus]
Killiechoillim/Killchoilim [Boleskine] [Killiechoilum  480 133]
Killine [Boleskine] [Killin  526 091 - Lawson]
Kinbrylie/Kingbrylie/Kinbreilie [Dores] [old name of Dell Farm 490 170 - Lawson]
Kinchyle [Dores] [Kinchyle  622 380]
Knockantunnich [Boleskine]
Knockarroch [Boleskine] [Knockcarrach  468 130]
Knockcoillim [Boleskine] [Upper Knockchoilum  493 142; Moor of Knockchoilum  487 143]
Knockfranhach/Knockfrankach/Knockfrantiech/Knockfrancach [Dores]
Knocky/Knockie [Boleskine] [Knockie Lodge  447 133]
Laggan [Dores] [Laggan  631 403]
Leadclune/Leatclune [Dores] [Leadclune  567 258]
Little Croft: see Croftbegg
Loin/Lyn of Gortuleg [Dores] [Lyne of Gorthleck   540 202]
Lundie in Glengary [nr Fort Augustus]
Lurg [Dores]
Lurgmore [Dores]
Lynrich [Dores]
Meallaghie [Boleskine]
Meickle Glendo: see Glendomore
Migovie [Boleskine] [Migovie  539 189]
Miln Borlum [Dores]
Moortown [Dores]
Murlagan/Mourlagan [nr Fort Augustus] [Murligan Hill    415 107]
Murnich [Boleskine] [South Murrnich  528 198; North Murnich 527 202; Wester Murnich  518 195]
Musady/Mussady [Boleskine]
Newtown [Dores]
Newtown of Farraline [Boleskine]
North Migovie [Boleskine]: see Migovie
Ochcera [nr Fort Augustus]
Oldtown [Dores] [Oldtown  553 244]
Portclair/Portclare [nr Fort Augustus] [Portclair   416 135]
Rinbol [?] [Dores]
Ruthven [Dores] [Ruthven  603 270]
Scaniport/Skaniport/Skidniport/Scanport [Dores] [Scaniport  628 395]
Shian [Dores or nr Fort Augustus]
South Migovie [Boleskine]: see Migovie
Strath of Dalcraig [Boleskine]
Surgin [Dores]
Tantrich [?] [Dores]
Teanahatich/Teanahalnich/Teynahatnich/Tynachatnich [Dores]
Terridherech [Dores]
Tierchirrachan/Terichirichan/Torricherichan/Derricherichan/Derchirichan/Tercherichan [Dores] [Dirichurachan  540 241]
Tignahatnich [Boleskine]
Tombrac/Tombreac [Dores] [? Torbreck  649 410]
Tomich [Dores]
Tomvoit/Tomvoid/Tomvoad [Boleskine]
Torness/Toreniess/Toreness [Dores] [Torness  580 270]
TorranaBreek [nr Fort Augustus]
Toynuilt [Dores]
Tranpol [Dores]
Trinlost/Trinloist/Troinloist [Boleskine] [Trinloist   523 207]
Troindrum/Trindrom [of Musady] [Boleskine] [? Tyndrum  524 202]
Troinloist/Trinloist/Trinlost/Troinloste of Musady [Boleskine]  same as last ?
Tullich of Dunlict [Tullich  637 286]
Urquhart [Urquhart]
Wellhouse Boleskine [Boleskine]
Wester Borlum [nr Fort Augustus]
W[ester] Gortleg [Dores]
Wood [Wgod sic?] of Borlum [Dores]

For additional information and the article on the Frasers of Dell, by Professor Harry W. Duckworth, first published in Canadian Explorer, June 2000, see Clan Fraser Society of Canada web site at

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