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A Merry Christmas Readers aw
An Happy New Year tae.
Micht aw ye want aroond ye faw
Oan morn o Christmas Day.
For ye mun aw hae jined wi me
In pray'rs tae Him abune
For whae'd o thocht oor team wid be
As high's the bluidy mune.

An as a bonus, blessins faw
For which we hudnae prayed,
As England's back's against the wa'
The wey their team has played.
An though oor gemme has seemed tae teem
Wi men o foreign breed,
A Scot, Craig Broon, leads Scotland's team
An no a bluidy Swede.

Ah promised Him whae rules abune
Frae oan ma bended knee,
That Ah wid ay stey free o Sin
Gin He wid hear ma plea.
For Labour's Liberal pastiche
Tae cease tae coalesce,
Creatin noo wi puir McLeish
Anither bluidy mess.

An hoo Ah've prayed, baith hard an lang,
For Mercy frae the Fee;
He says ma verse is far owre lang,
Ma verses mun be wee.
It's only richt, what Kenneth says,
He's mair demands tae meet,
So Ah'll get doon ab'low the claes
An hae a bluidy greet.

So here ye be, though yin verse less
Than what Ah'd want tae be,
Ah'll hae a buscuit an a gless
An drink tae Kenneth Fee.
Ah'll drink tae INDEPENDENT tae,
The only Scottish mooth,
That speaks for Scotland ev'ry day
An tells the bluidy Truth.

Christie Grahame

Christie H. Grahame 5.11.2000

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