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The Moosie's Prayer
Anon (?)

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A puir wee kirk moose aa forlorn
Its furry coat fair sairly worn
Sank doon upon its bony knees
and prayed - for just a wee bit cheese.
The tears ran doon its wee thin cheeks
But nane could hear the saddest squeaks
That drifted oan the cauld nicht air
Till whiles it couldnae pray nae mair. 
Syne daylight cam, the kirk bells rang
The doors swung open wi a bang
Communion day had come oan by
Wi wine and plates o breid held high.
The wee moose lay as still as daith
And watched it aa wi bated braith
Then thocht - if I keep awfu quate
A bit micht jist fa aff a plate.
And so it gazed as roond they went
Then jist as tho twas heaven sent
Whit landed richt upon its heid
Bit twa lumps o communion breid.
The staff o life lay oan the flair -
Then, bounteous answer to his prayer
Jist as he thocht, 'It looks fell dry'.
Ae body couped some wine forbye.
Wee moosie stoated up the aisle
Wearin sic a boozy smile
The folk stopped singin, fair aghast
Tae see a drunken moose walk past.
The organist fell aff his chair,
The meenister could only stare
Tae see this drunken, sinfu moose
Cavertin in his sacred hoose.
At last it staggered up the nave
Then turned and gied a happy wave
'I ken noo when its time to pray
I'll do it oan communion day'. 

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