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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
About the Odom Library

Part of the Scottish Collection at the Odom LibraryThere is a library in southwest Georgia where you will find information available no place else. It is the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library, founded on a million dollar bequest from Mrs. Odom only about eleven years ago. At the Odom Library you'll find the genealogical records of 114 groups, most of whom are Scottish Clans!

This is the library where the clan genealogists keep on record the information they have gleaned from all the years of their work. That information is available Monday through Saturday, 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM to you. The library is located at 204 5th St., SE in Moultrie, Georgia.

The Odom Library has a fine collection of genealogical materials on the eastern seaboard of the United States and the migration routes west and an excellent War Between the States collection. The Scottish Collection is the icing on the cake at The Odom Library.

Flags of America, Georgia, and Scotland mark the entrance of the new wing housing the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library at the Moultrie/Colquitt County Library, in Moultrie, Georgia. Located in a town with a population of 15,000, the facility is quickly being recognized for its impressive genealogical collection, seminars, and the research trips it sponsors.

What makes the Odom Library so unique? A record number of Scottish clans have declared the Odom Library as the depository of their genealogical archives since the library's opening in 1990. The library was named in honor of a former member of the Moultrie/Colquitt County Library's board of directors, Ellen Ashby Payne Odom. Mrs. Odom, whose lifelong interest in genealogy was encouraged by her parents, was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, The United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Huguenot Society. When Ellen Odom died in 1987, it was revealed that her will directed that the proceeds from the sale of her estate be used to build a genealogical library in Moultrie. Proceeds from the estate sale, nearing one million dollars, were matched with state funds to construct the Ellen Payne Odom Library wing at the Moultrie/Colquitt County Library. Investments were made to earn operating expenses and for the purchase of the Rev. Emmet Lucas Collection.

Elizabeth Palmer Gay played a pivotal role in establishing the Odom Library as a center for Scottish research when she learned Clan Donald, USA, of which Mrs. Odom had been a member, decided to move its genealogical collection from Winthrop College Archives, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to another facility. After two years of negotiations and visits by Clan Donald officials, the clan archives was relocated to the Odom Library. Soon after, other Scottish clans began naming Odom as the depository of their archives.

You might wish to subscribe to The Family Tree, published by The Odom Library. With a press run of 80,500 and a readership of something like half a million, The Family Tree carries news of interest to the Scottish community, the genealogical and historical community and interesting news from everywhere. Columns on Jewish, Spanish, Italian, Scottish genealogy appear in its pages as well as many other ethnicities.

To subscribe, contact The Odom Library, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776. Call 912-985-6540 or fax 912-095-0936. There is no charge for a subscription, but postage contributions of at least $6.00 or more are appreciated.

Some of the Tartan Banners at the Odom Library
Some of the Tartan Banners at the Odom Library

We carry archival and genealogical information for 120 Scottish Clans and genealogical groups.  Each Clan has it's own separate material - although the various materials from each Clan are scattered throughout the collection according to the cataloging system - and that may range from yards and yards of shelf space to maybe one or two books.
   The clan file index lists numbers of folders that have information on various events and individual families relating to different Clans housed in The Odom Library.
   When you visit The Odom Library, you have access to both the materials catalogued in the library and to materials archived.
   Note, please, that although the materials from each Clan are all through the collection, each book is clearly marked as to which Clan it belongs. Most of the groups have a rubber stamp for this purpose.
   The Odom Library contains much information on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States plus the migration routes west.    
   The Scottish Collection is "the icing on the cake" at The Odom Library as the Emmett Lucas Collection - the core collection - is extensive and comprehensive.  There are many sources for researching immigrants to this country and many materials on The War Between the States and so much more.
   While the book collection at the Odom Library is large, the collection of microfilm, microfiche and maps is probably larger.  We also have a good collection of genealogical materials on CD-Rom.

The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library is
Archival & Genealogical Repository for:

  1. Clan Donald USA
  2. “The Cat Confederation,” Clan Chattan
  3. Clan Blackstock Society
  4. Clan Buchanan Society International (CBSI)
  5. Clan Cummings, USA
  6. Clan Douglas Soc. of NA, Inc.
  7. Clan Dunbar, Inc.
  8. Clan Farquharson, USA
  9. Clan Gillean Assoc., USA
  10. Clan Gunn Soc. of NA
  11. Clan Johnston/e in America
  12. Clan Lamont Society of NA
  13. Clan Little Society Scotland & Worldwide
  14. Clan MacArthur
  15. Clan MacCallum/Malcolm Society
  16. Clan Macfie
  17. Clan MacLellan
  18. Cathey Reunion Association
  19. MacDuffee/Macfie Clan Society of America, Inc.
  20. Clan MacKenzie Society in the Americas
  21. Clan MacKinnon Society of NA, Inc.
  22. Clan MacLennan Association, USA
  23. Clan MacNabb Society of NA
  24. Clan MacNicol Society, Inc.
  25. Clan MacRae of NA
  26. Clan McAlister of America
  27. Clan Menzies of NA
  28. Clan Morrison of NA
  29. Clan Murray
  30. Clan Napier in NA
  31. Clan Pollock
  32. Clan Ramsay of NA
  33. Clan Scott Society
  34. Clan Skene Association, Inc.
  35. Clan Young
  36. Cleghorn Descendants & Allied Families, Inc.
  37. Cornish World
  38. COSCA
  39. Craig Family Association
  40. Kerr Family Association of NA
  41. Nesbitt-Nisbet Society
  42. SAMS, The Scottish American Military Society
  43. SDFA (Scottish District Family Association)
  44. The American Clan Leslie Society
  45. The Archbold Family
  46. The Bell Family Association
  47. The Castellaw Family Soc.
  48. The Clan Anderson Society
  49. The Clan Armstrong Society
  50. The Clan Baird Society Worldwide
  51. The Clan Barclay Society USA
  52. The Clan Blair Society
  53. The Clan Boyd International Society
  54. The Clan Brodie Association
  55. The Clan Buchanan Society in America, Inc.
  56. The Clan Campbell Society
  57. The Clan Cochrane Society
  58. The Clan Colquhoun Society of NA, Inc.
  59. The Clan Cunningham Society
  60. The Clan Davidson Society
  61. The Clan Donnachaidh Society
  62. The Clan Fergusson Society of NA
  63. The Clan Forrester Society, Inc.
  64. The Clan Forsyth Society of the USA
  65. The Clan Fraser Society of NA
  66. The Clan Gayre in NA
  67. The Clan Graham Society, Inc
  68. The Clan Grant Society
  69. The Clan Hamilton Society
  70. The Clan Hay Society
  71. The Clan Henderson Society of the United States and Canada
  72. The Clan Home/Hume Society
  73. The Clan Hunter Association, USA
  74. The Clan Keith Society, USA Inc.
  75. The Clan Kennedy Society of America
  76. The Clan Lindsay Association of USA, Inc.
  77. The Clan Little Society, USA, Ltd.
  78. The Clan MacConnaughey Society
  79. The Clan MacDougall Society in the US & Canada
  80. The Clan MacDuff Society of America, Inc. (Int. USA Branch)
  81. The Clan MacFarlane Soc., Inc.
  82. The Clan MacIntyre Society
  83. The Clan Mackay Society of the US, Inc.
  84. The Clan MacLachlan Association, NA
  85. The Clan MacLaren Society
  86. The Clan MacLeod Society of the USA, Inc. (Genealogical Repository)
  87. The Clan Macpherson Assoc. (US Branch)
  88. The Clan Macphie
  89. The Clan MacTavish (Thom(p)son)
  90. The Clan Montgomery Society
  91. The Clan Munro Association USA
  92. The Clan Ogilvie Society
  93. The Clan Ross Association
  94. The Clan Scott Society
  95. The Clan Stewart Society in America
  96. The Clan Turnbull Association
  97. The Clan Urquhart Association
  98. The Clan Wallace Society, Worldwide
  99. The Dunlop/Dunlap Family Society
  100. The Elliot Clan Society, USA
  101. The Gillespie Clan
  102. The Hogg Family Genealogy Society
  103. The House of Boyd Society
  104. The House of Gordon
  105. The Houston Family
  106. The Innes Clan Society
  107. The Morgan Family Society, Int.
  108. The Mullaney Family
  109. The Scottish Highlands Society
  110. The Scottish Nationalist Party
  111. The Scottish Society of the VA Highlands
  112. The Smyth/Smythe/Smith Family of New England
  113. The Stovall Family Association.
  114. The American Cherokee Confederacy
  115. St. Andrews Priory, Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem
  116. Muirhead Clan Society

Please note this list will be updated on a regular basis.

Library Inventory

Books with a "G" in front of them are books which are in The Odom Library.
Our PINES catalog only lists books which have been catalogued and entered into the computer.  We have many books that are in the process of being entered...and the PINES catalog changes almost daily.  If you know a book has been donated/given/bought by The Odom Library, please write: Odom Library, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828.


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