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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
I'm Gonna Get You!


Once there was a young girl named Sara.

Sara had never been afraid of the dark until one night as she lay down to go to sleep she heard a little voice say, “Sara, I’m at your front door…” The next morning Sara told her mother about the little voice. “Don’t be silly, Sara!” her mother said. Sara thought about that voice a little bit that day at school. That night Sara climbed the 10 steps to her bedroom. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard that little voice, “Sara, I’m at the foot of the steps…” The next morning Sara could hardly eat breakfast. Her mother said, “You’re just hearing things!” At school that day, Sara thought about the voice a little more. At bedtime Sara was nervous, but she went to bed, covered her head, then she heard it...that little said, “Sara, I’m on the first step…” Night after night Sara heard that horrid voice…”Sara, I’m on the second step...the third...the fourth….the fifth step…” until one night the little voice said, “Sara, I’m at your bedroom door…” By now Sara couldn’t eat breakfast or lunch. She was afraid to go to her bedroom, but her mother said, “Go!” Sara tip-toed into her bed hoping the voice wouldn’t hear her, but it did. It said, “Sara, I’m in your bedroom…” The next day, Sara couldn’t eat breakfast, lunch or supper. She thought about that awful voice all day at school and didn’t even do her work. That night she begged her mother to let her sleep on the couch. Her mother said, “Absolutely not, young lady!” Sara ran to her room, jumped in the bed, covered her head, and grabbed her pillow. Just as her breathing slowed down, she heard the little voice, “Sara, I’m standing next to your bed…” The next day Sara was so scared she felt sick. She stayed home from school. She couldn’t eat. She just thought about that voice. That night her mother tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. Sara thought maybe the voice wouldn’t come tonight, but it did, it said…”Sara... …...I’VE GOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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