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Life in its simpliest terms

I'm aware that most things on the banter site were just for fun type things but sometimes one runs across something that seems a little special in its wording and how we as humans view things so I'm putting this here for all who wish to read.First a comment from me.. although I enjoy pulling ones leg as much as anyone else does, I have always tried to keep what I put in here clean because I never know who may be reading it..Also because I know there is a higher Being that watches over us and tries to keep us from making mistakes so this is something I believe in ....

I went to worship at the shrine of plenty
but found its storeroom full of dust
I bowed at altars of gold and silver
but as I knelt there, they turned to rust
The call of fortune made me a pilgrim
To journey to fames promised heights
But as I climbed, the promise faded
and wind blew lonely all through the night
Just desert dust and empty shadows
all promises that turn to lies
the gods of earth failed and betrayed me
You alone are truth and light
I'll worship only at the feet of Jesus
His cup alone"my holy grail"
There'll be no other gods before Him
Just Jesus only will never fail


Hey I like this side of Chas! What a lovely poem!
a not so typical Southern Belled...Kelly d.

Charles - Be careful! You're giving us women the wrong impression. I think there beats the heart of a Highland Poet and Scoundrel. Have you carried any damsels off in the night yet? I'm still waiting . . .


Nope.....and NOPE!..I'm just a 2 sided person....hmmmmm.......or maybe I'm just confused......or both......gee! you have me wondering....
But the real truth is underneath all the bs, I do take a serious look at myself and at others and the search for the eternal happiness that we all seek.......and some find........and others don't......chasmax

I'm so glad that you got into this site wholeheartedly. I know you were a bit tentative at first....It's fun isn't it?


Elda....I don't have a tentative bone in my body......Sometimes you just keep your trap shut long enough to find out what kind of people your dealing with......and so far, I've found most to be good people who enjoy putting on the dog...or as Ali-Stair said....getting your leg pulled a little......Only one person on the site gets too me just a little by snide remarks that are trying to hide under the guise of a smile....But living out in the country, I know the difference between an ass and a horse , so I have no problem knowing which is which...........chaz

Chas, so where's the Hossicons then?


Somewhere either roasting ducks or maybe just trying to think up something to say that won't give away ignorance....unlike me..I don't hide my ignorance.....on the other hand that would be hard to do.......chaz



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