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The Flat Library Mouse Project

The Flat Library Mouse

Flat Library Mouse
Our story loosely based on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

"Good mornin’!" Ms. Cray said, as Ms. Norma walked into the Children’s Library. The special room in the Moultrie-Colquitt County Public Library was in disarray, books stacked here and there, shelves partially taken apart everywhere.

Ms. Norma said, "Good mornin’. We’ve sure got quite a mess here, don’t we?" She started to push a cart of picture books down to the new children’s room at the other end of the library building, when she suddenly stopped and looked over toward a corner.

"Did you hear something just now, over in that corner?"

Ms. Cray stopped and listened intently. She nervously shook her head up and down as she moved toward Ms. Norma.

"I believe something’s over there under those shelves."

The two librarians knelt down on their knees and peered under the book shelves that seemed to have fallen over in the floor. Just then the library director, Mrs. Jenkins, walked in.

"What are you two doing, now?" she chuckled as she got down on the floor also.

"We’re trying to look under those shelves there. We heard s-something..."

At that moment, two more librarians walked into the room looking for Mrs. Jenkins. They started to laugh as they joined the other three already on the floor.

"What are we looking for?" asked Ms. Edna.

"Should we be afraid?" laughed Ms. Johnnie.

Right then, who should walk into the room, but the library board chairman, Reverend Hugh Ward. When he saw the librarians on the floor, he burst into such laughter that several patrons came into the room to see what was going on.

"Well, lets just have a look, shall we?" said Rev. Ward. He and the patrons went over and lifted the shelves.

"What do we have here?" asked Rev. Ward.

All the librarians got up and went to look. Ms. Cray and Ms. Norma answered the question...

"It’s Library Mouse!"

"He must have been looking at a book last night..." started Ms. Norma.

"And he fell asleep..." continued Ms. Cray.

"Then the shelves must have fallen..." added Mrs. Jenkins.

"And now he’s flat as a pancake!!!" everyone chimed in.

Ms. Norma bent down to take a closer look. Library Mouse was ok. Everyone smiled at the mouse, wished him well, and then left the room to finish their work, read their books, and run their errands.

Ms. Norma carefully picked up the flat mouse and carried him into the office. She checked his flat ears, whiskers, flat paws, flat little belly, and his flat tail. He really was Ok. But, he was flat as he could be. Ms. Norma thought about where she might find information about what to do when someone is flattened. She finally remembered a book written by Jeff Brown. It was called Flat Stanley. The story was about a young boy who was flattened one night when a huge bulletin board fell on him. Stanley wasn’t hurt one bit and went on to have great adventures. Surely Library Mouse would be all right, too.

Days passed and Library Mouse was as normal as could be. On one of those days Rev. Ward called.

I’m calling to check on the mouse we found under the book shelf. Is he doing Ok?" The answer was most positive.

On another one of those days some children came to the library for storytime. When they saw what happened to Library Mouse they were so surprised.

A little girl said, "I think we should think of a new name for the mouse."

"I think we should call him ‘Flat Library Mouse’!" said one of the boys. So that day we began calling our mouse ‘Flat Library Mouse’. He liked it!

Why, being flat turned out to be pretty handy. Flat Library Mouse could fit inside a book just like a bookmark! And, he could sit on top of the stack of stuff on Ms. Norma’s desk and not have to worry about getting lost or squished!

Weeks passed and things were getting back to normal at the library, except Flat Library Mouse was still flat. The Children’s Library had been moved to it’s new location in the north end of the library. Plans were underway for the coming vacation reading programs for that summer. The theme was:

"world.wide.reading@your library".

Ms. Cray, Ms. Norma, and the whole library staff were brainstorming about ideas for decorations and programs. All of a sudden Ms. Norma had an idea!

"I remember something that happened in Flat Stanley. In one chapter, Stanley goes on vacation to California in an envelope! Why couldn’t Flat Library Mouse do that? We could send the mouse through the mail to locations around the country and maybe even to other countries! Then when he returns, we could use his travels in our storytimes!"

All the librarians got soooo excited! They began thinking about all the folks they knew who lived in other cities, other states, and even other countries. One by one the ladies named locations: Tifton, Atlanta, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, New York, Alaska, Japan, Scotland...

So, the adventure began!

Watch your mail box. You never know, Flat Library Mouse might just visit you!

Participate in the Flat Library Mouse Project

We are children’s librarians from Moultrie, Georgia and we started the "FLAT LIBRARY MOUSE PROJECT" to enhance our storytimes for this summer. Our plan is based on a very popular, world-wide project known as the "FLAT STANLEY PROJECT". For more info see Flat Stanley is actually a book by Jeff Brown in which a young boy is flattened by a bulletin board. He is not hurt and goes on to have many adventures and learn many valuable lessons. One advantage of being flat is that Stanley’s parents put him in a large envelope and mail him for a visit to California.

In our project we have written a short story to explain Flat Library Mouse’s predicament. Various members of our library staff agreed to mail him to family and friends across the country and even the world. We hope that you will treat Flat Library Mouse like a guest, complete the journal, and then mail him back after a few days. Photographs and/or souvenirs accompanying the mouse’s return would add to our presentation.

You were chosen as a recipient because one of our staff thought you would take time from your busy schedule and would understand how much your participation would excite our children in taking part in our storytimes. We hope you will in deed participate by welcoming Flat Library Mouse into your life, making a few entries in the enclosed journal, and returning it to the library’s address. Of course, we will be most excited if you’re able to add any personal and creative ‘extras’ in the package.

Thank you!

The Flat Library Mouse arrives in Electric Scotland's office!
The Flat Library Mouse arrives in Electric Scotland's office!


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