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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
How to get involved

Thanks to the new online site we are now able to post more information than we could possible fit into our newspaper! This means that not only will the online site hold a full copy of the newspaper in graphical format, but we'll be able to add further information on a regular basis. So do visit often to see what we have added. Email

Keep up to date

We'd also like to recommend you subscribe to the FREE Electric Scotland E-Mail Newsletter, as Electric Scotland web master, Alastair McIntyre, summarizes everything new on the site that week, so you'll always be kept up to date. To join simply go to  and follow the instructions on that page.

It is our intention to make the combined resources of The Family Tree and Electric Scotland available to all our readers. We want this venture to be both useful and fun so to that end here are some of the ways you can get involved...

Send us a picture

Any you send us a picture, if it is on a computer then simply email attach them.but note that we also need.... (1) The format of the pictures must be either .gif or .jpg. (2) We need a description of the pictures such as "Taken in the Isle of Skye looking over towards Portree." (3) Your name, your city, state, and/or country.. so you get credit for the picture. (4) If you'd like your email address added then state what email address you'd like us to use. (Note: we will assume you don't want us to use your email address so you need to specifically tell us if you do want it featured).

If you are not on the computer then simply post the print to Beth Gay, The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828, but you also need to include a note with the above details as well. Beth will then have it scanned in for you. If you would like the picture returned please include an envelope with the appropriate postage and we will return them to you. And do of course tell us which section you'd like your picture featured in.

Send us a photograph for our Scottish Travel Picture Album

We've created a Scottish Travel Picture Album where we'll feature your favorite pictures of Scotland that you've likely taken when on your holidays. Refer to the above instructions for sending us a picture.

You can be a part of our Family Tree Jigsaw Puzzles

We want to have some fun so we're happy to receive some pictures to use as online Jigsaw puzzles. You should be aware that we're constrained to a particular size of 400x300 pixel or in that ratio. Refer to the above instructions for sending us a picture.

Have you had a Scottish wedding?

Send pictures... and a write-up to Family Tree Wedding Album. We're looking to create a wedding album so that you can show off your favorite wedding photo. Note you should provide us with a good description for the picture so we'll know who is in it and where and when it was taken. Refer to the above instructions for sending us a picture.

New baby in the family?

Send pictures and birth announcement news to our Family Tree Baby Album. Got a new addition to the family then do send them in to us. Remember to include all relevant information and refer to the above instructions for sending us a picture.

Have you ever won Best Clan Tent at a Highland Games? We'd like to show you off!

We're interested in posting up the best Clan Tent at each of the Highland Games or Scottish Festivals. So, send us the photograph and of course include the name of the venue.

We have a Highland Games & Scottish Festivals Calendar
We have added a calendar to The Family Tree where we list all the Games and Festivals. To get your event included simply email with the dates and contact details and a short description and she'll add them for you.

Add your Web Site to ScotSearch

In addition, if your event has a web site you can add this free to the Electric Scotland owned search engine at In the search engine you can also add web site for artists, suppliers, vendors, etc. to these games and festivals.

Do you do Crafts?

We're looking to tell folks a bit about Scottish crafts and different ways that tartan can be used. So if you have an interesting story to tell then email it to: Alice L. Henry, FSA (Scot), CGOA and if its accepted we'll feature it on the site. Remember to tell us if you have a web site or email address you'd like to list with the article and pictures would always be welcomed.

How about accounts about your own ancestors?

Electric Scotland has a section on Mini Bios... these are where you can tell a wee story about your ancestors. To add your own story simply email it to Alastair McIntyre and by default he will include your email address with the story unless you tell him not to.

History! We love history!

Both The Family Tree and Electric Scotland are always interested in publishing articles about our Scots descendants. Should you have access to accounts of Scots or Scots-Irish arriving in your country and going through the process of settlement then we'd live to publish them. Please be advised that you need to either confirm that these accounts are not copyright or provide confirmation that we can publish these with the copyright holders permission. Email Alastair McIntyre or write to Beth Gay, The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828

We can do a lot for our advertisers!

We list all advertisers on the Family Tree page but note that all advertisers can add their email addresses and/or web site along with up to 25 words of text to their listing. Simply email this information directly to Alastair McIntyre.

We are glad to help your group spread Scottish Clan Information, too!

Electric Scotland is trying to post up a picture of as many clan chiefs as possible so if you have picture of a clan chief we don't have the please send it via email to Alastair McIntyre.

Electric Scotland also provides histories of most clans and families and is most willing to work with clan societies to provide further information on their history and/or correct any incorrect information. Again simply email Alastair McIntyre if you have something to contribute.

We have a listing of all of our Clan Societies and groups who advertise in the pages of The Family Tree. Please check your listing...and if your email address or Internet site is not listed, email the information to Alastair McIntyre.

Clan Society Newsletters

The Family Tree is willing to publish your newsletters online. You can either provide the actual paper newsletter and we'll simply take a picture of each page or you can of course provide us with text in an email. Send paper copies to Beth Gay, The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828 and email electronic versions to Alastair McIntyre

So these are just a some of the ways you can get involved with us. We're also happy to receive any suggestions on other ways we can be of help to our readers through our online sites and simply email us.


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