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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - April/May 2003

Miracles do occur on a daily basis...
Someone gave me a little sticker that is on the glass part of my office door.  It reads, "Believe in miracles and they will happen."
Well, folks, I believe in miracles and miracles do happen every day at The Family Tree office in Moultrie!
Last issue, we only had $2000 for the postage deposit.  We're supposed to have $5000 for the postage deposit.  Before we can think about the postage deposit for the next issue...we have to pay the printing and remaining postage for the last issue.
Maybe you can see the horns of my continuing dilemma. 
So, we started this issue $3000 "in the hole" as they say. 
Enter Mr. Tom J. Vereen of Moultrie.  Mr. Vereen often comes by our office to talk about his genealogy and for my help with various things of a genealogical nature.  I found myself telling him of our deficit and of my worry for the next issue.
In a few days, a check for $3000 arrived from Mr. Vereen!
Thank you, sir!  You have brought another issue of The Family Tree from a hope to a reality!

More miracles have occurred this time!
Super Postage Heroes include my friend, Jeanne Williams from Portal, Arizona; Julia Gray from Pennsylvania; friends Billy & Dawn Henderson of Jackson, Mississippi (Who innocently became Official VIP Chauffeurs at Scottish Weekend!); H. Warren Almand, Jr., of Marianna, Florida; James McIntyre of Cumming, Georgia; Rex & Pat Maddox of Alexandria, Virginia; Jay & Arlene Beasley from Idaho Falls, Idaho; Rosier & Carolyn Williamson of Charlotte, North Carolina; Evelyn Vonier of Pavo, Georgia; James J. Stewart of Manahawken, New Jersey; Gordon E. MacDonald of Corpus Christi, Texas; Barbara J. Hall of Alabama; Alexandria E. Campbell of Virginia; Dreamcatcher Publishing of Atlanta, Georgia; Leon Folsom, Jr., from Georgia; Joan S. Guilford of Orange, California; and an anonymous Super Postage Hero from North Carolina.
Super Duper Postage Heroes include this time Jean L. Gordon of Orlando, Florida; Laura B. Forrester for The Clan Forrester Society; W. R. Robertson of Marietta, Georgia; Dr. William Hughes of Montgomery, Alabama; Howard & Laurie Pollock of Boise, Idaho; Mr. Richard Buckelew of Medina, Texas; Helen Cameron of Mannheim, Pennsylvania; Craig Rutherford of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada; and The Lt. Hugh McKay Post #7 of the Scottish American Military Society, Ltd., of Savannah, Georgia.
Dear friends, Dr. Paul & Jean Henson of Dalton, Georgia have become Super-Super Duper Postage Heroes this time!
Elmer Spear of Madison, Florida has become a Super-Super-Duper-Duper Postage Hero!
Janet Danforth and Robert Moir of Westminster, South Carolina have just blown us away with their kindness.  Not only did they come and do a marvelous program for us at Braveheart Scottish Weekend 2003...but they left a check that makes them Super-Super-Super Duper Postage Heroes!
(Folks, I know the "super and duper" is corny...but unless you can figure out a way to put neon lights on the page, it's the best I can do!  Even neon would not fully express my thanks and gratitude!)

I've had many folks to ask, "Why was this the last Scottish Weekend?"
I don't know how to reply except to tell the truth.
The truth is...I am not kidding when I tell you the stress of worrying about whether or not we will have money for the next paper affects me mentally and physically.  The last paper - February/March - was so close...(see only $2000 postage deposit above)...and that last $2000 came in the last two days before it was time to take it to the printer.  I thought I would simply explode from worry....and did not sleep more than 20 minutes in a row for the last 2 weeks.
Combine that with the normal stresses of getting a paper of this size and magnitude ready for the printer...and the stress of getting an event the size of our Scottish Weekends ready...and you will see that your eyeballs roll around and your hair turns gray...not to mention high blood pressure readings, stress-related fever blisters, headaches, gray hair and the inability to hold on to anything or to think clearly.  (I dropped a jar of instant coffee, locked my keys in my locker, dropped a diet soda, etc., etc.)
So, if anyone knows of any way for me to be able to holler if I need $ I can't possibly ask Mr. Vereen again...or $5000...or $250...and most times we don't need anything...but if anyone knows how to take that unbearable stress away, I could joyfully do Scottish Weekend as long as my mind and body will hold together to do it.
And that's really the truth.

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