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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Postage Heroes

We can breathe for a moment! You've done it one more time!

Thank you, Postage Heroes! Thank you!

Whew! Since you're reading this, you know that we had enough money to pay the remainder of the mailing cost for last time and the printing bill for last time and enough for our up-front huge postage deposit for this time. All thanks to you and to our faithful and loyal advertisers.

It's exactly like we are roasting weenies over a huge fire made of money! We do it...and then we do it again...and again and again and again.......

Please remember when you write checks, to send us some postage money! We have folks who contribute once a year...a few who give me money every time they see me...and a few who send money every month. We have one lovely man who always sends us his first "raise" from Social Security! Every single contribution is appreciated and is most welcome.

Send Postage Hero checks to: The Family Tree (and make checks this way, please), PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828. We'll list your name in the paper...and I promise to give you hugs when I see you "along the Gypsy trail!"

We could not do this without you.

Alabama: Linda J. S. Hagood, J. H. Barr, Amos J. Wright, Jr, Sidney & Elizabeth Gaddy, E. B. Harper, H. Gene & Gustava H. Baird, James B. Williams, Martha T. Richey, William Rozier and George C. Davis.
Alaska: Bonnadean Ruth (Shortreed) Nelson.
Arizona: Mrs. Maurine Rainey and Jeanne Williams.
California: Vince & Marilyn Vitalie, C. Bordisso, Don Matejka, Barbara Ferguson, Mrs. G. J. Bailey, Robert Dye, Marie deLaney, Susan Toman, Margaret Ephrom, David Lee Crane, Celia H. Gariano, Scottish Bonnets Deerfield Ranch Jackie Taylor, Dorothy Stewart, Mrs. D. E. Stewart, Ms. Jean Avery, Mr. & Mrs Dennis Hickey, Mrs. Muriel R. Graham, William Levers, David U. McBride, Mr. Robert F. (Dorothy P.) Demange, Dr. Joan S. Guilford, Annie or Ramon Evans, James E. Sherriff, Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Weir, Jr., Elaine Hirtle, Dr. & Mrs. James W. Duke, Jerry Rickman, Donna W. Masterson, Estel K. Hanson, W. F. MacLeod, D. M. Alexander, Julia Marsicano, Mrs. Joan E. Coulson, Mrs. Walter B. Forbes, Mr. H. E. Thomas, Marny Goens, Doris I. Greeson, Ms. Kathy Lunger, Jeffrey W. Farquhar, Jane Mc Donald, Jack G. Henderson, David Brodie and Nancy B. McNeill.
Connecticut: Arline Day, Peg Limbacher and Wendell W. Cultice.
Delaware: Richard B. Douglas and M. Wm. Herd.
Florida: Bernice Mackinnon DePalma, Hazel Bowman, Norma K. Lockwood, Carol Reed, Mrs. Jeanne Rhein, Pat Pshnik, Mrs. John M. Ingalls, Rev. Charlotte (Watson) Getchell, Joe Lindsay Haley, James Brown, Sherry Eastwood, Dorothy B. Williams, James L. Watt, Janet Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mason, Vernon Boyd, Alcyone Robertson Smith, Eldes Whitsett, Lottie Williams, Mrs. Carol L. Riley, H. Eugene & Sue Cowger, Dollie Alexander, Allan F. Keeth, Walter & Betty Shaw, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cowger, Eldes Whitsett, Donald E. Kerr, Ethel Lawson, Mrs. Marian Buchanan Habermann, William H. Moore, Mary Jane Johnson, Ms. Rita M. Macdonald, Mr. Harry H Treadway, Mr. & Mrs. John Goodwin, II, The Clan MacKinnon Society of North America, Inc. (JoAnn, THANK YOU!), Matthew C. Stewart, Lee Heath, William L. Moore, Jr., Mrs. Carolyn Hargrove, Carolyn M. Sergel, Mr. Stanley N. McLeod, Marjorie Graden Stevens, Carolyn Ford, Charles E. Butterfield, Mary B.Wilson and Ronald C. Stevens.
Georgia: Jimmy Grizzard (Who is following in Lucy McPherson's tradition of giving me money every time he sees me! Thanks, Jimmy!), Pamela Immendorf, Jerrold Garrett, Naomi Carter, Dr. Henry E. Rabun, Jr. D.M.D., Dr. B. J. Jackson, John C. McCrimmon, Catherine Van Tubbergen, J. G. Fullmer, Sr., Barbara J. Ingram, Anna Wilson, Dan Ogletree, Bryan-Lang Historical Library, Muriel R. Graham, Robert McCommon III, Col. James G. Bogle, Ginny & Hal Shaw, FSA Scot, Mrs. Walter Douglas Swift, Guy M. Harrington, Genell L. Bryant, C. M. Alexander, Emily C. & J. H. Heggood, Henry "Hank" Franz, David R. Allee, Joyce Almasi, Lee Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Miechell, Dream Catcher Publishing, Inc. Dwan Hightower, Billie McDonald Godwire, Thomas Brechin, Donald A. Byers, Jack Stelle, Barber Ogletree, Mrs. Donald W. Leslie, O. Ennis Goettee, Jr., D.D.S., Ronald Dixon, Ms. Eleanor Linn, Jewell Pitts, David Harvey, C. Markham Berry, Louise B. Duvall, Dr. Ray E. Morrison, Willis Ray, Ms. Rita Long, David E. McKinzey, Janis C. Nichols, L. Gene Sidwell, Mildred Hoard and S. Harold George.
Hawaii: E. Larson and Faye Sargent Mytinger.
Idaho: Vera Metz and Pat Andrews.
Illinois: Kevin McKenna, Charlotte Wiedman, Roberta Goehmann, Sallie Haney, Sands Genealogists, Nita Gatia and Allen A. Rankin.
Indiana: Mr. Frederick J. Campbell, Ann L Skene, Barb Fausett, Marjorie Kerr Peterson, Kathryn S. Kessinger and Jacqueline S. Fulkerson.
Iowa: Barbara W. Snodgrass.
Kentucky: Maj. Hugh C. Mcewan, Nancy Sears, Janet Wilson, James D. Richardson, Ray Wallace, Ramona K. Hyrne, Percilla Ewen, Phillip K. Morris and Jeffrey A. Lockhart.
Louisiana: Dane & Beverly Laughlin, Marie McCullouggh Derbes, Mrs. Susan Musick, Mona R. Raby, James Hugh Jenkins, Jane B. Chafin, Norma Jean Henderson Moore and Harry D. Collins.
Maine: Arnold D. MacDonald, Deborah M. Cross and P. A. Davis.
Maryland: Maxine Huff, Virginia Ingram, M. L. Hursey, Helen Simmons Carey, Jack Wilcoxson and Mrs. Margaret G. Buchanan.
Massachusetts: Robert & Muriel MacDonald, Sr., Donald P. Phillips, Linda Mitton, Linda B. Kirsche, John P. Hall, Robert & Muriel MacDonald, Sr., James S. MacRostie, Alfred Cook, Mr. Robert H. Cumming and Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Lang (The Scotland Shop).
Michigan: Frank R. McIsaac, D. W. Henderson, Elnore Paris, Maxine McLeod, Darlene Schumaker, Marva j. Ogle and Gloria Holzerland.
Minnesota: Robert McShannock and Wesley A. Waring.
Mississippi: Bertie Nebeon, Mrs. Joy H. Brown, Sandra Elise Boyd, Jeanie Attenhofer and Alice Carson.
Missouri: Truman & Mary Swann and R. H. Coin.
Nevada: A. Tiso Romero, Eileen L. L. Kiplinger and Omer & Claudia King.
New Hampshire: Mr. Edward F. Sullivan.
New Jersey: James J. Stewart, Betty Forsyth and Frank S. Keith.
New Mexico: Lloyd and Nancy Gibson.
New York: Mr. & Mrs. Roger Young, Maria Ernest, Mrs. K. C. Wallender, Thomas Keith, Kenneth MacDonald and James T. & Elinor G. Hays.
North Carolina: Terry Smith, Dorothy H. Howard, Dr. William C. Powell, Alex Long, Brenda Garrett, Thomas R. McCurdy, Skip Long, Paul Dingwell, Jr., Joy Elliott, Joey McFfitt, Mary Lib Taylor and Steve Henderson.
North Dakota: Richard B. Ferguson and Dr. Virgil Carmichael.
Ohio: Dale Schafer, Violet-Mae Barden, Pat Urquhart, Doug & Barb Alder, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Buchanan, Donald Canaday, Chief, the Kennedy Society and Aberdeen-Huntington TWP. Museum.
Oklahoma: Kay Walters, Wanda L. Cummings and Karen Kingfisher.
Oregon: Georgia Higgins, J. F. Ferguson, Scharn Brennan, Mabel Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Pound, Doris Barkley and Earl J. Donaldson.
Pennsylvania: Andrew Carson, Robert C. Dumeyer, Ronald E. Bell, Bernadine Fleury, Mrs. Mary G. Whalen, Mr. Linford S. MacDoanld, Clark McSparren and Mrs. Norma W. Hartman.
South Carolina: Rhodine C. Floyd, Tucky Sancibrian, Mrs. R. Westray and Herbert Pollock.
Tennessee: Earl R. Buchanan, Samuel Miller, Mrs. Colleen D. Shick, Peggy Moody Clark, Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Arnold, Frances A. Georga, Ronald E. Frazier F.S.A. (Scot), John Scarborough, Marjorie L. Reynolds, Lucy McPherson (Bless her heart...she's seen me - and given us Postage Hero checks - several times since the last issue! Thanks, Lucy and J.T.!, Dr. Gloria Whitney and Elizabeth Arnold.
Texas: Cecillia Smith, Randolph Area Genealogy Society, Betty McCarty McAnelly, Lea Buchanan, Carolyn Alexander, William DeSumpson, Marilyn McCleod, Pat Newton, Sandra Perry, Gordon F. MacDonald, Edward N. MacAllister, Nova A. Lemons, William C. Gillis, Mrs. O. R. Benton, Bobby Spiegel, Mr. & Mrs. J. Crensahw, Jack R. Ferguson, Norma J. Martin, Patricia Rolfe, Mrs. Walter S. McMeans, Majorie L. Sanders, Mrs. William C. Etheridge, Jr., Patricia Jones, Joanne Sterrett, Robert W. Bonham, Billy L. Peacock, Robert W. Henderson, Yvonne Ludwig, Laurel W. Holloway, Jim and Martha Wallen, Brenda Odell, Mr. Carroll Prewett and Phyllis Guinn.
Utah: M. H. Wallace.
Virginia: Kate J. LePine, Joan B. Scales, C. Springer, Ms. Elizabeth Kirk-Hepworth, John R. Wallace, Alan W. Martin, R. M. Polloc and Peggy J. Nelson.
Washington: Beryl Motes, Lillian Forster and Katie Miller.
West Virginia: Ralph Smith. Wisconsin: Samuel Wallendal, Mr. Hind A. Leask and Joan M. Campbell.
Wyoming: Colonel Robertson.
Canada: Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Hislop and Craig Rutherford, I.R.P..
Unknown Location: Joan & George Nehuley.

If you wish to make a Postage Hero contribution, just send a check to The Odom Library, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828. Checks to: The Family Tree, please.


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