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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - Aug/Sep 2002
Wee Snippets

Here are some interesting web sites you might like, lets go site seeing

Arcadia Publishing is America's leading publisher of regional and local history according to their web site, The have numerous affordable books that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately very little information is available about the contents of each book or the time frame it covers.

Family History Radio is a lot like tuning into a favorite radio program that gives you the latest news relating to genealogy. There are tips, stories, products and more. And you can schedule a number of topics at the same time and they keep on playing while you do other work on the web or off the web, providing you stay connected. Visit

An interesting site that was mentioned in the Colorado PALAM March Newsletter is This site is called Babel Fish and it will do instant computer translations between 18 languages. You can enter your own message, cut and paste from another document, or put the URL address of a foreign web page into the appropriate space. Then you select how you want it translated - German to English, English to Spanish or many other choices available to you.

Ceil Damschroder has discovered a great site to use before visiting the National Archives to research the 1930 census. At, you will find all you need to know about the 1930 census, including how to locate the correct enumeration district for your ancestors so you know exactly what film to search. Thank you to the Larimer County Genealogical Society Newsletter, PO Box 9502, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

The Sept of Blue will hold AGM at GMHG

On July 13, 2002 the Sept of Blue will hold its Annual Meeting at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Boone, North Carolina. Stop by the Blue tent at the Games and inquire about the meeting place. Or you may contact Blue McCaskill or Nellie Blue Greene at the Greystone Lodge, 2419 Highway 105, Boone, NC or call 828-264-4133.

Ever wonder what those initials on gravestones meant?

Some common fraternal organizations are:
A.O.H. - Acient Order of Hberians (Irish)
I.O.O.F. - Independent Order of Odd Fellows
W.O.W. - Woodmen of the World
B.P.O.E. - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
F.O.E. - Fraternal Order of Eagles
A.L.O.H. - American Legion of Honor
K.C. - Knights of Columbus
A.O.F. - Ancient Order of Foresters
K.M. - Knights of Malta
M.W.A. - Modern Woodman of America

Thanks to Kishwaukee Genealogists Newsletter, PO Box 5503, Rockford, IL 61125-0503 via Kith & Kin, Vol. 18, Mo. 5, p. 4, Jan/Feb. 2002.

The St. Andrew's Society of Connecticut plans Scottish Festival for October

The St. Andrew's Society of Connecticut will hold its annual Scottish Festival on Saturday, October 5, 2002 at the Goshen Fairgrounds on Route 63 in Goshen, Connecticut between 9 am and 5 PM.
Entertainment will be provided by Neil Anderson and Friends, Charlie Zahm, Ronnie Stewart and Kasha Breau and Friends.

There will be competitions for highland dancing, and solo bagpiping. The McCulloch Individual Solo Medley Challenge is also held in bagpiping. Athletics competitions will be held for men and women. Preregistration is required for the above events. Childrens games will also be held with sign-up the day of the festival.

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foote will hold an encampment. This is camp life for the Black Watch in the 1700s. This re-enactment group has appeared in various documentaries and movies.
The festival will be held rain or shine as indoor facilities are available. Proceeds from previous festivals have gone to various charities both in the USA and Scotland.

For more information contact. Betty Oderwald at 203-366-0777.

Royce Neil McNeill opens Scotland's Craft Exhibit at Southern Highland Craft Guild

Royce Neil McNeill, COSCA Trustee, was the keynote speaker at the May 4th opening of the USA premiere of the Scottish Crafts Exhibition. The Exhibition is presented by the Southern Highland Craft Guild at the Blue Ridge Parkway's Folk Art Center at Milepost 382, East of Ashville.

The exhibit runs through September 29th and features 106 objects documenting Scotland's indigenous crafts from the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland. The opening was a celebration of Scottish crafts and heritage that is so prevalent in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

McNeill is on the board of directors for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. GMHG will take place July 11-14 on MacRae Meadows at Grandfather Mountain.

PBS television is making a documentary on the opening of the celebration that will air at a later date.
For exhibit details write to Folk Art Center, Milepost 382, Blue Ridge Parkway, PO Box 9545, Ashville, NC 28815, call at 828-298-7928, fax at 828-298-7962, email at, or see their web site

My grandfather was WALTON MONROE SMITH born 02/06/1868 (family bible) or 1872 (1900 census statement) in Doerun, GA. He was Mayor of Doerun and ran the bank in the 1930s. He died 10/23/1935 in Doerun. He married GEORGIA MAE WATKINS, born 08/22/1882 in Autreyville, GA in 03/04/1900. They had two sons WALTON MONROE SMITH born 0/23/1905, and JOHN WATKINS SMITH, born 01/13/1910 (my father) and raised a cousin (after her parents died) WILLIE V. SMITH born 4/27/1907. JOHN WATKINS SMITH married GEORGIA EARL INABNIT, born 03/11/1916 in Tampa, FL: on 2/24/1946 in Tampa, FL. They had two sons MONROE PATTERSON SMITH, born 4/29/1947, in Tampa, FL and FRANKLIN WATKINS SMITH born 01/04/1953 in Key West, Florida. WALTON MONROE SMITH married MARGUERITE (unknown last name) from Birmingham, Alabama. Her father was a doctor. GEORGIA MAE WATKINS' father was BAKER E. WATKINS, born 11/08/1858 in Covesy or Coosa County, Alabama. BAKER E. WATKINS was married to JESSIE C. THIERS, born 07/15/1864 in Florida, on 07/10/1879. BAKER E. WATKINS' father was BAKER E. WATKINS born (1801) 08/18/1800 in KY. He married (first marriage) SARAH BERRY born 07/06/1805, died 12/12/1858, (second marriage) ELIZABETH OWENS, born 1823 in Georgia, married 07/10/1860 in Sumter County Georgia. My brothers and I would appreciate any information on any member of the family listed here. Especially on our Grandfather WALTON MONROE SMITH and his father, grandfather, etc. Franklin W. Smith, 1758 Iverson Way, Sacramento, CA 95835, 530-754-5319,

The Society of Scottish Stevensons makes their debut at Loch Norman Highland Games

The newly established Society of Scottish Stevensons made their first ever appearance at the 2002 Loch Norman Highland Games near Huntersville, North Carolina on April 19-21. Frank Belluardo, Jr. and Donald Waugh carried the banner while J. David Montgomery and Betty Waugh carried the Stevenson Tartan.

The event was a great success with many interested Stevenson/Stephenson visitors attending. The Society also attended the "Taste of Scotland" in Franklin, North Carolina on June 15, 2002. This special Scottish Heritage event was sponsored by the Scottish Tartan Museum.

For more information contact the museum at 828-524-7472 or visit their web site at People who are interested in learning more about the Society of Scottish Stevensons should contact J.David Montgomery at 704-528-0935, email at:, or write to J.David Montgomery, Society of Scottish Stevensons, PO Box 1248, Troutman, NC 28166.

You're invited to the Georgia Archives Week, October 6-12, 2002

The purpose of Archives Week is to celebrate the value of Georgia's historic records, publicize the many ways historical records enrich our lives, and recognize those who maintain our communities' historical records. This is the ideal time to call attention to your organization or local government and its works in preserving Georgia's documentary heritage.

For more information contact: Susan Dick, Georgia Historical Society, 501 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA 31401; phone: 912-651-2125; fax: 912-651-2831; or email at:, or see the SGA website at :

SAMS and Post 1921 note the passing of member Herbert McDonald.

SAMS and Post 1812 note the passing of member William L. Biggart, Jr. on March 21, 2002. William was a Navy Chief Photographers Mate during W.W. II in the Pacific, and served in the Navy Reserve until 1952.

Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald "Jeff" Davis KIA Wednesday 5 December 2001 in Afghanistan, north of Kandahar. Jeff was a member of Detachment A574, 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Clan Farquharson member Bill Farquhar, a native-born Scot, passed away recently in Paradise, California. He is remembered by the members of Clan Farquharson of North Carolina for his laughter at the tent and for the creative hand made treasures which grace their tent. Our condolences to his wife Vi and his daughters Heather and Tara.

Indian Census Schedules are now available on microfilm

Indians enrolled in tribes and living on Indian Reservations are found in NARA microfilm publication M595, Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940 (692 rolls). These census rolls were usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of July 4, 1884 (23 Stat.98).

The data on the rolls vary to some extent, but usually given are the English and/or Indian name of the person, roll number, age or date of birth, sex, and relationship to the head of the family. Beginning in 1930, the rolls also show the degree of Indian blood, marital status, ward status, place of residence, and sometimes other information.

For certain years--including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939--only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled. Most of the 1940 rolls have been retained by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and are not included in this publication.

There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls. Indians will also be found in microfilm publication T626, Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930 (2667 rolls).

Thank you to Trail Breakers, Clark County Genealogical Society, PO Box 5249, Vancouver, WA 98668-5249.

The BLM General Land Office Records are now back online!

The Bureau of Land management (BLM) General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation Web site is back up and running after a court order shut down Department of Interior sites back in early December.
The site contains two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908 (with images of the patents available).

Additional records issued between 1908 and the mid-1960s are also being added. Information contained in these records can be used to order more extensive records from the National Archives. The BLM site is online at: Thank you to Nuggets from Paradise, Paradise Genealogical Society, Inc., PO Box 460, Paradise, CA 95967-0460.

The Outlaw(e) family name, where did it come from?

This English descriptive name is from the Old Norse word UTLAGI which became the Middle English OUTLAWE. One who had been charged with breaking the law and had fled from the king's officers was formally declared "outside the law' and anyone bringing him to the officers, dead or alive, could claim whatever reward was offered.

In some instances, those who had been excommunicated by the church, were referred to as "outlaws". Priests were forbidden to either hear the confessions or to give extreme unction to those outside the church.

Alan le (the) Utlage lived in Suffolk in 1230 and Robert Outlawe lived there in 1327. John Le Utlawe lived in Cambridgeshire in 1316. Richard Outlaw was rector of Necton Church, Norfolk 1661.

The 1790 North Carolina census records lists 24 families with the spelling Outlaw.

Thank you to The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC-column by J. C. Downey-1969, via the Carolina Trees & Branches, Family Research Society of Northeastern, NC, Inc., PO Box 1425, Elizabeth City, NC 27906-1425.

DOMINIC MORISEY and ANNE BRISBANE were parents of JEAN JOSEPH MORISEY born 8 February, 1702, Vagney, le Vendee, Vosges, France. Irish? Contact: Richard Morrissey, 28656 Murrieta, Sun City, CA 92586.

Imperial Polk Genealogical Society to present November seminar

Imperial Polk Genealogical Society will present Dr. George K. Sweitzer in seminar on November 23, 2002, at Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida. Subjects include finding one's ancestors' parents, tracing ancestors back across the Atlantic, and tracing Revolutionary War genealogy. For more information write IPGS, PO Box 10, Kathleen, FL 33849 or Alvie L. Davidson CGRS at

Known Cemeteries of Polk County, Florida, Volume II will soon be available

Known Cemeteries of Polk County, Florida are being recorded by Imperial Polk Genealogical Society. Volume One, published in 2001, will be reprinted soon. Covering the 28 known burial places in the southwest quadrant of the county, it includes State Road 17 west to Hillsbourough County and from State Road 60 south to the Hardee County line.

Volume Two went to press at the end of May. It covers the eastern half of Polk below State Road 60 to Hardee and Highlands counties. Twenty cemeteries are included.

Details of contents and cost per volume are available from Ken Davis, Sales Coordinator, PO Box 10, Kathleen, FL 33849.

Raymond L. Morehead has been awarded a membership in the Society of William Wallace

Raymond L. Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.Raymond L. Morehead Esq. FSA Scot., President of the Muirhead Clan Society has been awarded a membership in the Society of William Wallace, Scotland. He was notified by letter and certificate, on May 29, 2002. This honor was in recognition for his discovery of a copy of Documents Illustrative of Sir William Wallace, His Life and Times, Presented to the Maitland Club by Robert Rogers. Dated 1841. Of which no known translation has been found.

He purchased the copy from a used book store while researching his own Scottish ancestors, of which one James Patrick Muirhead, Esq., was listed as a member of the Maitland Club and then made two copies one in which he kept for the Muirhead Clan Society and the other he sent to Harry McAlister of Scottish Connections, Inc. Harry McAlister then sent it to the Society of William Wallace in Scotland in which he is a member.

Society of William Wallace certificateThe original copy purchased was then gifted and sent to the Clan Wallace Society USA, in hopes that a translation can be made and helps shed further light on the life and times of Sir William Wallace, Scotland's greatest Patriot, Guardian and Hero.

Raymond was offered to be paid for the copy at one point, but declined, as he said at the time of the offer he did not consider it his to sell or profit from and intended it as a gift back to the Wallace's who he thought the rightful owners and who he hoped it would benefit the most.

Raymond is honored to accept the gift membership in the Society of William Wallace of Scotland a nonpolitical organization dedicated to upholding the memory of the man, his achievements and his selfless devotion for the cause of freedom for every individual Scot and for his or her country.

Charles Delmar Townsend, editor of Aceto Bookman, died suddenly at his home of heart related problems. He was 90 years old.

Estate for sale in Scotland!

A small estate is for sale on the Glencoe side of Loch Leven, which includes half of the historic - but tiny - island of Eilean Munde. This once gave its name to the parish on both sides of the loch. The ruins of the church and graveyard on the island have been vulnerable since the loch became the county boundary between Argyll and Inverness, leaving the sacred island divided.

This division ended in 1975 when the whole northern part of Appin Parish was separated from Argyll and was joined to Lochaber and Fort William. Two local parties are hoping to buy the land - 300 acres with the half-island - for the community. They are the Friends of Glencoe and the Community Council for Ballachulish and Glencoe. Perhaps they will get together to bid for any funding which may be available.

2002 Library Holiday Schedule
Please call before you come!
The library will be closed
August 5-9 our annual inventory,
September 2 for Labor Day,
November 27-30 for Thanksgiving, and
December 20 - the day after New Year's Day

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