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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - August/September 2003
Postal Heroes

Please listen to the "duck" quacking!  These folks did! We thank them!

We COULD NOT EXIST without your kindness & generosity!  If you have watched television recently for  more than 6-seconds, you've seen the little duck that becomes quite exasperated when nobody will listen to him telling which insurance company will protect them in time of need.  He quacks and quacks and nobody pays any attention.  Bless his little feathered heart.

Sometimes, I feel like that duck.  Folk will say, "Beth, you're kidding, right?  The Family Tree doesn't really need money so badly, does it?" "QUACK! Quack! QUACK!" 

I am NOT kidding. I don't know how to say it more plainly.  Without your Postage Hero help, this paper would not be in your hands at this moment and your editor would be flipping hamburgers somewhere!  The recent downturn in our economy has made our situation worse.  Understandably, you just don't think about something like a genealogical newspaper when there's a war going on and your own financial situation has taken a downturn. 

With all that in mind, without your Postage Hero help, this paper would not be in your hands at this moment.  It would die. It's not the kind of thing that can stop for an issue or two and then go again.  Once it misses one issue, it would be impossible to  sell any advertising at all ever again.

The advertisers take care of about half of the costs of this publication.  YOU are the other half!

Thankfully, I'm starting to see things going back to a more "normal" way.  Checks are once again coming in...but we did not have a full postage deposit last time.  That means this paper started "in the hole" in my simple mathematical language.

If you enjoy this paper or if you think it is important to keep this paper going...please think of us when next you write checks.

If you see any of the following folks, please thank them for helping with the never-ending expense of mailing The Family Tree. If you have made a postage contribution, please know how much it is appreciated.  Thank you!

Without your Postage Hero help, this paper would not be in your hands at this moment and your editor would be flipping hamburgers somewhere! 

"QUACK! Quack! QUACK!" 

Thanks to Norah Jelley from Christchurch, New Zealand for helping to mail this paper!
Many thanks to Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk of West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland for helping with postage this time!
Alabama has Postage Heroes this time.  We appreciate the help of Sarah Alsup, Charlotte G. Tucker, Ernestine H. Shepard, Lelius M. Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert McFarland, Mr. Louis Quigley, Mrs. James H. Larose, Leon Yother and Robert E. Whigham, Jr.
Alaska has a Postage Hero! We appreciate help from Lorraine Rich.  Thank you!
Thank you to Arizona's Mrs. D. R. Buchanan,  Woody Wood, Pat Keeler, Gordon J. Buchanan, James & Ruth Simpson, Ms. Marla Fryer, Donna J. Wiesley and Evelyn Dodd!
California: We appreciate the wonderful Postage Hero help from George B. Conlan, Marlene Christopher, Marilyn Vitalie, Ms. Maryann Stanek, Patricia R. Warnecke, Sally Stevens, Helen Jejia Savala, Paula Nicholson, Ann Archer, Norma Hunt, Leona M. Barnhart, Mary E. Duke, D.S. Macpherson Grandfield, Jean A. Patterson, Jeffrey Farquhar, Richard Morrissey, Chuck Buchanan, Ms. Joyce L. Fehler, John & Luisa Farquhar, Mr. John Kennedy, FSA Scot, Cara Glorowski, Millard & Marilyn Boyd, Jean A. Lemon, Janice A. McCord, Sue Bartlett, Sharon L. Hofer, Patricia Bell, H.G. McRay, Rolene Kiesling, R.A. McLendon  and Mary L. Samms.
PayPal Postage Heroes from California include Deborah Novacek, David Bustillos, Alan Neumann, Richard Steusloff and Richard Stuart.
Colorado: We surely appreciate our Postage Hero contributions from Carol Willis, J.E. Carter, Mr. Robert Dunn,  Dave Lankford  and Grace Thompson!
Connecticut is a Postage Hero State!  Many thanks to James Bain, Ms. Arlene M. Couch, Wendell W. Cultice  and Laurel Blood!
Delaware: We surely do thank J.B. Childers for help in mailing this paper!
Florida: My home state never lets us down!  Many thanks to Pauline Thompson, Tom M. Matthews, Sharon Lockyer, Robert Newton, Grace T. Poole,  Mr. Malcolm MacKenzie, Joseph W. Lindsay Haley, III, Ms. Mary B. MacDonnell, Joseph F. & Rebecca J. Walls, Paul & Sandy Mott, William & Donna Winsemann, Mrs. D. O. Thwaite, Ms. Martha D. LaBar, Mrs. Vivian W. Gregg, Mr. Everett McDonald, Ms. Virginia Bell, Bonnie Faye Morris, Cliena F. Stregles, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kyle,  Ann Bergelt, T. George Douglas, FSA Scot, Louestha Wilcox, Evelyn Delaney, Sonja Clemons, Allan F. Keeth, Col. Barbara W. Makant, Lottie Williams, Geraldine Bloodsworth, Mike Boone, Mr. & MRs. John M. Goodwin, II, George W. Donald, Deborah Forster, Margaret MacDonald Rudolph, Ms. Alice Buse, Ms. Ellen Dodge, Ms. Dorothy E. Stewart, Donna M. Sterling, Mr. Raymond C. Newton, Mr. Francis W. McIntosh, , Ann Buchanan, Pat Delks, Lynne Anderson, Ian Greig, Maybelle Price, John P. Lindley,  Nancy M. Simpson, Mrs. Dora Lee Witt, GAylier Miller, M.J. Weaver, Betty Reade, Larry D. Noble, Catherine Braly, Ms. Beth Perry  and Mildred H. Street.
PayPal Postage Heroes from Florida  include George Stover, JoAnne Crane, and Anthony Dzimitrowicz.
Georgia: Thank you so much to these great folks from Georgia who have helped so much!  Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. George Stephens, Jr., L. F. Hand, Mrs. Marian T. Dixon, Sally Cottrell, Bessie Vaughn Clark,  Mrs. Charles L. Newton, Ethelene Dyer Jones, Dr. Walter Harrison, Robert Sunderland, Al & Conoly Hester, Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Viola Hunter, Carl Coleman, Paul Kidd, James Hurst, William & Priscilla Price, Beatrice Ben Martin,  Allison Sullivan,  Hazel Goff Richardson, Anne E. Mann, Betty-Jo Spurrier,  Mr.& Mrs. Dean Parks, Mary W. Galloway, John Beach,  Ms. Claire M. Dixon, dear Jimmy Grizzard (Again! And again! And once again!), Granny & Bob Folds, Joy Elliott,  Ted M. Kennedy, Jr., Mary B. Wilson, Lou Ellen M. Smith, Robert G. Allen, Gloria L. Cook, Ms. Vera Duarte, George I. Mulholland,  Raymond Ferguson, Myrna Gibson, Eleanor Linn, Tom Rollins and Janet Kelly.
Hawaii: Thank you to Ms. Wendy Johannson for help mailing this paper!
Carl Wortley, S. Jane Belt and Sandy Barrow  have become  Postage Heroes from Idaho!  Many thanks!
Illinois is represented this time, too!  Many thanks to Nancy Bruce Crilly, Allen Rankin,  Charlotte Wiedman , Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. McCollom and Stanley E. Brennan!
From Indiana comes Postage Hero help from Tom Thompson, Harriet Williamson, Ms. Judith A. Hollenberg, Roberta Goehmann, Burt Crecelius and Jennifer Uppencamp!
The House of Gordon used our PayPal feature to become a Postage Hero from Indiana too!
Many thanks to Mr. Woodrow J. Shearer and Barbara W. Snodgrass of Postage Heroes!
From Kansas comes Postage Hero help from Mrs. Dolores Moon and Diane R. Hinshaw.  Many thanks!
We appreciate Postage Heroes from Kentucky, too!  Thanks to Kevin & Debra Spencer, Paul Evans Holbrook, GCTJ, Mr. Kennedy, Janet Wilson, William T. McGeachin, Gary & Edith Russell,  Mr. Henry R. Dorton of the Clan Hall Society  and Scott & Treena Turnbull!
Louisiana: Thank you to Leonard Gauthreaux, Harry Collins, Sam Donald, Ms. Elizabeth Marcon, Pat Barber and Nyleen Bell  for your lagniappe!
We appreciate Postage Hero help from Maine!  Thanks to Tamalie L. Paradis.
Maryland: We appreciate Robert & Annie Donaldson, Mr. Ronald Chapman, Michael Gay, an anonymous friend, Mrs. Joanne S. Albright, Howard S. Maxwell, Cheryl T. Mitchell and Mr. & Mrs. George E. Bridson for their help with postage!
Thanks to Mr. Donald Phillips, Ms. M. Cheyne and Walter E. Graham  of Massachusetts!
We surely do appreciate our help from Michigan this time!  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Addis L. Tippett, Maxine McLeod, Terry Carnahan, Jean & Wendell Stine, Ms. Donna J. Heath, Mrs. Marva Ogle and Robert Ervin. We thank Robert Miller, too.  Mr. Miller used our Internet PayPal feature to become a Postage Hero!
We do appreciate our friends in Mississippi!  Many thanks to Barbara A. Nichols,  Alice Carson,  A.D. Montgomery  and Donna Lane!
Missouri: We appreciate Postage Hero money from Gordon Douglas, Ina & Jan Mason, Faye E. Moore,   Mr. Andrew Robertson, Jack R. Seeler, Bruce & Elizabeth McClintock, and  Frank & Barbara Gould.
Montana is represented this bime by Don & Donna McCammon!
Nebraska is represented this time by David Montgomery and Anelda Sinks!  Thank you!
Nevada: Lola Lovell has sent along a Postage Hero contribution!  Thank you!
Hurrah for Mr. Calvin Gardner and Virginia Hoyt, new Postage Heroes from New Hampshire!
Thank you to Betsy Eberhard and Mr. John McKay of New Jersey
New York: Thanks to Frances Lonsway, Janet E. Hirschland, Myron F. Monroe, Robert J. Anson, Sr.,  Mr. Dana S. Johnson, Alan Kennedy and Frederick J. McCullough  for their  Postage Hero help!
Using PayPal to become a Postage Hero is Scotia Publishing, Limited from New York!
North Carolina: We surely do appreciate the Postage Hero help from our beautiful northern neighbor!  Thanks to Estelle H. Winn, Mrs. Terry C. Smith, Frances Pearl Dickson Jenkins, Wayne Hayes, Christina B. Currie, Frank Maxwell, James Reagon (who kindly and generously sent his Novartis Animal Health rebate check), Maggie B. Singo, Mary M. Taylor,  Brian & Elizabeth Phillips, Bob Sering, Larry Rozier, Euclid Armstrong, Jerry & Sarah Cecil, Mr. William Hudgins, Charlie D. Alston, Dr. Adeline Barber, E.W. Watson, Jr., Teresa Ferguson, Purdy McLeod and Robert S. Morrison.
A PayPal  North Carolina Postage Hero is Frederick Shaw!
Ohio has been kind to us as well!  Many thanks to James McQuilkin, Kenneth & Carlene McCartney, The Celtic Club, John A. Hutchison, John M. Luskin, Paul S. West and Lila Hardin.
Ohio has Pay Pal Postage folks too!  Many thanks to Alex Watt.
Many thanks to our readers from Oklahoma! We thank J. Roy Helmer Wanda P. Haggard and Jennifer Sparks!
Oregon has  Postage Heroes!  We surely do appreciate the postage help from Marcia L. Staunton, Inis A. Joiner,   and Richard Findlay!
Pennsylvania is represented by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Keith, ETC Allen Miles Johnstone, USN (Ret.), Ms. Barbara McDonald, Jerri Burket, Mr. Wesley Argo, Mrs. Norma W. Hartman, Robert R. Jackson  and an anonymous friend!  Many thanks!
Utizling our Internet PayPal feature are new Postage Heroes Jonathan Klemens and Viola Limric and Emerson Ray from Pennsylvania!
South Carolina: James W. Auld, Jean McCaleb, Mrs. Shirley Reavis  and Louis T. Hardin have helped us mail this paper!  Thank you!
Tennessee:  Lucy McPherson has come through for us again - twice this time!  Thank you, Sweet Lucy!  You guys are great! Thank you, as well to John Scarborough, Ms. Viki K. Black, Chuck Lawson, Mrs. Colleen D. Shick, Sherwin E. Fuqua,  Mildred Clayton Mullins, Georgiana T. McConnell and Ina B. Bell.
Texas: Texans are always kind to us.  We thank Rose Chisholm, Ida C. Scott, Dawn Gore, Mr. William D. Simpson, Mrs. George Phifer, Myrle Grubbs Benton, Captain & Mrs. J. E. Henderson, Edward Gregory, Josephine Briggs, Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Sanders, Dr. Kay Van Cleave, Edward R. Scott, Jr., Billie Hughes, Henrietta Lang, Wallace Downey, Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Martin, Margaret A. Bardin and Kenneth Shipp. The Caledonian Kitchen sent along their "haggis donation."  Thank you to  Mrs. Mary C. Smith for her  help with mailing this paper!
Texans becoming Postage Heroes through our Internet PayPal also  include DeAnn Steely and David Douglas.
It's lovely to welcome Utah as a state of Postage Heroes!  Thank you to Bruce Morgan and M. H. Wallace!
Vermont is represented this time!  Thanks so much to Cedrich H. Farrow!
Virginia: Thank you so much Virginians!  We appreciate help with postage from new Postage Heroes: Ann Henderson, Roger Pair, Amherst County Chamber of Commerce, John W. McGaughy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Gregg, Leta Chappell, R. MacDonald, Penelope Ashton and Malcolm E. Sutherland. Thank you to PayPal Postage Heroes, Rom & Bonnie Madre from Virginia!
Washington State: Many thanks to Ms. Connie Searle, Carolyn Mayson Butler ,  David Hunter of Montlaw, E. Virginia Richmond and Margaret A. Van Nus for their help in mailing this paper!
West Virginia: Thanks to Mr. Carroll Dunlap, James E. McEwuen and Dr. Paul Gordon!
Wisconsin: Thank you Martin Scott, William L. Beckman, Joan Bungum,  Howard Leslie and Dorothy F. Wiener  for your Postage Hero help!

If you wish to make a Postage Hero contribution, please mail to: The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828.  We are a tax deductible 501 (c) (3) library.  If you wish to remain anonymous, just put a note in with your check. 

Please forgive any errors in this list.  Please let me know if your name was omitted.  We've had a bit of a problem with assistants and I keep finding Postage Heroes that I thought were already listed hidden all over the office.  If we have thanked you twice, that's GREAT! 

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