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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - August/September 2004
Postage Heroes

Well, the time has come to say “good bye” to our printed edition...
It’s The ELECTRIC Family Tree from now on!  We’re remaining in existance, just on the Internet!
Our last print edition was the June/July issue.  What did us in was high gas prices.  It only took 400 people NOT sending us $20 each...and that made us $8000 short.  Without the money, we simply had no choice except to cease the print edition.
We are still working on paying for that June/July issue!  We still need your help.  We’ll list all of our Electric Family Tree Heroes here each time...and hope we have some to list!  I know what happened.  Gas prices went up.  That took the contributions that those 400 people would have sent in to The Family’s as simple as that.
Please know how much I appreciate your help over the last 14 1/2 years.  We would not have lasted 3 issues without you.
Pay Pals from Tryon County Bookshop (no address), Jeannine Eppes of New Hampshire, and Beathag Mhoireasdan of Glasgow UK, William Dinwiddie of California, Richard Innis of Texas, Heather Dube of Ontario (Canada), Nola-Susan Crewe of Toronto (Canada),  Kathryn Smith (no address) and Joseph Baker of North Carolina.
Postage Heroes from Alabama are Robby Armstrong, Roy Mott, Patrice G. Riviere, Trent Bradford, Beverly Slovensky, Bill Kilbourne, Bribe Money to Bonniest Knees Judge Beth at Huntsville (Madison, AL) Highland Games, Charles Patrick McDaniel, Ray Cunningham, Louis N. Quigley, and Ms. Lowell Berenguer.  
From Arizona, our Postage Heroes are James & Vivian Monroe, William E. Hanna and Karen Hall. 
Arkansas’s fine people are Evalyn Kline, Lois J. Brunson and Ortho Arkansas P.A. 
Our California friends are Grace Schwartz (Clan Stewart), Tom Wright, Catherine E. Gallinger, George Conlan, Diane Smith, John H. Cunnyngham, Shirley Pritchett, Phyllis Laborde, Joann C. Goddard, Elizabeth Weber, Ruth McClounnan, Marilyn Vitalie, Joyce Pruhs, Helen Mejia Savala, Judith A. Watts, Nancy M. Zon, Rosemary Riley, Joyce Fehler and Emma M. Willis. 
Colorado’s Postage Heroes are Douglas Nixon, Lester Watson, Ethel P. Arndt, Col. Norman D. Van Dyke, David Barber, C. Kenneth Rooks and Robert M. Burnham. 
From Florida, we heard from Trish & Jack Gardner, Courtney A. Jay, Mrs. Richard Dye, Norma Morrell, William Hunter, Everett D. Mcdonald, M. L. Hursey, Ann James, D. Thornhill, Atrice M. Reeves, Rita Macdonald, Aubrey L. Ross, Linda Clark, Julia F. Chwalik, Mildred H. Williams, Kenneth R. Monroe, William H. & Donna Winsemann, George A. May, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Goodwin II, Gene & Judith Grein, Steffanie Stuart, Claire Schmidt, Frances J. Waxman, Julia Everett, Beverly Burson, George J. Osborne, Virginia Oswald, Katherine Crabtree, Margaret McGough, Mr. & Mrs. R. Oostdyk, Barbra A. Bartz (The St. Andrew Society of Sarasota, Inc.), Virginia Oswald, Patsy Burton and Alyce Goldberg. 
Our home state of Georgia gave us Postage Heroes named Vera Duarte, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Folds and Granny, Lamar Britt, Joe T. Seger, Joyce C. Pheil, Betty Tompkins, Evelyn M. Elliott, Ron & Angela Dachs, Sylvia Elder, Jeane Stone, Don & Phyllis Rawlins, Deen Booth, Ann D. Poss, Marian T. Dixon, Fayma L. Bunch, Lamarr Henry, Fay Wallace, Sally & Don Byers, Mike Martin, Wayne & Shirley McBride, Mrs. Edgar B. Franklin, Lilla A. Giblin, C. O. Bell, Konreid Etheredge, Mrs. Francis G. Clark, Gerald Blair, William Palmer, Larry E. Lynch, Raymond Ferguson, Jeanette D. Earle, Donald & Julie Fraser, Andrew College, Bill Ford, Jim & Lois Voelker (Clan MacKay), Dennis Salvatore, James McConnell, Patricia Winborn Black, Sheila C. Swan, Jimmy Grizzard AGAIN!, Ruth Wood, and Jean S. Staton. 
Wonderful Postage Heroes were heard from in Idaho and they are William J. Mackenzie. 
Thanks to our friends in Illinois who are Alan C. Henderson, Helen E. & Donald Mackie, R. R. MacDonald, Dorothy Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. William McDonalAllen A. Rankin, Guy & Betty Irvin, Sands Genealogists and Donald Shrake. 
Indiana has the greatest Postage Heroes named Debra & Kevin Spencer. 
Wonderful Iowa Postage Heroes are Woodrow Shearer. 
>From Kentucky, our Postage Heroes are Ruby S. Armstrong. 
We heard from Louisiana’s friendly people:  Mrs. Hugh E. Brunson, Jane B. Chaffin, Henry Dirmann, Jr., Pamela A. Worrel, William E. Dent, Bennie Jay Zahn, Lynda G. Methvin, Virginia Phillips, Evelyn (Evie) C. Magee, and Jane Baker Chaffin. 
What would we do without Postage Heroes in Maine named Deborah Noblesmith.
The greatest contributors in Maryland are Robert H. Moore, Jr., David R. Batcheller and Fred & Hadley Gray.  
Many thanks to our friends in Massachusetts, namely Carola C. McNeish, Joe MacQuade Jr., Willis S. MacKay, Grace Scott, Norman B. Biggart and Donald MacLeod (Clan MacLeod Society, USA). 
Michigan’s Postage Heroes are Douglas C. Ross, Sue Swanlund, David C. Leslie, Maxine McLeod and Patricia Sutton. 
Many thanks to those from Minnesota named Doug & Eileen Stewart, Glenn W. McKenzie and Mark Osweiler. 
We have wonderful contributors in Mississippi named Thomas L. Wallis, Jay Brooks McGregor, Linda Henry Williams and Pearl L. Roye. 
Our Postage Heroes in Montana are Don & Donna McCammon. 
From the Big Red state of Nebraska, we heard from Kathryn E. Kier. 
Thank you to dear friends in Nevada named Mr. & Mrs. Ramon B. Pence. 
A Postage Hero from New Hampshire was Joyce E. Plumer.
Our wonderful friends in New Jersey are William S. Buchanan, Janet M. Colgary, J. Henderson, Richard A. Wasson and Barbara J. Hughes. 
Way up there in New York, our Postage Heroes are Elsie M. Mallett, Gene W. McClellan, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Overstreet, B. Mervine, Stephen J. & Suzanne M. Mackey, donald J. MacDonald, George B. Baker and Francis J. McDonald. 
Friends in North Carolina are Betsy McLean, Charlie D. Alston, John McD Moore, Rosemary R. Maxwell, Jerry McLarty, Henrietta A. Wilkinson, Walter J. Taylor, Margaret H. Davenport and Jim Ayres. 
We just love those Postage Heroes from Ohio who are John M. Faulk, Shirley C. Lewis, Dr. Ann Molleson, Shirley L. Kerestly, Ann Molleson and Robert L. McGeorge. 
Our Postage Heroes from Oklahoma are Mrs. Whit Ozier, Louise Curry, James R. Graham, Jr. and Thomas B. Kelly. 
Many thanks to Postage Heroes in Oregon named Arthur E. McKellips (of  MacDonald of the Isles & MacLaren Clans), Bob & Connie & Stuart Edgar. 
It was wonderful to hear from Pennsylvania, especially Mary Whalen, Laura V. Power Alvi, Elizabeth Kienzle and Nancy Vaughn. 
In Rhode Island, there are Postage Heroes named Mrs. David S. Johnson. 
Wonderful Postage Heroes are in South Carolina named Terry L. Megehee, Dorothy Thompson & Mickey W. Askew, Caroline B. Jenkinson, Linda M. Aydlette, Sara Craig Kirkland Purcell and Louis T. Hardin. 
Our Postage Hero friends in South Dakota are Dr. John Hoskins.
We thank those in Tennessee named Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Greek, Nomon Kennedy, Franklin R. Bell, Marjorie Reynolds, Carol M. Halderson, C. R. Sanders, Roy W. Ferguson, Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Lawson, John Scarborough, James W. Patton, John W. Espey, Skip Long and Chuck Lawson.
>From the Lone Star state of Texas, we have Postage Heroes named Grace Santantonio, Cecillia Smith, Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Leitch, Jody L. & Sherri L. Pulliam, Elizabeth Gramling, Josephine Briggs, Mrs. Clayton Hicks, Joan Maxwell Lloyd, J.E. & Una McCormick, Cameron Murchison, Mrs. Charles H. Mason, Howard Hahn, Donna & Curby Riley, Virginia M. Weede, Shirley Naughton, Elmo Meroney, James E. Mitchell, Albert Howie, Helene Westbrook Harrison, June Brown, Coleen G. Hardin, Edward F. Brodie, Mary Ann Arendt, Dan Strachan, David Leslie White, Joseph Hill, N. Winden, Beth Forsen, Robert R. & Rita T. Montgomery. 
Utah’s Postage Heroes are Donald L. West. 
Many thanks to those from Virginia named Suzanne Brown, Gail B. Miller; Captain Chevalier John R. Wallace, KTJ, OMZ (Clan Wallace Society Worldwide); Pamela Sue Geisinger, William J. Dunn, Jr. and Martha Stimpson. 
Washington’s great Postage Heroes are Cora Bullis, David Hunter of Montlaw, Lawrence McMurtrey, Harry P. Murdock and E. Virginia Richard.
From our friends in Wisconsin who are Postage Heroes, we thank Mary Jane Roddel and A. F. Lippitt, Sr.
And all the way from Wyoming, we heard from Bobby L. Scott.

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