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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - December/January 2003
Wallace Papers Project

The Wallace Papers Project: Directed by Raymond L. Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.
Project Collaborators: Dean Jerry Seitz, AB Classical Studies, ML Philosophy, Latin Translator
Marcus Wallace President of Clan Wallace Society Worldwide
The Society of William Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland
Documents Illustrative of William Wallace His Life and Times
From the work by Author Robert Rodger,
Introduction and Edited by Joseph Stevenson,
Published in Edinburgh Scotland for the Maitland Club 12/1841,
Edinburgh Printing Co. S. David St. 1841.
Total Pages 203
Tab.#1.Introduction Notice, 40 pages long
Tab. 2. Appendix A 1-7
Tab. 3. Appendix B 1-21

Content, Selection of Papers Needing Translation: Tab.4. I.Extracts from the Cottonian Manuscript: 14 pages Claud. D. VI. Fol.163 [Translation complete]

Tab.5. II. Extracts from the Flores Historiarum of Mathew of Westminster: 13 pages Dates 1294-1298, 1301-1305

Tab.6. III. Extracts from the Harleian Manuscript:11 pages 3860, fol. 18, b.i

Tab.7. IV. Extracts from the History of Walter De Heming Ford: 26 pages 129, 1297, 1298, 1300, 1301, 1302, 1303

Tab.8. V. Extracts from the Metrical Chronicle of Peter De Langtoft.q: 7 pages

Tab.9. VI. Extracts from the Metrical Chronicle of Robert De Brunne.k: 28 pages

Tab.10. VII. Extracts from the Scotichronicon of Fordun.8: 27 pages A.D. 1297, 1298

Tab.11. VIII. Extracts from the Chronicle of Wyntown. y:10 pages

Tab.12. IX. Extracts from the Royal Manuscript: 7 pages 20 A. iii.t

Tab.13 X. Extracts from the Cottonian Manuscript: 1 page Domit. A. III., fol. 36, b.x

Tab.14 XI. Extracts from the Harleian Manuscript: 2 pages 1348, fol. 17.y

Tab.15. XII. Extracts from the Harleian Manuscript 1 page 229, fol. 45a

Tab.16. XIII. Extracts from the Royal Manuscript: 2 pages 14, C. I, fol.4.b

Tab.17. XIV. Extracts from the Patent Roll: 2 pages 41 Edw.III. p.i.M. 11.

Tab.18. XV. Letter from Andrew De Moravia and William Wallace to the Mayors and Commons of Lubek and Hamburgh: 1 page Dated October 11, 1297.c

Tab.19. XVI. Charter of William Wallace to Alexander Skirmischur: 2 pages Dated March 29, 1298.f

Tab.20. XVII. Letter from Philip King of France to his Agents at the Court of Rome: 1 page

Tab.21. XVIII. List of the English Nobility at the Siege of the Castle of Stirling.b: 2 pages

Tab.22. XIX. Memoranda as to the custody of the Castles and respecting the pardon of the Bishop of Glasgow and Sir William Wallace.i: 1 page

Tab.23. XX. Memoranda respecting measures on the Apprehension of Sir W.Wallace.k: 1 page

Tab.24. XXI. Articles Propounded before the Pope against William Lamberton, Bishop of St. Andrews setlinf forth His Acts of perjury and rebellion.l: 3 pages

Tab.25. XXII. Articles to be propounded before Pope Clement v. Against Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow, setting forth his various acts of perjury and rebellion.a: 3 pages

Tab.26. XXIII. Extract from the Wardrobe account,32 Edward I,o: 2 pages

Tab.27. XXIV. Extract from the Patent Roll: 1 page 33 EDW. I., p.2, m. 14'dorfo.p

Tab.28. XXV. Extract from the Privy Seals: 1 page 33 EDW.I.

Tab.29. XXVI. Extract from the Patent Roll: 1 page 33 EDW. I.,p. 2, m. 14, d.

Tab.30. XXVII. Extract from the Privy Seals: 1 page 33 EDW.I.

Tab.31. XXVIII. Additional Manuscript: 5 pages 5444,fol.138,C,q

Index: 8 pages

The Maitland Club was founded in 1828 in Glasgow, Scotland, for the "cultivation of the literary antiquities of Scotland". Named for collector Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington. The Earl of Glasgow President of the Maitland Club when the original volume of Documents Illustrative of William Wallace, His Life and Times, by Author Robert Rodger, was published in Edinburgh, Scotland and presented to the Maitland Club December 1841.

Among the notabilia of the Maitland Club listed in this book included James Patrick Muirhead Esq.[1813-1898] a member of my ancestral line and an author of note. He wrote the book on his relative-cousin? "The Life of James Watt" Appleton Publishing Company, NY 1859, 430 pp. James Watts Wife was Catherine Boulton, daughter of the English entrepreneur, Matthew Boulton, who worked closely with James Watt in the development of improvements to the steam engine; Watt was the "father of the Industrial Revolution, by most accounts. James Watt's mother was Agnes Muirhead, of Lauchope- according to Andrew Carnegie in his book about steam power, 1905. Agnes Muirheads parents have yet to be determined.

The Wallace Papers Project
Sir William Wallace Guardian of Scotland
"Esperance" Hope

His inspiration and leadership gave Scotland and her people hope and he strived for Scotland's freedom to his bitter end.

"There are times in the lives of all people when freedom is the twin of duty, sacrifice the companion of happiness, and when courage is the parent of fortitude, endurance and determination is the first virtue."
[Dorothy Thompson, 1894-1961 "On the Record"]

It has been said that Circumstances make men. It may as truly be said that men make circumstances. Yet of the great Scottish hero Sir William Wallace, guardian of Scotland we do not know nearly so much about him as we should like. Of all the heroes and patriots of Scotland who have won the just acclaim of a nation for well doing, noble deeds, spirited determination, one excels above all others in the grand qualities of mind and heart. William Wallace's life long ambition and eternal spirit gave hope to the people of a fragmented nation. Wallace, the spirit behind Scotland's fight for freedom, who's life was from beginning to end one of hope for the freedom of Scotland and his death only ended his life not the dream he would give to Scotland. It is the pride of Scotland and all those who are of Scottish descent that of the many cherished names of history, at whose mention Scots and those of Scottish descents hearts should and do beat with a quicker bound, He conquered obscurity and became a fixed star in the firmament of Scotland's historic past.

So here we are, brought to that question of deepest interest to many of Scotland's patriot's heart. Do we know all there is to know about William Wallace? Is there yet still to be discovered insight into the life and times of Scotland's most honored of her hero's?

Illustrative of
Sir William Wallace,
His Life And Times

The Wallace Papers Project

The primary objective of the Sir William Wallace Papers Research project will be to have translated the documents illustrative of Sir William Wallace, His Life and Times. From a work produced and printed for the Maitland Club December 1841.

An original edition, signed by the author Robert Roger of Glasgow was presented to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in February of 1842 and exists in the care of the Society, confirmed by letter from the Society by Fionna Ashmore, Director of the Society. As I am a Fellow of the Society I have access to the Societies Library and have been in contact with the Head Librarian Mr. Andrew Martin who gave me a personal tour of the Library in May of 2001. I have also contacted and communicated with Dr. Norman H. Reid, Keeper of manuscripts, St Andrews University Library, Scotland, Who has offered to further help to the project.

My proposed project will result in an authoritative modern translation of the documents contained in this work now in Old Latin, Norman French, Old Scots and Old English.

All indications are that these documents once translated would reveal factual insight into the life and times of this one of Scotland's great hero's and today still revered as a Guardian of Scotland and her most honored inspirational hero's.

The time consuming task of translating the 200 pages of the Wallace papers is today underway. The cost by some estimates would be 4 to $6000.00 for the translation alone a sum that I alone will be unable to support. Therefore I am seeking donations in any amount to help fund this project.

Contributors to this project will be recorded and upon publication there names will be listed in the book under Acknowledgements.

Muirhead Clan Society

Contribution / Donation Form

Enclosed is my check payable to the Muirhead Clan Society as my tax-deductible contribution for the; Please send form with your Contribution / Donation

AMOUNT OF: _____________________________.

Please apply it towards: [ check one]

Scholarship Fund..._________

Research Fund.......________

General Fund........_________

Wallace Papers Project___________

My contribution is in Memory

YOUR NAME:_________________________________________________________________




E-MAIL: _____________________________________________

IRS Approval of Tax Exempt Organization Status under
501( c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code,
Dated August 07, 2002 DLN: 17053141058012

Thanks For your help and Contribution!

Please make checks out to Muirhead Clan Society and mail to:

Raymond L. Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.
6522 194th Ave E.
Bonney Lake, WA. 98390 U.S.A
My e-mail:

All Enduring Hope

Hundreds of years has not killed the hope of
The Scottish people, for so long as there is but
One who carries the torch of hope in his or her
Heart and is willing to pass it on,
Hope has and will endure all.

"O... Wilding rose, whom fancy thus endears,
I bid your blossoms in my bonnet wave,
Emblem of hope and love through future years"...
Prelude to Canto IV, Lady of the Lake, Sir Walter Scott

The wilding rose of which Scott spoke is the still
The symbol of blossoming hope and love of
Freedom yet to be won, if only the people
Would unite to make it become a reality.

Wallace and Scotland bled for the hope of
Scotland's freedom. Their hope did not die, it
Was but passed on to another and down through
Countless generations, yet who is its guardian,
Standard bearer and voice today? Would but
One speak out and declare it to be.

Gaze into your own heart first to see,
'T is there, the flame of hope is burning on eternally,
Hope lives on in each of us,
We who would but care enough to speak out and share the dream,
For where there is hope the dream endures.
Then, now, and always for all to once again see,
Hope endures in those who still seek to be free,
Only Scotland can make it become a reality.
Perhaps they could use some help from a land
They helped once to make free, from people such as you and me.

Raymond L. Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.

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