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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - December/January 2005
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Dear Friends,

   A couple of issues into this business of doing The Family Tree for Internet reading and we're slowly learning how to do it so the pages are attractive, easy to download and read... and so that the process doesn't make Alastair run, screaming, from his computer.

   It will take awhile longer, I'm afraid, for us to get everything as we wish it.  We appreciate Alastair's endless forgiveness and your patience. (A computer genius I am NOT!)

   I'm diligently working to replace our Clan Adverts with fresh, clean copy.  It pretty much takes most of a day to do one page and as I write this, seven of the 10 pages are completed.  Out of about a hundred Clans who advertise with us, we've had two to cancel.  We do appreciate the support of our Scottish community.  If the Clans will stay with us, we'll be able to bring this Internet version to you for a long time to come.

   I'd like to thank Edwin M. Bethune of Winnipeg, Canada; Dorothy Perkins Demange of Palo Alto, California and Mrs. W. J. Henderson of Ocilla, Georgia for their most generous and kind financial support.

   While we don't have the huge expenses of the print edition anymore, there are still things that have to be paid for...and your contributions are gratefully accepted.  We ARE a 501 (c)(3) library, so gifts to The Family Tree are tax deductible.

   The response to our Internet edition has been so kind and enthusiastic.  Our readers are beginning to understand that what we can do is virtually unlimited...and we are able to bring your stories, news, photographs and press releases to a much wider audience.

   Just in the last few weeks, in addition to those from all over the United States, we've received emails from South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy...and more.  It's wonderful to hear from readers all over the world!

   Thank you for your kindnesses.

   Narra The Wonder Cat joins me and Jinx and all the folks at The Odom Library in wishing for you a holiday season filled with friends and family and love and joy.




Clan Stewart had a large contingent of members at the Tallahassee Celtic Fest on Saturday, October 30, 2004. Here they are just after the Parade of Tartans.

Narra The Wonder Cat wishes everyone a "Mew-ry Christmas...  and a holiday season filled with mouse-flavored..." er er er...maybe I should write for her! 

Narra The Wonder Cat
celebrates the New Year

with her new formal dress
(in pink - her favorite color). She also models a New Year's Eve hat! 

"Happy Meowww Year!"
from Narra The Wonder Cat,

Chief Proofreader & Computer Repair Cat for The Family Tree!

   At The Odom Library and The Family Tree, we wish you all a season that is overflowing with love and joy and happiness.

   Love from The Family Tree staff...that's Narra The Wonder Cat, Chief Proofreader and Computer Repair Cat...Jinx Stubbs who has now survived a year of Family Tree...and Beth, the ed.

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