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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - Jun/Jul 2002
Book Reviews

The Natural Waterways of Ireland a book you would enjoy

The Natural Waterways of Ireland, A Traveler's Guide to Rental Boating, by Michael and Laura Murphy, ISSBN 1-55656-381-X, paperback $15.00 ($20.00 in Canada) is to be published June 1, 2001 by Interlink Publishing Group, Inc. and will contain 174 pages with maps and black & white photos.

From Limerick to Belleek, the three-hundred-mile long Shannon-Erne Waterway offers independent travelers remarkable views of the heart of Ireland-its forests and hills, rivers and lakes, its wildlife, its towns, its ancient abbeys and castles.

The Shannon-Erne Waterway, the grandest of Europe's natural waterways, can now be explored by boat-comfortable live-aboard cabin cruisers, rented by the week and self-skippered by anyone old enough to drive a car. Imagine being at the helm of a magnificent forty-foot boat, cruising down an expansive waterland of lakes and rivers, past fortresses and windmills, remote wildlife sanctuaries, monastic ruins, then mooring at a waterside pub for a leisurely lunch and a stroll through the village.
Michael and Laura Murphy show that anyone can easily and affordably enjoy the natural waterways of Ireland by boat.

Are you from Lexington County?

Carolinian Scrivener & Antiquities, 1453 Corley Mill Road, Lexington, SC 29072 has published Lexington Remembered, Volume I, by Claudette Holliday, which is a collection of Lexington Yesterday as published in the The Lexington County Chronicle and other stories.

If history were sold on the stock market, the DOW would be rising. History is much more than forgotten stories and dry old bones. It tells us who we are. Like politics, all history is local. It begins with individuals, and tells their story. It spins, it weaves, it hums like elevator music to the here and now.
The people of Lexington County have a story to tell. From the first Back Country settlers who arrived in 1734 to the building of Lake Murray, the people of Lexington have been a courageous and enterprising mix of people. They have managed to maintain a strong sense of old country tradition, while growing and nurturing a uniquely American life-style.

Claudette Holliday has been writing about Lexington History for over four years for The Lexington County Chronicle. Now she has published a collection of her first years' articles in Lexington Remembered, Volume I, ISBN 0-9705337-0-5, paperback, 165 pages; and you may order your copy by check to Claudette Holliday, 1453 Corley Mill Road, Lexington, SC 29072. The price is $14.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

Here's help for Irish root-hunters!

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors by Dwight A. Radford and Kyle J. Betit, published by Betterway Books, ISBN 1-55870-577-5, paperback, 296 pages, US $19.99 is available at most bookstores.

Now you can find your way back home to Ireland and the origins of your family! Maybe you seek a greater sense of self by learning more about your family roots. Or maybe you simply want to explore the special mysteries that wait to be discovered about your family. Whatever your motivation, genealogy is a great hobby.

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors helps you define the challenges of Irish family research, then provides strategies to overcome them. You'll learn how to investigate the various generations of your family, the events that shaped their lives, the details about how they lived, and the story of their emigration.

There's a wealth of information inside and everything that you need to get started! The authors, Dwight A. Radford and Kyle J. Betit are widely respected in the field of genealogy as Irish researchers. For the past six years, they have built their reputations through articles in their highly acclaimed journal, The Irish at Home and Abroad, as well as in other genealogical publications. They speak internationally on the subject of Irish research and live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here's a way to learn about our ancestors' lives

Everyday Life in the 1800s is part of Writer's Digest's Everyday Life series, which helps writers, students and researchers save valuable time and bring richness and historical accuracy to their work. Each guide describes the food, clothes, customs, slang, occupations, religions, politics and other historical details that are so often difficult to find.

Other titles include: Everyday Life During the Civil War, Everyday Life in the Middle Ages, The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America, The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England, as well as Everyday Life Among the American Indians.

F & W. Publications is the leading publisher of books for writers, artists, and genealogists. Founded in 1920, F & W. Publications, Inc. may be contacted at 1707 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207.

Here's a guide to the 1912 History of Walworth County

Reading almost 1,500 pages in a two-volume history of Walworth County, Wisconsin, has for many years been the onerous task for anyone attempting to do genealogical research. A year ago three local researchers decided that there must be an easier way to look up family names in the largest printed account of the early settlers in the county. Therefore, they painstakingly compiled a Guide to use with the voluminous 1912 History of Walworth County by Albert Beckwith.

A Guide to the History of Walworth County, Wisconsin by Albert Beckwith was written by Charlotte L. Gates, William A. Gates and Doris M. Reinke. The Gates' and Reinke listed over 35,000 names found in Beckwith's two-volume History of Walworth County, which included nearly everyone who held office from the 1830s one, as well as biographical sketches of farmers and merchants, and much more in 1500 pages.

Now the Guide has been produced, research in the two-volume history becomes more accessible because names are alphabetical, with women cross-referenced by both married and maiden names.
The 205-page Guide is available from Doris M. Reinke, 516 N. Wisconsin Ave., Elkhorn, WI 53121. The price is $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling (Wisconsin residents add $1.37).

Here's an interesting book for Scots

Highland Heritage, Scottish Americans in the American South, by Celeste Ray, 288 pages, $16.95 paperback, $29.95 hardcover has been published by The University of North Carolina Press, PO Box 2288, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27515-2288.

What does being Scottish, or Scottish American mean? What draws tens of thousands of people to Scottish Highland Games and Gatherings across the nation? Why do kilt-wearing event participants compete in athletics, Highland Dancing, and bagpiping, while others join clan societies in celebration of a Scottish heritage?

Highland Games, like Civil War reenactments, are a unique mix of old and new, of "truth" and performance, of the fading practices of past generations and the claiming of ethnic "roots". Some participants at the Games speak of their longing for Scotland though they have never been there, or don the tartan of a clan without any firm knowledge of having Scottish ancestors. Others, however, can trace their Scottish bloodlines back two centuries or more.

In this, the only study of Scottish Americans beyond books on immigration history, Celeste Ray reveals how Highland themes and lore merged with Southern myths to produce a complex sense of identity for Scottish Americans in the South. She also challenges the idea that celebrations of ethnicity by European Americans are celebrations of "whiteness". Affirmations of Scottish American heritage, she shows, are far more than a contemporary response to multiculturalism. Celeste Ray is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of the South.

Studying Alabama during The Civil War?

The Flags of Civil War Alabama by Glenn Dedmondt, is available in paperback for $19.95, 160 pages with 105 color illustrations and 14 color photos, ISBN: 1-56554-840-X.

Flying high above us and waving in the wind, flags are reminders of what we stand for. They stir the most patriotic emotions within the human heart, and the battle flag often evokes those as strong today as during the War for Southern Independence.

Every flag has a unique story. Those that survived the war are featured in this book with color illustrations and a brief history of their units. They are presented chronologically, and each flag is shown in its original design. Cavalry, infantry, artillery and naval flags are included, along with those that did not belong to any particular unit. There are photographs showing patterns of wear, damage, or artwork associated with each. Those that did not survive are illustrated-recreated from the thorough description that is left of them.

Glenn Dedmondt, a lifelong resident of the Carolinas and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, shares his passion for the past as a teacher of South Carolina history. He hold a bachelor of science degree in elementary education, is published in Confederate Veteran magazine, and is the author of The Flags of Civil War South Carolina, also published by Pelican Publishing Company.

What was life like during The Civil War?

Yankees on the Doorstep: The Story of Sarah Morgan, by Debra West Smith, 176 pages, paperback, ISBN: 1-56554-872-8, $10.95 is published by Pelican Publishing Company, PO Box 3110 Gretna, LA 70054.

The Civil War is rarely shown through a young southern woman's perspective. Many of these women were displaced from their homes and lived their lives on the run from Northern shellfire. They witnessed war firsthand without ever going to battle. Sarah Morgan was one of those women.

In this young adult novel, Debra West Smith uses Sarah Morgan's diaries to tell this generation her story of courage and survival during the war that divided the nation. Sarah was forced to move from place to place and suffered a debilitating injury during her experience, but she persevered through it all. She faced issues that many people never consider when thinking about the Civil War. There was a dilemma over what to do with her pet bird as the Yankees approached, and the decision about accepting much-needed food from Yankee soldiers at the risk of being branded a traitor by the Southerners.

Sarah Morgan poured her heart and soul into her diaries as a way to cope with her situations, and Smith uses many of Sarah's own words to bring this story alive for today's your adults.

Debra West Smith is the author of Pelican's, as well as three other books in that series. She is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. Call Pelican at 504-368-1175 or to order.

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