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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - Jun/Jul 2002
Postal Heroes - April

You all are just wonderful! When I tell folks how much it costs to print and mail this paper...and then tell them that we only have our advertisers and our readers to count on for upwards of and sometimes more than $200,000 a year....folks just don't believe me. None of the "experts" on publishing said we could do what we do...

Those experts just did not know the Scottish community and the genealogical community!

In the Great Book of Heroes of My Life, each and every one of you folks who are Postage Heroes is written down! There are no Hollywood heroes any bigger than each and every one of you. Some folks are fortunate and can contribute very generously...others send what they can...and I always think of "The Widow's Mite" when I get a few coins Scotch-taped to a little piece of cardboard. We have folks who send us their Social Security increase the first month...we have folks who give me a check whenever and however often they see me at Highland Games and events...There are others who send us amounts that are so generous I am flabbergasted and amazed when I open their checks.

Thank you.

Please remember, we've done it this time...but we will have to do it next time...AFTER the USPS has once again raised the nonprofit mailing rate (Six hairs turned gray just writing that down!). Please think of us when you write checks.

Just send your Postage Hero check to: The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA 31776-2828.
Here are the Postage Heroes for this time. If you see any of them anywhere, please give them a big hug for me!

Alabama: W. I. Hare, C. Robert McFarland, Helen J. Hopewell, Robert C. Becker, Mary Gunn, Donna Irving Gray, Charles Huett, Francis McGowin, Ernestine Shepard, Kaye Bess, Shirley Forrest, Murray McDaniel, Mary D. Toulmin and Martha E. Durham.
Arizona: Jacqueline K. Dauer, Mary E. Ashcraft and Mr. Winfield Scott.
California: Cara Glogowski, Mrs. Marjory A. Keisling, Joann Goddard, Mr. & Mrs. Douglass G. Webb, Richard S. Mckee, M. Hall, Myra S. Vickery, Robert A. & Frances K. Moffitt, Mrs. Lynette Mizell, Catherine O. Braly, Doris A. Allard, Barbara D. Macmillan, John Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Terry McDaniel, Colonel William H. Bell, Andy and Barbara Innes, Paul McCord, Lyle Marie Stockdale, Kathy Cortez, Bob Ferguson-Independent, Eunice M. Wise, Bette Jo Belda, Bruce J. McKendrick, Edward F. McCravy, Carmene Martin, Ms. Barbara Cooley, William C Solomon, Herman A. Chambers, Marsha F. Martin, Wes & Shirley Blair, Mrs. Flora A. Tarr, John H. C. Riley, Margaret Hinderlich and Charles Carmichael.
Colorado: Jean McKennan, Col. Norman Van Dyke, Mr. David Barber, Rev. Robert W. Dunn and Maxine Lacy.
Connecticut: Mary Dregjprm, Betty Smith, Douglas Prink, Tom & Margaret Stafford, Helen Chapman, Gordon MacDonald, Mrs. Louis (MacFartane) Keating and Eldridge David McGee.
Florida: Ms. Nancy Farris Goodheart, Barbara C. Martin, Osborn L. McDonald, Robert Newton, Karen D. Sheffield, Mr. Peter Naughton, Barbara S. Sandifer, Leslie Morton, Malcolm Douglas Gray, John B. Hamilton, Mrs. Jim Wilcox (Our loved friend from Bit & Spur Saddle Club days!), The Clan MacKinnon Society of North America, Inc., Dollie Alexander, Barbara Gemmell, Treasurer, St. Andrews Society of Jacksonville, B. Thomas, Paul M. McLarty, Rodney G. Harpe, B. G. Smith, Jeanne L. Odom, John H. Stasney, Mary Lane Hartshorn, William E. Irwin, Anna Jean Smith, Jean M. Hughes, John B. Sellars, Mary S. Jones, Eunice T. Jones, Mrs. Bennie L. Miller, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Goodwin, Msgt. Frank Fowler, Francis S. Buchanan, Barefoot'n Banana George Blair, W. John & Ellen G. Dye, Mr. Malcolm R. Mackenzie, Norman Hill, Jr., Opal Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. William G. Key and Norma Morrell.
Georgia: Mrs. Melinda Yanntch, Frances M. Bracone, Nancy Johnson, Ruth Guthrie, Julie & Donald Fraser, Jocelyn Moore, Mary C. Malary, Jan S. Monningh, Peggy Inman, Mrs. Edward E. Lusk, William L. Stroud, Joe D. Holland, Clara A. Taylor, Mr. Thomas Ferguson, Mary Lou McDonald, Mrs. Lilla A. Giblin, S. H. George, Joe Gregory, Molly Rice, Ms. Faye J. Rowe, Norman W. McGee, Janice Prince, Jacquelyn DeLong, Ms. Diane Stewart, Claude C. Cox, Douglas J. Fraser, M. Rutledge, Mrs. James Powers (My adored cousin! Love you!), Frances Tillman, Mr. Walter Brown, Jessie T. & Martha Watson, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lynch, Willard and Myra Baker, James H. Greeson, Clare F. Magbee, Beverly Starr, Zona Zachry Redd, David E. Tyler, Harold G. Johnston, Robert S. Peck, Jr., Ms. Shriley A. Vick, Ms. Victoria A. Wanzer, Gerald B. Blair, James Medders, Art Bruce, Jimmy Grizzard (Who says he's taking a cue from Lucy McPherson!), Paula Jones, The Clan Stewart Society in America, James M. Cole, Clarence N. Greek, Ed & Susan Dozier, Kate Graham, Bob & Barbara Terpenning, John A. Crowley, Bobby L. Graham, Mary Wilson and Mrs. Louise Buchanan.
Idaho: Linda Kathjerine Hunt.
Illinois: Nancy Bruce Crilly, Jon Paul Gentry, Mr. & Mrs.Wayne E. McCollom, Newman Stafford, Audrey E. Howe, Forrest C. Shields (Co-commissioner Clan Scott), and Benjamin B. Polk.
Indiana: Sara Firehammer, Douglas Ewing, Mark Risser, Howard C. McKee, Mildred Goodrich and Charles & Mary Chambers.
Iowa: Dorine M. Pettis.
Kansas: Mrs. Martin R. Johns and Fran Dyer.
Kentucky: David Edward and Peggy Anna Gallaway.
Louisiana: Frances Prestridge, Mr. Richard I. Johnson, Jr., Robert W. Wilson, Brentley Farquhar, Mr. Shelby A. Morse, Steven & Beverly Dupuy, Darrell Nunez, Archie Cunningham, Lynda Methvin, Patsy K. Barber, Maxine C. Deaton and Mr. Woodrow J. Shearer.
Maine: Ms. Louise Brown, Mr. Wilmont Bailey, C. Hiltz and Doug & Betty Sise.
Maryland: The Rev. Richardson A. Libby, Fred Gray, and Nathan Pearson.
Massachusetts: Jane Atherton, F. E. McKay and Mrs. Joan Holmstrem.
Michigan: Rickey L. Dial, Jim & Caren Evans, Richard T Hall, Jr., Wayne Kendrick, Shirley A. Winkler, Robert L. Ervin, Dr. Janine Hall, Mary Raper, Larry Camp, C. Theresa Jaye and John A. Finneren.
Minnesota: Mrs. Norma Johnstone Applen and Phyllis J. Pladsen.
Mississippi: Nancy R.Watkins, Mrs. Aubrey W. Shelton, John B. Hougue, Irene L. Hogue, Ms. Lanette T. Schimpf, Columbus-Lowndes Public Library, Maryann C. Wallace, Mrs. R.L. Roye, and Mr. & Mrs. John J. Watson.
Missouri: Virginia Breeding and Pamela C. Web.
Nebraska: Royce Mabon and Richard V. Beitler.
Nevada: Lola Lovelll, editor, The Blauvelt News.
New Hampshire: Nina Eppes (aka, Jeannine D. Eppes).
New Jersey: E. R. Eberhard, Barbara J. Hughes, Doris Funk and Gloria Beck.
New York: Mrs. Elayne O. Kellar, Karen Clark, Cyril Mallett, Mrs. Claire Haizlip, David H. Aitcheson, Zona E. Navelle, George Baker, Jean Senno and Mrs. Amy K. Gregory.
North Carolina: Billie Faye Evans, Kitty Inman, Bert Corbin, Mae C. Gums, Gail M. Gilmore, Robert Leighton, Henry A. McKinnon, Jr., Brenda Cameron, John Grogun, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Pierce, Robert Cowan and Marti Van Horne (Yes, this is your editor's much loved friend! Thanks Marti!).
North Dakota: Dennis R. De Vault.
Ohio: Jane L. Forsyth, Karl A. Cully-Friend, F.S.A. Scot., Mr. Marlin J. Spellman, Mrs. Evelyn J. Walker, Frank Alexander, Kenneth L. Morgan, John W. Plachko, Athan Moffitt and Reed Romine.
Oklahoma: Lonnie Donaldson, Mgt. Schipper, Janet Marvreen Sinclair Cottrell, Wanda Poteet Haggard, Pearl Gantz, Charlene Walker Brazell and Donna Moots Smith.
Oregon: Jim Black and Marilyn M. Hopper.
Pennsylvania: Daniel MacDougall, Ruby A. Byars, Fannie Moore Murray, Lois B. Foss, Marion J. MacDonald Jordan, Wesley Argo, Duane K. & Nancy Simpson, Claire Jackson, Helen Cameron, George Gardner, Lynn & Sandra Watt and James A. McDonald.
Rhode Island: Debra Sutherland.
South Carolina: Julian R. Harrison, John C. Bryant, John C. Hayes, James E. & Nancy A. Fisher, James W. Auld, Joanna S. Wright, Fred C. Walker, Mildred Richard, Frances C. Weathers, Jan Joyce and Maude Shull.
South Dakota: John H. Hoskins.
Tennessee: Wendy Amacher, Olivia Lane, Ed & Chris Parton, Louise Podell, Mrs. Doris P. Brooks, Lucy R. McPherson, T. G. Osborne and Georgiana McConnell.
Texas: James F. Devenport, Ms. Carol S. Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. James Martin, Mr. Howard Hahn, C. C. McClain, Wilena D K. Young, Dawn Gore, Thomas & Kathy Kimes, Jack R. Ferguson, Mr. Charles R. McNallen, Layden L. Stroud, Jr., Nan West, Mr. Richard Wilson, Frances Cox, David Anderson, Billie Hardy, Mr. Michael E. Reynolds, Loren W. McDaniel, Peggy Fox (Hill College History Complex), Henrietta P. Freeman, William S. Henderson, Robert Sanders, J. Alasdair MacDonald, Beth Forsen, Mr. Joseph M. Hill, Robert C. Ed, Mary Ann Jenkins, Barbara M. Bryce and Una Joyce McCormick.
Utah: Ronald F. Forsyth and Mary V. Norris.
Vermont: A. Roy Macaskill.
Virginia: Richard Munro, Mrs. Gilbert Charters, Marie I. Arrington, Mr. Roy J. McDonald, Roberta L. Dunn, Haskel Henderson and Ann White Ferris.
Washington: Betts Novotney, Eugene and Barbara Pearson, Virginia L. Curulla, Edith Oyler and A. Russell MacKenzie.
Washington D. C.: Bob Reynolds.
West Virginia: James E. McEwuen and Karen Woody.
Wisconsin: Gene Halker, Ruth Herriage, Samuel Wallendal and Cynthia Benevenga.
Wyoming: Jean S. Johnson and Ruth Maxwell Eubanks.
New Zealand: Norah Jelley.

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