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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Scottish District Families Association
Newsletter - Fall 2001

SDFA Updates

I hope that none of you has been personally affected by the attacks on New York City and Washington, DC. I know that as a nation we have all been affected and will continue to be influenced by this tragic event. I have written to our two members who reside in New York City to check on their safety and have had no response from either of them as yet. We have no members in DC.

I had three summer newsletters returned with insufficient address, addressee unknown. I got the complete address for one since I had a phone number and resent the other two. This time one of the post offices sent me the forwarding address which had expired. However I received the other back with no more information. So what I’m getting at here is, if you move please send me your new address so that correspondence from the SDFA can get to you. Also if you do not receive a newsletter within a reasonable time after it is due out (end of January, April, July, and October) please e-mail or write.

New Members

Welcome to an old friend of the SDFA, C. Alan Farquharson from Clan Farquharson in Garden Grove, CA. Alan has been representing us out of the Farquharson Clan tent for many years now and has decided to become an official member. Though we don’t have him associated with a district or other family as yet, I’ll bet that there’s one lurking in his background somewhere. Also welcome to Kevin & Tami Reeves of Venice Center, NY who are associated with Strathclyde District and Clan Campbell, Luis and Barbara Gonzalez from Liverpool, NY whose connection is with the Mar District, Gerard J. Hughes from Syracuse whose name is found in the Inverness area, Lewis and Rosemary Bowlby of Buxton, ME, our first members associated with the Lochaber area, Sandy Sellers from Austin, TX. Sandy is a member of Clan Ferguson and a friend of our NWRR, Paul Cales. Also welcome to Marilyn Creel from Albany, NY who is associated with the Fife District, Dianne Strout from Millbury, MA who is linked to the Roxburgh District through the name Wood, E. Scott Boles, associated with the city of Aberdeen, of Liverpool, NY, Connie Dudgeon of West Roxbury, MA, who is our first Musselburgh member, Carolyn Coulter, also of West Roxbury, MA, associated with the Galloway District, Sarah Norkus from Colonial Heights,VA with the name Hackett found in the Fife District, Karen HasBrouck & family from Millbrook, NY whose name Earl is found in the Paisley District, John D. Snoddy of Wilmington, NC associated with the Caithness District, and our first Perthshire District member, Christene Hitchcock of Durham, NC.

Remember How It Felt?

This letter accompanied Karen HasBrouck’s request for membership. I am including it because she puts into words the feelings that I had when I first learned my name was found in Scotland, and feelings that I’m sure many of you had.

"Dear Ms. Lloyd,

I’d like to submit not only this check for a membership, but also ‘my story’… I attended the Scottish Festival at the Mills Estate in Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, NY (Sept 23, 2001) and with my heart in my throat I approached the ‘family tent’… (I was adopted at age 3, was given a new surname, but never was aware that my birth name (Earl) was of Scottish origins. I’ve had a strange stirring in my soul, I’d like to call it, about Scottish leanings, but never checked into it). Imagine my thrill and pride at finding a district and a plaid and history to call my own. I was in tears. The wonderful people at the family research tent and surrounding tents were so supportive and happy for me. My children are 16 and 28 and they are happy to know ‘something’ at last… now I have the courage to research the immediate family roots, which I have never done.

Anyway, thank you all for giving me a special feeling of foundation after so many years of feeling ‘anonymous’.

Karen HBk"

Member Medieval Wedding w/Scot Flair

Member Erika Ross, my daughter, had her wedding celebration over Labor Day weekend in a castle-type setting (Hart House) in Toronto, ON. Parents and attendants, including a flower fairy, dressed in medieval attire processed to a dulcimer recording of The Athole Volunteer’s March (not to be confused with the Athole Highlanders’ March). Erika was piped in by piper, Ken Davies, to the music Highland Cathedral. Her new father-in-law wore his grandfather’s Ross kilt (his first time in a kilt). A part of the entertainment included Scottish Country Dancing instructor, Jeanette Todd and the Thornhill Scottish Country Dancers. They demonstrated Scottish Country Dancing and taught The Dashing White Sergeant and Strip the Willow to the wedding guests. They were received very well by young and old. None of the guests had ever been exposed to this type of dancing but most did try it and had a great time. These two dances are fairly simple to learn and a lot of fun for those of you who would like to be able to do some country dancing.

Christmas Gifts

This idea came from David Battistoni, our Northeast Region Representative. Wondering what to get someone for Christmas? Why not e-mail one of the officers with relatives’ names to see if they, too, may have Scottish links. If they have links to a clan then you can get information for them on the clan. If they are associated with a district why not give a gift membership to the SDFA. If you mention on the request that this is a Christmas gift I shall hold their membership packets and mail them out the week before Christmas with the name of the giver in the welcome letter, or mail them to you for you to give personally. Also don’t forget SDFA shirts, etc. when you’re thinking Christmas gifts.

Northeastern Region Report
(CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, VT)

The Region has had a successful summer. We still have two games Celtic Day in the Park ( at Mills Mansion on the Hudson River ) and Goshen, CT on October 6th. We have increased NE memberships by 56% over last year.

Over the Labor Day weekend the NE held the first SDFA regional gathering of the Districts at the Capital District Games near Albany, NY. Aberdeen, Angus, Mar, Galloway, Roxburgh, Strathclyde, and Tweedside were represented. Members in the NE were able to meet other members from other and the same District. Weather was clear and this was the largest crowd ever for the Capital District HG; the traffic was immense. The SDFA had a tent adjacent to the SDFA space for the Gathering. Rick and Keith Dyer, Sharon Harvey, Luis Gonzales and David Battistoni marched in the opening ceremony. Immediately after the opening ceremony, Janet & I hosted a luncheon for the District members and families. There were 21 members and families throughout the day and weekend ( two day games ). We also had as our guests for lunch, the Brigadoons from Glengarry, Ontario, CA and their families. They were the headline entertainment for these games. Janet & I think that all the SDFA members and families enjoyed meeting and talking with the Brigadoons. Also joining us for a few moments was Andy Melville, Clan Sutherland, and large SDFA booster in NE.

Thank you to new members, Tami & Kevin Reeves. Tami had a family conflict and had to leave before the opening ceremony, but brought great brownies.

The members asked that there be another gathering next year, and also suggested that all the members be a part of the gathering plans.

With the assistance of Andy Melville, a Director for the NH Highland Games, and frequent fellow marching companion at NE games we were invited to have a space at the NHHG at Loon Mtn. in Lincoln, NH over the Labor Day weekend. This games is one of the largest in the US. This was also a significant event for the SDFA as I was also able to march in the opening day ceremonies and the SDFA was called in the NHHG Roll Call of Clans for the first time. (David and Janet shared a tent with another clan at the games last year).

It is important that the Districts be recognized for the value they contribute to a game, and as fellow Scots stand next to the Clans in keeping our heritage alive. In the NE, Janet & I have had very warm welcomes from clans and other associations wherever we have gone.

The NHHG at Loon was a bittersweet success for Janet and I. On September 12th, our daughter Jennifer and husband Jeff presented us with a grandson, Joshua Edmund Ayers and my son, member Dr. Henry Battistoni, and his wife, Jeanne, joined us at Loon. But these events were overshadowed by the tragedies in of September 11th. As President Bush has stated, the Scots are in sympathy for all those who lost family and/or friends; however, the resolve at Loon Mtn. was to support the total effort in every way we can. Janet & I want to express our sympathy to all of the victims of these tragedies, and especially to any SDFA members who have lost family.

We have attended most all games in the NE. Some have not had an SDFA presence where there were conflicting dates. We think that this will change next year since we have 5 members who will help us with games that we attend and then take a game by themselves.

Janet & I had the opportunity to visit with SDFA member, Philip Smith, PhD, at Loon Mtn. Dr. Smith is the author of Tartan for Me , and also co-authored the District Tartan book that we all use to show District Scots what their tartan looks like. All District Scots owe him a large thank you, for without his research and publications, it would be almost impossible to do what the SDFA, COSCA, and other clans do at games. From every SDFA member and future members, or future Scots who at this time know they have Scottish ancestry, but are not part of a highland Clan, who will learn they are District Scots, Thank you Dr. Smith.

In a rain-soaked opening ceremony that reduced the crowd substantially, the SDFA marched in the opening ceremonies at Goshen, CT on October 6th. In a call to NE SDFA members the Thomas Lenehan, and visiting Lennox District, represented by Louise and John Harmer, along with NE Region Representative Dave Battistoni. The whole Strachen family also attended.

Janet and David Battistoni
18 Harvard St.
Red Hook, NY 12571
e-mail -

Northwestern Region Report
(WA, ID, OR, MT, WY, AK)

[For those of you attending games in the Northwest check the Fergusson tent for Paul. Other Ferguson conveners are also aware of his involvement with the SDFA.]

Our efforts in the Great Northwest have been taken up by our convenors. (Fergusson). Information about SDFA has been made available at all the venues we attend. These include Salem, Winston, Prineville, Sweet Home, and Gresham in Oregon. The games in Klamath Falls were not held this year. The message went to Enumclaw near Seattle, Washington.

A number of referrals were forwarded to COSCA from the Salem event, and a new member is on board from the Winston games. A member of Clan Fergusson who lives in Texas attended the games, and when she saw the material just couldn't resist becoming a member!

Alba gu brath! (Scotland Forever)

Paul’s Cales, FSA, Scot
POB 607
Winchester, OR 97495
e-mail -

South-Atlantic Region Report
(NC, SC, GA, TN)

Our first new convener to set up for the SDFA was Mark Smiley in the Grant tent at the Triad Games in Archdale, NC the weekend of August 17th. Mark said that he had a great time talking to many people on Saturday and is anxious to see if his efforts will bring the SDFA some new members. Many people need some time to think about becoming a member. Mark is trying to be patient.

The weekend of September 15th I set up a tent for the first time at the Charleston Highland Games in Mount Pleasant, SC. where the honored clan was the Paisley Family Society. The day in Charleston started off VERY windy. A few tents had already blown down by the time we arrived at 7:15AM. As you all know this was the weekend following the WTC and Pentagon tragedies. The SDFA tent was decorated not only in Scottish flags, but also with red, white, and blue bunting, bows, and streamers. The games is a fairly small one, but there were at least 7 pipe bands there since there is a pipe band competition. The governor of South Carolina had proclaimed the 14th through 16th as patriotism days and almost every house and vehicle was decorated and flew flags of all sizes. Also many people were wearing red, white, and blue clothing.

I visited the Paisley Family Society tent. The Society members all have the name Paisley in their heritage. Membership is based on that, not on the fact that a name is found to be linked to the Paisley area of Scotland. They do, however, wear the Paisley District tartan. If any of you have the name in your geneology (spelling not important) and would like information on this Society the address is Eugenia M. Vogel, 2715-170th St., Newell, IA 50568.

October 6th we set up at the Flora MacDonald Highland Games in Red Springs, NC. The day was misting rain on and off, but it held off long enough for us to get set up. Members, Homer Phifer and Mark Smiley, stopped by for quite awhile and helped out in the tent. At approximately 2PM the misting rain turned to serious rain and the wind started picking up. A few tents blew over (deja vu) so we started tearing down the tent (ripping may be a better word) as the weather became more and more foul. The games were unofficially closed at 3PM.

Member, Mike Purvis, will be attending the Stone Mtn Highland Games on Sunday, October 21st. He would like to meet any members who are there that day. You can check at the COSCA tent for him. I shall be attending the Richmond, VA games with Clan Hay for their annual meeting on Saturday the 27th of October. Clan Hay will be the honored clan there. Any members attending please go to the Hay tent and ask for me.

Judi Lloyd
710B McCulloch St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
e-mail -

Districts’ List Compiled by Dr. Smith

Attached to this newsletter is a copy of a list of districts alphabetically and by date of origin compiled by member, Dr. Phil Smith, many years ago during his research of District tartans. He has graciously allowed us to print it here.

Membership Renewals Due

Renewal fees are due by December 31, 2001. ON-TIME RENEWALS for single memberships is $10.00 and family $15.00. If you have been thinking about upgrading from a single to a family membership the fee is the $10.00 for the single renewal plus the $10.00 difference between a single and family membership. Upgrading will provide you with a second SDFA lapel pin and two tartan day pins for Tartan Day 2002. A renewal form and a stamped and addressed envelope accompany this newsletter. Members who have already renewed will not have the form or envelope with this newsletter. Renewals postmarked after the 31st of December will be at the new member price of $15.00 for single and $25.00 for family.

SDFA Merchandise

There is a revision on description of the golf shirts available. There is a two button (number 01 on your merchandise sheet) and a four button (number 02 on your merchandise sheet). Both of these are in men’s sizes only. We now have caps available. The SDFA logo is embroidered on the front and the district name on the back. See the picture on the last page. The hats are one size fits all and have a snap closure at the back.

Upcoming Events

(** denotes that an SDFA tent will be set up or an SDFA member/representative will be at the event in a clan tent)

  • **Stone Mtn Highland Games - 10/20-21 - Atlanta, GA - (COSCA tent on Sunday - Mike Purvis)

  • Waxhaw Scottish Highland Games - 10/27 Waxhaw, NC - (704) 814-9647

  • Bel Air Highland Festival & Games - 10/27-28 - El Paso, TX - (915) 591-0055

  • **Richmond Highland Games & Celtic Festival - 10/27-28 - Richmond, VA - (804) 228-3200 - (Clan Hay tent - Judi Lloyd)

  • Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games - 11/3 - Tucson, AZ - (520) 888-1058

  • **Foothills Highland Games - 11/2-3 - Tryon, NC - (828) 859-5795

  • Talahassee Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Festival - 11/3 - Talahassee, FL - (850) 222-7036

  • Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games -11/3 - Tucson, AZ - (520) 888-1058

  • Salado Gathering of the Scottish Clans - 11/9-11 - Salado, TX - (254) 947-5232

  • Caledonian Society of Arizona Fall Fling Dinner Dance, Mesa, AZ - (480) 927-1703

  • Ocala Scottish Games & Irish Festival 11/10 - Ocala, FL - (352) 347-2873

  • Dunedin Celtic Festival - 11/17 - Dunedin, FL - (727) 734-9515

  • Annual Christmas Walk - 12/1 - Alexandria, VA - (703) 548-0111

  • Mesa Arizona Robert Burns Dinner - 1/2/02 - (602) 944-5639

Getting Information on the SDFA

You can get information about the SDFA at the games by visiting the COSCA tent or by writing to Jeff McDaris, 35 Ivy Lane, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 or Judi Lloyd, 710B Mc Culloch St., Raleigh, NC 27603. The address for the Home Page is

Jeff’s e-mail address is  Judi’s e-mail address is

For residents in the northeast, your representatives are Dave and Janet Battistoni. Their e-mail address is Their address is 18 Harvard St., Red Hook, NY 12571. For residents in the northwest, your representative is Paul Cales, FSA Scot. His e-mail address is His address is POB 607, Winchester, OR 97495. All other areas Judi Lloyd, 710B McCulloch St., Raleigh, NC 27603. E-mail is

Future Newsletters

We welcome any articles pertaining to districts, Scottish history, dress, trips, menus, Scots in America, etc. If you attend a games send me a writeup on what it is, what they have to offer, what your impressions were. Send articles via mail to SDFA Newsletter, c/o Judi Lloyd, 710B McCulloch St, Raleigh, NC 27603. You can also e-mail articles to or

Games Conveners

If any of you would like to represent the SDFA at your games please write or e-mail me, the Battistoni’s if you are in the northeastern area of the country, or Paul Cales if you are in the northwestern area of the country. To test the waters and get your feet wet find the COSCA or SDFA tent at one of the games and spend some time talking to them and helping out. The volunteers there are a wealth of knowledge and will be very willing to let you ‘hang around’ and watch/help them.

Moving or Missing Your Newsletter

If you move please send me your new address so that correspondence from the SDFA can get to you. Also if you do not receive a newsletter within a reasonable time after it is due out (end of January, April, July, and October) please e-mail or write to me.

Membership Request

Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________

City _____________________________________

State _______ Zip Code _______

District or Clan ___________________________

e-mail ___________________________________

Date _____________

How you heard about us ____________________

Enclose check or money order for $15.00 for single/$25.00 for family membership payable to SDFA and mail to

Scottish District Families Association
C/O Judi Lloyd
710B McCulloch St.
Raleigh, NC 27603

SDFA on the Web

You can get information about the SDFA at the games by visiting the COSCA tent or by writing to Jeff McDaris, 35 Ivy Lane, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 or Judi Lloyd, 710B Mc Culloch St., Raleigh, NC 27603. The address for the Home Page is Jeff’s e-mail address is and Judi’s e-mail address is


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