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Gardening in America
Master Pecan Grower

My friend  was a fireman for years and then became a teacher.  Over time,  his love for growing pecan trees was always an escape for him. He is a Godly man. His faith  and his hobby helped him  to cope with the sorrows in his life. With his Oklahoma twang I so enjoy,  he explained to me about planting pecan trees. This is what he told me.

Pecan trees can be planted  from the nut.  You, first of all, soak the nuts until they no longer float. If there are some that do not float they are not good, so toss those. After the pecan has absorbed enough water to sink to the bottom take them out.  You have already found places where you want the trees to grow.  It should be in an area away from live stock or anything that will eat them.  Plant the nuts, three of them, only 1/4 inch deep.  Over where you have planted the nut,  put a large coffee can filled with mulch over them.  This will help keep the area moist. A tomato cage around that will be a good thing to do,  so they are well marked and not easily run over with a lawn mower.

When the trees come   up and the trunk becomes, about the size of a pencil,  take a knife and scrape the bark,  off the trees,  in one area.  Tie them together where they are scraped and wrap them with anything.  Those two or three trees will become one tree and will have an adequate  root stock. You cut the tops out of the trees you donít want and save one tree. 

After the trees are as tall as your head, then you will graft a good variety of paper shell pecan  branch  onto that one tree. 

He said that he could plant a pecan tree in a P.C. V. Pipe and it would grow and could be planted without stunting its growth.  A pecan tree that is one foot tall has a four-foot long root and this causes a tree to be set back when it is transplanted. By growing the tree from nuts this set-back is avoided.  Another interesting technique he developed is the clipping of the long roots causing them to branch out into wider,  feeder roots which are quicker to grow and less likely to be set back with transplanting.

My friend mentioned,  that at our age we should get busy and plant the trees and I had to smile. He married a special lady who made sure he returned my call and I was thankful for the loyalty and kindness of good  people.

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