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The 1820 Rising
The Radical War
Authorities response to 1820 Proclamation



WHEREAS certain Wicked, Evil-disposed, and Traitorous Persons, during the night of the 1st, or on the morning of the 2nd of April instant, did feloniously, traitorously, and daringly, in furtherance of a conspiracy to compass or imagine the Death of Our Lord the King, or to levy war against Our Lord the King within His Realm, or to commit other Treasons, Publish and affix on the walls and public places in many parts of the City and Suburbs of Glasgow, and other parts of the County of Lanark, a most wicked, revolutionary, and treasonable address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland dated at Glasgow, April 1, 1820, and bearing to be issued "by order of the Committee of Organisation for forming a Provisional Government" directly and openly, Proclaiming rebellion against Our Lord the King and the laws and constitution of this realm, inciting and stimulating the Subjects of Our Lord the King to take up arms for the overthrow of the Government and Constitution as by Law established, and to levy war against Our Lord the King, and further endeavouring to Seduce the Soldiers of Our Lord the King to desert their duty and to join in a threatened insurrection, and to intimidate and to overawe all loyal and peaceable Subjects by threats of violence and devastation. The LORD PROVOST and MAGISTRAThS of the City of Glasgow, SHERIFF of the County of Lanark, and JUSTICES of the PEACE for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, hereby offer a


to any Person or Persons who shall within Fourteen Days from this date, DISCOVER AND APPREHEND, or cause to be DISCOVERED AND APPREHENDED, those guilty of this OVERT ACT of HIGH TREASON, by printing, publishing, and. issuing the said Revolutionary and Treasonable Address, under the said Treasonable designation of the Committee of Organization for forming a Provisional Government.

Glasgow 4th April 1820


WE, THE LORD PROVOST and MAGISTRATES OF THE CITY OF GLASGOW, SHERIFF of the COUNTY OF LANARK and JUSTICES of the PEACE for the LOWER WARD of LANARKSHIRE, in the present state of the City and the County, wish earnestly and solemnly to make this call on the misguided people, who have been unwarily led into their present state of insuburdination, to return to their duty before the adoption or the final and decisive measures which that conduct will render immediately necessary.

An Audacious Address has appeared, which involved the authors in the guilt of HIGH TREASON. It calls upon the people to take certain steps, in obedience to those who have issued it, and to effect their object. viz. REBELLION against the King and the LAWS of the LAND. That Address tries to seduce and withdraw from their work the honest and the industrious, and to intimidate the loyal and well disposed.

WE, THE LORD PROVOST, MAGISTRATES, SHERIFF and JUSTICES, deeply regret this Rebellious Address should have induced any of their fellow subjects to listen to the interested plans of its authors.

We, therefore, do hereby announce to all those who have been so far seduced or intimidated as to Strike Work, that they are thereby assisting in the Rebellious Plans alluded to in this Address:-that they are participators in the guilt and are exposing themselves to the certain punishment of High Treason.

We further deem it right to inform the misguided, that all those who, knowing the projects and designs of the authors of the aforesaid Address, do conceal from the Civil Authorities or the Country what they know respecting these Treasonable plans, are guilty of a heinous crime in the eye of the law, and are liable to severe punishment.

To the numbers or loyal, honest, and peaceable Subjects, whom the audacious threats and menaces of the evil disposed have led against their own inclination, to join in the present strike of work, we do now give the assurance of perfect protection which the Great Military strength in this City secures. The disloyal and the seditious cannot carry their purposes or their threats of violence into effect. Every man who thinks must know that if the Military Force is exerted as circumstances may immediately and indispensably require, the consequences must be ruinous and fatal to all who resist No wish earnestly to separate the innocent from the guilty; but longer continuances in the present State of insubordination makes all guilty and we cannot and will not longer delay the measures necessary for the punishment of the guilty.

We would particularly point out to all Proprietors of Public Works, Manufactories etc. that it is their indispensable duty by the allegiance which they owe their king to use all their exertions and influences with their Workmen to prevent them joining or continuing in the Strike of Work, and to prevent those dependent upon them assisting the purposes of the disloyal of the continuance of the present state of things.

To those who have lent and assisted themselves in prompting that state of things-who have struck Work, and have intimidated the peaceable and well disposed Workmen, and endeavouring by the crowds on the Public streets to create Alarm and Confusion, and to lead to Violence and Outrage, we speak a different language. We command and enjoin all persons, without delay, to return to their lawful occupations. The present Strike of Work is avowed to be for Treasonable purposes and the Crowds parading the streets know well the purposes-of such Assemblages. We are determined to enforce this order which the Allegiance and Duty of every man requires him to obey. The contempt and violation of these orders can only be considered, in consequence, of the plans pointed out in the above mentioned Treasonable Address, as a resolution to aid and assist in Rebellion. The whole Military Power of the District will be employed in the most decisive manner to prevent the Laws of the Land being insulted and violated by an audacious display of numbers by the Disloyal. The consequences must be on the heads of those who have seduced and misled the Inhabitants but these consequences will be fatal to all who venture to oppose and resist the overwhelming Power at our disposal.

Glasgow, April 4.1820.


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