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Paddle Your Own Canoe
Chapter 2

The heated swirling  waters of the spa were working their magic on their daughter's tight twisted muscles. To give her relief from the pain and misery of cerebral palsy Dee's husband had worked many hours and at dangerous work.  The old spa was bought at a garage sale and the thing just half way worked,  but somehow or another he kept it running. The lift they purchased at an even greater expense had a soft basket of nylon net and this is what held the girl inside the bubbling waters. She was floating there,  free from the pull of gravity she usually had to struggle against and it gave her relaxation.

For the only twenty minutes of therapy one of them stayed with her just to be on the safe side.  This evening they both sat on the patio beside the spa and visited.

“Whatever happened with the Mother who couldn't find her children?” Sam asked his wife.

“Oh!”  “They are okay.”  “Just grounded.”  “The poor woman went to every house in the neighborhood searching for them.”  “She finally found them at the last house.”  “Why anyone would allow children to come in without checking with their mother, is beyond me.”

Most people their ages were gifted with living in a new world. Gifted or cursed however one wished to perceive the situation. Their generation could either laugh about it or moan over it. Usually, they chose to laugh. It was more enjoyable.

“I wonder how many “live in's” we have in our neighborhood?”  Dee was curious.

“Most of those live in apartments, but I think we do have  one or two living in this residential area.” Sam had no idea what point she was making.

“I just think they are free from the legal aspects of things.”  “Maybe, it isn't a great worry as far as laws go.”

“Now dear!”  “It is the way it is.”  “Things are very different today.” Sam was realistic.

“I know.”  “I   just felt so sorry for that mother searching for her children.”   “There is a fear when one isn't just sure about law abiding  people.”  “It isn't spoken, because as you say, things are different.” “Still deep within our soul we are a little insecure as to their position.” “We know they wouldn't do anything to children.”  “Still, there is that still small voice warning us.”  “And, that is just the way I am, thanks to my living in two different worlds, then and now.”

“Really,” Dee continued to think aloud, “the mother didn't seem too trustworthy as she spoke to me.”  “I invited her in and she was looking about the room in a distrustful way.”  “It took me a moment to convince her I knew nothing, and had not seen the children.”

“I will think about it no longer, I promise.”  “The stars are so bright and beautiful.”  “Look Orion.”  “He's hunting across the sky again tonight.”

Adding to the peacefulness of the moment the water in the spa sloshed this way and that as if complaining it was not free to go about its business of making a way to a stream, a river, and then on to the sea.

The phone jangled its demand and Dee went into the house to answer its call.  When she returned her husband asked her, who called.

“It was Mother.”

“Does she need anything?”  Sam wanted to know.

“She is reminding me about Daddy's grave.”  “Tomorrow is Memorial Day.”  "The tribe is supposed to have that all mowed  but she wants someone to go out to be sure they have done their job.”  “I'm not going.”  “I know they have, even though I told her I would   go.”

“Are your friends from Dallas going to be there?”  Sam asked.

“I'm sure they will, if the crick don't   rise, and the bridge don't wash out.”  She realized she must be thinking about her Dad to use one of his “make fun of Oklahoma” sayings.

We only get to see each other once a year. Doesn't seem fair somehow or another, but that's the way it is, “headin' west.”  They both laughed together as she used the second one of her Dad's sayings within minutes of each other.

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