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National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month in the USA

To Establish April as

There are over twenty-seven million Americans who can claim Scottish, Scots-Irish ancestry in the United States today.

Recognition of the historic contributions of the Scottish and Scots-Irish has been largely overlooked in textbooks and virtually unrecognized by the general public.

Of the original thirteen governors of the American Colonies, nine were Scottish/Scots-Irish.

Of the fifty-six signers of the United States Declaration of Independence almost half were of Scottish/Scots-Irish descent.

Virtually all of our early industry was founded by Scottish/Scots-Irish.

Our most philanthropic citizens were Scottish/Scots-Irish.

Therefore, in an effort to recognize the enormous contribution to the establishment of this great nation and the prosperity created and perpetuated by the ethnic group of the Scottish and Scot-Irish, we petition the United States Congress and the President of the United States of America to establish April as National Scottish /Scots-Irish Heritage/History Month.

A full month of national recognition would enable and encourage those of Scottish/Scots-Irish ancestry and heritage and educators the publicly recognized opportunity to educate all Americans of the vast, rich culture that has been so instrumental in leading America to success.

This endeavor is essential to the United States of America, for present and future generations; for knowing from where we come will direct where we go.

Now that Tartan Day has finally been signed and now complete, we should join together towards the establishment of the entire month of April as “National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month”. A full month of recognition would enable those aware of our ancestry and heritage a fair opportunity to teach our children and others a vast, rich culture, that has lead many civilizations to success. Through the many innovations, inventions and social structuring. Another benefit of a month’s recognition would also bring attention to other days important to the Scottish, such as Tartan Day, Robert Burns, and St. Andrew as well as many others. It would be the perfect opportunity to inform the general public.

Many other groups have months to teach and recognize their achievements. For instance;

June - Caribbean-American Heritage Month;
March - Irish-American Heritage Month;
May - Jewish-American Heritage Month;
May is also Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month;
February - African-American History Month.

There are others which can be seen at The White House website -, then, “proclamations”. But, it seems the Scottish and Scots-Irish are about the only group left out. In today's world we must be aggressive, teach or be forgotten. We must be heard. We have been working toward the establishment of the month of April as “National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month ”for over six years and through that time many states have joined in the observances, although some states have acknowledged other months (on a state level), we seek a uniform national month as April and this would clarify some confusion. Many Scottish Societies, Clan societies and as mentioned states and municipalities support this.

We all know, strength in numbers gets things done. We ask that if your organization has not joined, to do so, with a simple “Letter of Support”, stating the support for the month of April as such and there’s no other obligations involved. We ask your help in the propagation as well. We’re also glad to assist states, mayor/municipalities in acquiring Proclamations and Resolutions. Any questions feel free to contact us and for more information, you can also “google” - “national Scots, Scots-Irish heritage month” and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

James Murray-chair
“National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month”
2402 S. Scales st. Reidsville N.C.

Supporting organizations:

  1. The Triad Highland Games

  2. The Triad St. Andrews Soc.

  3. The Scottish American Military Soc.

  4. The Scottish Heritage Soc. of the Blue Ridge

  5. The Catawba Valley Scottish Soc.

  6. The Scottish Heritage Soc. of Eastern N.C.

  7. The Loch Norman Highland Games

  8. The Clan Murray Soc. of N.A.

  9. The Clan Campbell Soc. of N.A.

  10. The Clan Donnachaidh Soc. of N.A.

  11. Border History & Reivers Cup

  12. The Triad Fiddlers & Friends Soc.

  13. The Clan Donald Soc. of America

  14. The Capital Scot

  15. The Scottish American Soc. of Ohio

  16. The Waxhaw Highland Games

  17. Washington State Government

  18. The Clan Keith Soc. of N.A.

  19. Electric Scotland

  20. The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

  21. The Scottish Tartans Museum

  22. The Kennedy Society of N.A.

  23. The Highland Light Scottish Society of Ma.

  24. Clan Donnachaidh of N. E. Branch

  25. The Scottish District Families Association

  26. The Sumter Scottish Country Fair and Scottish Festival

  27. The Sumter County Museum

  28. The Clan Little Society of N.A.

  29. The Clan MacKay Society U.S.A. Inc.

  30. Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival

  31. The St. Andrews Society of Richmond

  32. American Clan Cumming Association

  33. Mr.Robert McWilliam, President of The Caledonian Foundation U.S.A. Inc.

  34. State of Maine

  35. Clan Keith Society U.S.A.

  36. Clan Colqoun Soc.Inc.

  37. The American Clan Gregor Society

  38. The Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans

  39. Colorado Celtic Entertainment

  40. Celtic Festival and Highland Games of Historic Bethabera Park

  41. The American Scot


  43. Scottish American Athletic Association

  44. American Scottish Foundation

  45. The Saint Andrews Society of Washington D.C.

  46. Clan Cunningham, USA

  47. The Scottish-American Center of Minnesota

  48. The Angel Band

  49. Clan An Caigeann (United)

  50. Clan Cunningham Society of America

  51. Clan Young

  52. The House of Lumsden Association of North America

and the many states that recognize the month of April for the Scots and/or Scots-Irish. Groups are being added regularly. 

Sign the Petition
To make April the Scots and Scots-Irish Heritage Month in the USA

Contact Information:

James Murray - Chair "National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month"
Address: 2402 S. Scales St., Reidsville, N.C. 27320.
Tel: (336) 348-1557.

If your society or organization would like to be listed as a supporter, you can e-mail a "Letter of Support" to James Murray, e-mail:

Additional info:

People can contact the President at , asking the President issue a "Presidential Proclamation", declaring the month of April as "National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month". At the same website they can view other "Presidential Proclamations" and can see that the Scots are about the only group not recognized nationally. If someone knows of states that have time designated to the Scots, we ask them to contact as well and if possible to provide us with a copy.

Contacts for our U.S. House members, so folks can request legislation for "National Scottish, Scots-Irish Heritage Month".

States that recognize the Scots and Scots-Irish:

  • N.C. - April (Bill H.J.R.2067)

  • S.C. - April,

  • N.H. - April

  • TX - Day of Scots

  • Mass. - Tartans Day

  • Geor. - Scottish Festival Weekend

  • Wash. State bills (2007-4652&8655) April

  • Haw. - Scottish Heritage Week

  • Alaska - Tartan Day

  • Virginia - House Joint Resolution No.386

  • Texas H.R.1517 - June

  • Alabama SJR78 - September

  • Virginia - September

  • Maine - April

  • Michigan - April

  • Florida - April

"Governors Proclamation" recognizing the Month of April as Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month. It states: Now, Therefore, We, Ruth Ann Minner, Governor, and John C. Carney, Lieutenant Governor do hereby declare April 2008 "Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month" in the State of Delaware and urge all residents to celebrate the accomplishments of Scots, Scots-Irish Americans in the First State.

We are still contacting folks in every state and awaiting answers and will keep updating this page with any new information we receive. The states are all over the place as far as designated months of observances, thus demonstrating the need for a NATIONAL month of recognition. A NATIONAL month will give uniformity and halt any confusion, plus it will give us a definite time to celebrate and teach our heritage. This state has this, this state has that, it could be confusing and cause us to be less effective in our efforts.

The Governor of Commonwealth of Kentucky - Steven L. Beshear, and Secretary of State - Trey Grayson, recently (February 29th, 2008) proclaimed the month of April 2008, as "Scots-Irish Heritage Month".

Governor Edward G. Rendell, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has proclaimed the month of April as "Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month"Governor Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Secretary of State, Betty Ireland proclaimed the entire month of April as "National Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month" on February 28th, 2008, and in the One Hundred Forty-fifth year of the State.

Governor Edward G. Rendell, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has proclaimed the month of April as "Scots, Scots-Irish Heritage Month"

Governor Mark Sandford of the State of South Carolina proclaimed the month of April as Scots, Scots-Irish Month.

Tartan Day in America

IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES November 10, 1997 Mr. Lott submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

RESOLUTION Designating April 6 of each year as ``National Tartan Day'' to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States.

Whereas April 6 has a special significance for all Americans, and especially those Americans of Scottish descent, because the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, was signed on April 6, 1320 and the American Declaration of Independence was modeled on that inspirational document;

Whereas this resolution honors the major role that Scottish Americans played in the founding of this Nation, such as the fact that almost half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent, the Governors in 9 of the original 13 States were of Scottish ancestry, Scottish Americans successfully helped shape this country in its formative years and guided this Nation through its most troubled times;

Whereas this resolution recognizes the monumental achievements and invaluable contributions made by Scottish Americans that have led to America's preeminence in the fields of science, technology, medicine, government, politics, economics, architecture, literature, media, and visual and performing arts;

Whereas this resolution commends the more than 200 organizations throughout the United States that honor Scottish heritage, tradition, and culture, representing the hundreds of thousands of Americans of Scottish descent, residing in every State, who already have made the observance of Tartan Day on April 6 a success; and

Whereas these numerous individuals, clans, societies, clubs, and fraternal organizations do not let the great contributions of the Scottish people go unnoticed:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate designates April 6 of each year as "National Tartan Day''.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine proclaimed April 2008 as Scottish History and Heritage Month.

Governor Bob Riley of Alabama proclaimed April 2008 as Scottish Heritage Month.

Note: The House passed Tartans Day as well (H. Res. 41 - Congressman Mike McIntyre) just still not passed by Pres. Bush - Executive Branch.

Note: President George Bush proclaimed on April 4th, 2008 that April 6 would be Tartan Day in the USA.

You can listen to a Tartan Day Tribute in Real Audio here!
Included is a tribute from James Haliday one time chairman of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Scottish historian and current chairman of the Scots Independent Newspaper. This was a production of both the Scots Independent Newspaper and Electric Scotland and was recorded in Scotland in 2001.


Committee Members 2008

James R. Murray 2402

2402 S. Scales St.
Reidsville, N.C.   27320
telephone- (336) 280-9956

Ann Jackson 307 Gregg st.,Archdale,NC 27263
Junny Jackson phone: (336) 431-8482 email: 

Charles L. Safrit 382 Pearlman Teague Rd.,Siler City,NC 27344
phone: (919) 663-2423 e-mail: 

Hollis B. Cahoon 4204 Starmount Dr.,Greensboro,NC 27410-6026
phone: (336) 294-0310 e-mail: 

Wayne Wright 9 Snowgoose Cove,Greensboro,NC 27455
phone: (336) 545-1292 e-mail: 

Alastair McIntyre Electric Scotland, 167 Raleigh St., Chatham, Ontario, N4M 2N4, Canada
phone: (519) 351-7020 e-mail:
Virginia and Washington D.C. representative:

Jim MacGregor The Capital Scot, 3837 Skyview Ln., Fairfax, VA 22031
phone: (703) 425-4623 e-mail: 

Northeast region coordinator:

Michelle Sandelier 31 State Street, Presque Isle, ME 04769
phone: (207) 764-6630 e-mail:

South Carolina representative:

Beth Gay 347 Rocky Knoll Rd., Walhalla, S.C. 29691
phone:(864) 718-1404 e-mail:

Californian representative

Carolyne MacGregor-Long
P.O. Box 938
Pixley,CA 93256
Tel: (559) 757-3745

Kentucky representative

Pat Murray-Schweitzer
1207 Girard Drive
Louisville, KY 40222
Tel: (502) 423-0699


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