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Scottish Regiments
Northern Ireland Establishment Scots (O - P)


Ogden, Jonathan, Capt. Ranging Co. New York Prov Regt.
Ogilby (Ogilvie), Alexander, Jr. Merchant of Newtown Ireland
Oglisvie, (Ogilvie), John, Minister albany English Church, Indain Missionary, 60th Regt Chaplain
Ogilsvie, William, Capt. New York Indep Co.e
Ord, Thomas, Capt, Royal REgt of Artillery
Osborn, Charles, Lt, 46th Regt.
Osborn, Thomas, Capt 46th Regt.
Osborn, Mrs. Thomas
Osborn, Sir William, 7th Baronet of Ballytalyor, Co. Waterford Ireland


Page, ?, Regt woman of 46th
Parker, James, Journalist, NYC
Parker, John, Col., New Jersey Provincial Regt.
Parker, Thomas, 2nd Batn, 1st Regt
Parnell, Robert, Sergeant, Indep Co of Rangers.
Patterson, Peter, Ensign, 80th Regt.
Patterson, Walter, Ensign, 80th Regt.
Patterson, Mrs. Reg woman, 80th Reg. Possible wife of Peter or Walter.
Pearson, Matthew, Merchant of London
Pebles (Pebbles), John, Merchant of NYC
Pebbles & Wills, Mercahnts of NYC
Peg, Mistress of Maj. Thomas Proby, 55th Regt.
Pemberton, William, Capt., Sloop master of Albany
Pennington, Thomas and son, Merchants of Bristol
Pepperrell, Sir William, Col. 51st Regt
Percival, Joshua, Lt, 48th Regt.
Perry & Hays, Mercahnt so NYC and Albany
Perry, James, Mercahnt of NYC
Petri, Marcus, Capt. New York Prov Regt.
Pfister (Von Pfister), Francis Joseph, Lt. 60th Regt. of Foot, Military Engineer, Freemason
Phagan (Pagen), William, Shipper of NYC, Partner in Phagen and Gilliland, Merchants.
Pelips (Phillips, Phelps), ?, of Wood St. Dublin
Phillips, William, Lt Indep Co. of Rangers
Phillips (Philips), William Frederick, Lt, 35th Regt.
Philpot, William, Lt, 46th Regt.
Phyn and Ellice, Merchants of Schenectady,
Phyn, Goerge, Lt. 44th Regt.
Phyn, James, Merchant of Schenectady
Pitt, William, Secretary of State, First Earl of Chatham
Porter, Frederick, Capt 60th Regt.
Portis, Charles, Lt 35th Regt.
Potter, Nathaniel, Miltiary Secretary to Major Robert Rogers
Pottinger, James, Lt. 44th Regt, Vol. Officer of Rangers
Poughkeepsie, Village of
Powell and Wiley, Merchants of Savannah, Georgia
Preble, Jedediah, Col. Mass. Prov Regt.
Prevost, Jacques, Col. 4th Batn., 60th Regt.
Prevost, William, Merchant of Barbadoes
Price, Samuel, Capt Hudson River, Sloopmaster
Prideaux, John, Brig. gen in NA, Col 55th Regt.
Pringle, Henry, Capt., 27th Reg., Vol. Officer of Rangers
Privateers Vessels owned by Greg & Cunningham NYC:
General Monckton
Little David
Neptune (Snow)
New York
Proby, Thomas, Maj 55th Regt
Puntiur (Puntine), William, Merchant of NY
Putnam, Isreal, Capt. Ranging Co., Connecticut Prov Regt.
Putnam, Rufus, Connecticut Prov Regt.



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