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The Scotch-Irish in America
Proceedings of the Third Congress at Louisville
List of Members of the Scotch-Irish Society of America

Addy, Matthew, Cincinnati, O. Past Vice-president for Ohio in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Alexander, S. B., Charlotte, N. C. Vice-president for North Carolina in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Allen, William, 256 Robinson Street, Allegheny City, Pa. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland; retired; member of the Common Council of Pittsburg for three years.

Affleck, James, Bellville, Ill. Born in Tennessee, of Scotch-Irish parentage; machinist; Alderman for a number of years.

Alexander, Robert J., 810 Twenty-first Street, San Francisco, Cal. Born at Denahora, near Marhet Hill, County Armagh, Ireland; parents, John Alexander and Margaret Alexander, whose maiden name was Margaret McMahon, both Scotch-Irish by birth ; department manager; first Secretary of the California Scotch-Irish Society.

Adams, D. P., Nashville, Tenn.

Andrews, John, Steubenville, Jefferson County, 0. Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; mother's maiden name, McCaughey; wholesale merchant.

Allison, R., 94 West Eight Street, Cincinnati, O.

Andrews, James, Columbia, Tenn.

Adair, William, M.D., Canmer, Hart County, Ky. Born at Glasgow, Beaver County, Ky., December 9, 1815; his father, Alexander, born in Chester, S. C, son of William, of Chester, S. C, son of William, who was born in Ireland, 1730, and emigrated to America in 1736; his mother was Elizabeth Were; grandmother on paternal side, Mary Irvine; great-grandmother, Mary Moore; practicing physician; graduate at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky., in 1836; represented Hart County, Ky., in 1869-70 and 1870-71.

Acheson, Rev. Stuart, A.M., 48 Blocker Street, Toronto, Canada.

Arnold, Robert Russell, Oil City, Pa.

Adams, John, Jr., Moyer, Fayette County, Pa.

Alexander, M. J., Greensburg, Pa.

Agnew, John T., Vice-president Continental Bank, New York City.

Archer, James, place of residence, Brooke County, W. Va.; post-office, Steubenville, O. Of Scotch-Irish parentage on both sides; farmer and Justice of the Peace; Vice-president for West Virginia in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Adair, Col. G. W., Atlanta, Ga. Vice-president for Georgia in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Anderson, James A., Knoxville, Tenn. Born at Grassy Valley, Knox County, Tenn.; mother's maiden name, Armstrong; father's, William Shannon Anderson; and that of his father, James Anderson, who with his parents and a number of brothers and sisters moved from near Lexington, Rockbridge County, Va., in 1801, and settled in Knox County, Tenn.; a portion of his ances-tors were from County Down, Ireland, and settled in Virginia about 1726; farmer and merchant.

Adams, Alexander, 1609 Swatara Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Born at Kilmoyle, County Antrim, Ireland; son of Alexander Adams and Margaret (Johnston) Adams.

Alexander, Hugh, 302 and 304 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. Born at Coleraine, County Londonderry, Ireland; merchant.

Adams, Adam Gillespie, Nashville, Tenn. Born near Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland, July 12, 1820, at the old homestead, owned by his ancestors for several generations; his father, David Adams, married Jane Gillespie; both born in Ireland; we're members of the Presbyterian Church; his mother was a woman of decided piety, and exercised a marked influence over her children, especially over the subject of this notice; Mr. Adams's first wife, Susan Porterfield, died two years after marriage, and he afterward married Mary Jane Strickler, a woman of marked piety, as was her mother, Sarah Eakin Strickler; Mrs. Adams is still living; also seven of their eight children; Mr. Adams got his business training in Strabane, and at the age of nineteen arrived in Nashville, and has continued there since as a wholesale dry goods and shoe merchant, and is now President of the Equitable Fire Insurance Company; elder in the Presbyterian Church, and superintendent, of its Sabbath-schools since 1843; Chairman of the Presbyterian Committee on Sabbath-schools; President of the Board of Directors of Ward's Presbyterian Seminary for young Ladies; Chairman of the Committee of Reception and member of the Board of Directors of the Nashville Centennial Commission; President and Secretary of various turnpikes; Secretary and Treasurer of the John M. Hill fund of the First Presbyterian Church; Treasurer of the Nashville Bible Society since 1854, and Vice-president for Tennessee in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; the First Presbyterian Church lately established a mission Church and Sabbath-school in the north-western part of Nashville, which is called after his name.

Alexander, William Henry, Box 303, Omaha, Neb. Born at Lisbon, New London County, Conn.; father, Harvey G.' Alexander; grandfather, James Alexander; great-grandfather, Joseph Alexander; great-great-grandfather, James Alexander, was one of the founders of Londondery, William Henry coming over from north of Ireland about 1720; Surveyor of United States Customs, Omaha, Neb.; taught school in Connecticut for three years; left there when twenty-two for the West; superintendent agencies Whitney & Holmes Organ Company eight years, Quincy, Ill.; Alderman two years in Omaha; President Board of Trustees First Congregational Church, Omaha.

Bonner, Robert, No. 8 West Fifty-sixth Street, New York City. President and life member of the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Londonderry, Ireland, April 24, 1824; came to the United States in 1839; editor of the New York Ledger from 1851 until recently. See Appleton's "Cyclopaedia of American Biography," Vol. I., page 313.

Barr, William Patrick, Jacksonville, Morgan County, Ill. Born in Wilson County, Tenn.; his father, Rev. Hugh Barr, moved from Wilson to Sumner County, Tenn.; from Tennessee to Alabama in 1820, and from there to Illinois in 1835; his grandfather was Patrick Barr; mother, Katherine Hodge.; grandfather, Joseph Hodge; all from North Carolina; Mayor of Jacksonville and Trustee of Illinois Institution for Deaf and Dumb.

Black, Andrew C, 149 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield, O. Born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; son of Joseph Black and Jane Mary Spencer; merchant.

Baxter, Isaac C, Detroit, Mich.

Breckinridge, Desha, 219 East Capitol Street, Washington, D. C. Born at Lexington, Ky.; son of William Campbell Preston Breckinridge and Issa Desha Breckinridge; lawyer.

Black, Robert T., Scranton, Pa. Born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; son of Joseph Black and Jane Mary Spencer; bank President and Vice-president and Treasurer of coal company; Director in two banks.

Brown, Robert Knox, Whitinsville, Mass. Born near Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; accountant; head book-keeper for twenty-five years; Trustee of the Whitinsville Savings Bank.

Borland, Dr. John R., Franklin, Venango County, Pa. Born near New Vernon, Mercer County, Pa.; Scotch-Irish on father's side and English on mother's; physician and surgeon; President of Eclectic Medical Society of Pennsylvania one year; Dean of Faculty and Professor of Theory and Practice in Georgia Eclectic Medical College, Atlanta, Ga., session of 1879-80.

Bryson, Rev. John H., D.D., Huntsville, Ala. Born at Fayetteville, Tenn.; parents, Rev. Henry Bryson, D.D., and Mrs. Hannah Bryson; Presbyterian minister; chaplain; head of the religious department of the Army of the Tennessee, C. S. A.; Moderator of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, 1886, at Augusta, Ga.

Blanton, Rev. Lindsay Hughes, D.D., Richmond, Ky. Born in Cumberland County, Va.; son of Joseph and Susan Walker Blanton; mother's family Scotch-Irish; Chancellor of the Central University of Kentucky since 1880; Presbyterian minister; pastor of Versailles, Ky., Salem, Va., and Paris, Ky., Presbyterian Churches.

Bunn, Dr. James McGirk, Altoona, Pa.

Brevard, Capt. A. F., Lincolnton, Lincoln County, N. C.

Biles, Dr. William P., St. Louis, Mo.

Brown, Joseph, Ripley, Tippot County, Miss. Born at Marion, Ala.; Scotch-Irish parentage; merchant; superintendent Presbyterian Sunday-school; President of Ripley Y. M. C. A.

Brann, John, Elkhart, Ind. Born at Ballenahinch, Rich Hill, County Armagh, Ireland; son of William and Jane Brann; merchant.

Blake, George Matthew, Blake Block, Rockford, Ill. Born at Dansville, N. Y., 1852; son of Z. II. Blake, M.D., of Scotch-Irish extraction, and Louisa Dorr, of New England; lawyer; City Attorney of Rockford, Ill., 1885 and 1886; President of First National Bank of Canton, South Dakota.

Bayne, S. G., Riverside Drive, One Hundred and Eighth Street, New York City. Born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; father, Scotch-Irish; mother, English; educated at the National School at Ramelton; at the Royal Academical Institute, at Belfast, where he remained four years, and at Queen's College, where he attended Dr. McCosh's lectures; after this entered the service of the groat merchant, Sir James Hamilton, at Belfast, and passed through every grade of the business until he became cashier of the house; had charge of a company in suppressing the great riots which occurred at this time; emigrated to the United States in 1869; engaged with varying success in oil operations in Pennsylvania until 1873, when he started on a journey around the world; on board the ship from San Francisco to Japan met with a party of British diplomatists, and, becoming their secretary, saw Japan under most favorable circumstances, the party being entertained by the Emperor and Empress of Japan; continuing the journey, he visited the principal points of interest in China, India, Egypt, the Holy Land, and in Europe; after his return was engaged for some time in oil and machinery business, but for several years has been interested in banking institutions in different parts of the United States; he was married in 1873 to Miss Emily Kelsey, of Belfast, and has four children; he is Vice-president of the Sea Board National Bank, of New York, of which he was one of the incorporators, and an officer in several other banks.

Barclay, Thomas, Steubenville, O. Born at Pittsburg, Pa.; parents, Samuel and Sarah Barclay; retired merchant, and a Director in several banks.

Barkley, John, 35 North Peter Street, New Orleans, La. Born in Belfast, Ireland; son of William M. Barkley and Margaret Thompson; merchant.

Bell, John B., No. 16 Sherman Avenue, Allegheny City, Pa. Born in Mercer County, Pa.; both grandfathers Scotch; grandmothers Scotch-Irish; retired from business.

Beggs, Robert, 306 West Twenty-ninth Street, New York City. Born in Ireland of Scotch-Irish parentage; tea and coffee merchant.

Baird, Thomas Harlan, Monongahela City, Washington County, Pa. Born at Washington, Pa.; Scotch on paternal side; Scotch-Irish on maternal side—Acheson and McCullough; attorney at law; district attorney of Washington County, Pa.

Blair, James, Scranton, Pa. Born in Mercer County, New Jersey; Scotch-Irish parentage; banker.

Bayne, David Kerfoot, 119 East Fortieth Street, New York City.

Blackwood, Rev. William, D.D., LL.D., 1022 Belvidere Terrace, Baltimore, Md., and 1149 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Dromard, County Down, Ireland; son of Samuel and Agnes Blackwood, both Scotch-Irish; besides being a land-holder, his father was extensively engaged in the linen trade, and for sixty years was ruling elder in his native congregation; ordained by the Presbytery of Belfast on February 17, 1835, to the pastoral charge of Holy wood, near Belfast; in 1843 was removed to Newcastle on Tyne, in the North of England; there built Trinity Presbyterian Church, and because of that and other services was raised to the Moderator's chair of the Synod, the supreme judicatory of the English Church; in 1850 was settled in the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia; after forty years labor in that charge, demitted the pastorate, and now holds the position of Pastor Emeritus.

Breckinridge, William C. P., Lexington, Ky. Born in Baltimore, Md.; son of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge and Ann Sophonisba Preston; grandson of John Breckinridge and Mary Hopkins Cabell ; great-grandson of Robert Breckinridge and Lettice Preston ; Bobert Breckinridge, son of Alexander Breckinridge, an emigrant from Ireland; Lettice Preston, daughter of John Preston, an emigrant from Ireland; Alexander Breckinridge was descended from the Breckinridges of Ayrshire, Scotland; John Preston from a soldier of Londonderry; Mary Hopkins Cabell was the daughter of Joseph Cabell and Elizabeth Hopkins; Joseph Cabell was the son of Dr. William Cabell, an immigrant from England; Elizabeth Hopkins was the daughter of Dr. Arthur Hopkins, an immigrant from Ireland; grandson of Francis Preston and Sarah Buchanan Campbell; great-grandson of William Preston and Susanna Smith; William Preston was the brother of Lettice Preston and son of John Preston; Sarah Buchanan Campbell was the daughter of William Campbell and Elizabeth Henry; William Campbell was descended from the Campbells and Buchanans of Scotland; Elizabeth Henry was the sister of Patrick Henry and the daughter of the emigrant John Henry, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Sarah Winston; lawyer; colonel of cavalry C. S. A.; Member of Congress from Kentucky.

Barringer, Gen. Rufus, Charlotte, N. C. Born in Cabarrus County, N. C.; son of Paul Barringer and wife, Elizabeth Brandon ; German, English, and Scotch-Irish descent; retired lawyer; twice in State Legislature; in State Constitutional Convention of 1875; and brigadier-general of cavalry in late war.

Breadner, J. T., Port Henry, N. Y. Born at Keady, Armagh County, Ireland; son of Thomas Breadner and Rebecca Dickson; his ancestors were with the men of Enniskillen in 1688; his great great-grandfather was a commissioned officer in the army of William of Orange, and fought under him in the battle of the Boyne; plumber. Briggs, Capt. Joseph B., Russellville, Ky. Born in Franklin, Tenn., November 20, 1842; son of Isaac Wilson Briggs and Dorothy Madison Bennett; banker; major and assistant quartermaster of Forrest's Cavalry, Confederate States Army. Bruce, Helm, Louisville, Ky. Secretary of the Kentucky Scotch-Irish Society; member of the Executive Committee of the Scotch-Irish Society of America; lawyer. Blair, Samuel S., Tyrone, Pa. Born in Esterton, Dauphin County, Pa.; his grandfather, John Blair, came to the United States when ten or twelve years old, located with his parents in Lancaster County, Pa., where he married a Miss Greer; there were born as the result of this marriage John, Samuel, William, Joseph, James, and five daughters; he was the son of Samuel; railroad superintendent; division superintendent of the N. C. Railroad, Baltimore, Md.; division superintendent P. K. E., Tyrone, Blair County, Pa. Cowan, George L., Franklin, Tenn.

Calhoun, James E., 1427 Christian Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Philadelphia, Pa.; son of Ezra and Mary A. Calhoun; clerk in Mayor's office. Casady, Hon. Phineas McCray, Des Moines, Iowa. Vice-president for Iowa in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Con-nersville, Fayette County, Ind.; son of Simon Casady and Jemima McCray; President Des Moines Savings Bank; State Senator for four years in the Iowa Legislature; judge of the Fifth Judicial District, Iowa; receiver of public moneys for the Fort Des Moines Land District of Iowa; Regent of the State "University, Iowa, for four years. Creigh, Thomas Alfred, 1505 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb. Born at Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pa.; son of Rev. Thomas Creigh, D.D., and James McLelland Grubb Creigh, both born in Pennsylvania; President of the O. F. Davis Real Estate and Land Company.

Castles, William Harper, Kingsland, Bergen County, N. J. Born at Newark, N. J.; son of Thomas Castles, Trumbridge, near Lisburn, Ireland, and Elizabeth Harper, Middletown, Armagh, Ireland; accountant and attorney. Clark, Dr. Rowan, Tyrone, Pa.

Calhoun, Hon. David Samuel, Hartford, Conn. Born at Coventry, Tolland County, Conn.; son of George Albion Calhoun, D.D., of Scotch-Irish parentage, and Betsy Scoville; judge of the Court of Common Pleas; State Senator, two terms; judge of the Probate Court, twelve years; judge of Court of Common Pleas, thirteen years.

Cooke, George, St. Joseph, Mo. Born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland, of Scotch-Irish parentage, merchant.

Casady, J. N., Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Campbell, John F., Nashville, Davidson County, Tenn. Born near Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; son of John Campbell and Martha Lytle; manufacturer; Secretary and Treasurer Nashville Cotton Seed Oil Company.

Craighead, Rev. James Geddes, D.D., 1223 Eleventh Street, Washington, D. C. Born near Carlisle, Pa.; son of William Craighead and Hetty Weakley; Presbyterian minister; editor of New York Evangelist; Secretary of the Presbyterian Historical Society; now dean of theological department Howard University, Washington, D. C.

Carrick, Dr. Anthony Lawless, 154 Broadway, Cincinnati, O. Born at Ennis, County Clare, Ireland; Scotch-Irish and English parentage; physician; surgeon U. S. A. for four years.

Caldwell, Henry, 409 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.

Caldwell, H. M., Bruin, Butler County, Pa.

Collins, Mrs. Jane S., Allegheny, Pa.

Craig, Dr. Alex., Columbia, Pa.

Cornick, Tully E., Sr., 121 State Street, Knoxville, Tenn. Born at Salisbury Plains, Princess Anne County, Va.; Scotch-Irish through his mother, daughter of James Simpson, a Scotch-Irishman, born at Mony-Mone, Ireland; English on father's side; ancestors emigrated in seventeenth century; member of Missouri Legislature 1850-51.

Caldwell, Richard, Salisbury Mills, Orange County, N. Y. Born at Salisbury Mills, N. Y.; son of Andrew Caldwell, Ballymore, Ireland, Province of Ulster, and Harriet Brewster, Rockland County, N. Y.; farmer; postmaster, twenty years; justice of the peace, twenty-four years; Commissioner United States Deposit Fund in New York State, twelve years.

Crooks, Prof. G. E., Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J.

Caldwell, John Day, 233 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.

Crawford, W. A., Winchester, Va.

Carpenter, J. McF., Pittsburg, Pa.

Clark, William P., Mansfield, O. Born at Newbliss, Monaghan County, Ireland; parents Scotch-Irish Presbyterians; Secretary Mansfield Insurance Company; Director in bank and building and loan association; elder in Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Chambers, Andrew Allen, Freehold, Monmouth County, N. J. Born at Piqua, O.; attorney at law and Principal of the Freehold Institute.

Cox, Frederick Warren, M.D., Vermillion, Clay County, S. D. Born at Upper Stewracke, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada; great-grandparents Cox born in Ulster, Ireland; great-grandparents Creelman born in Province of Ulster, Ireland; emigrated to Nova Scotia, where his parents still reside; physician; coroner of Clay County, S. D.; Superintendent Board of Health for Clay County, S. D.

Campbell, Lemuel Russell, Nashville, Tenn.

Crawford, Joseph S., 2-431 Sepviva Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in County Monaghan, Ireland; father and mother both Irish; their ancestors originally, on both sides, from Ayrshire, Scotland; Assistant Superintendent Money Order Division; postmaster at Philadelphia, Pa.

Campbell, Judge Edward, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa. Born at Uniontown, Fayette County, July 24, 1838; his father was Hugh Campbell, born in Uniontown, Pa.; his mother, Rachel Broom Lyon, born in Baltimore, Md.; his grandfather, Benjamin Campbell, of Chester County, Pa.; grandmother, Mary Adair, of Cookstown, Ireland; attorney-at-law; private soldier, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain, major, and lieutenant-colonel of the Eighty-fifth Pennyslvania Volunteer Regiment; three and one-half years in the. war; presiding judge of the Fourteenth Judicial District of Pennsylvania for nine months by appointment of Gov. Hartranft in 1873 on death of Judge S. A. Gilmore.

Cromey, William, 112 East College Street, Louisville, Ky. Born at Dromore, County Down, Ireland; grandfather, Scotch ; grandmother, Irish; fire insurance agent.

Caldwell, James Thomas, Burdick, Taylor County, Ky. Born in Taylor County, Ky.; descended from the Scotch-Irish of the valley of Virginia, Augusta County; farmer.

Caldwell, Rev. Robert Emmet, 1426 East Broadway, Louisville, Ky. Born at Greensboro, N. C.; son of Walter P. Caldwell, of Greensboro, N. C, who was the son of Rev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell, of Mecklenburg; who was the son of Rev. David Caldwell, D.D., of Guilford; through his mother related to the Doaks of North Carolina and Tennessee, and to the Gillespies; through his father's mother related to the Lindsays; through his grandfather's mother related to the Craigheads; Presbyterian minister; pastor of the Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Ky.

Campbell, Gov. James E., Columbus, O. Born at Middletown, O., July 7, 1843; Scotch-Irish descent on his father's side; English on mother's; lawyer; Member of Congress and Governor of Ohio.

Crawford, John A., 395 River Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

Cutcheon, Hon. Byron M., Manistee, Manistee County, Mich. Born at Pembroke, N. IT.; son of James M. Cutcheon, Pembroke, N. H, and Hannah Tripp, Epsom, N. II.; form of name until present generation, "McCutcheon;" lawyer; Member of Congress from 1883 to 1891; see Congressional directory for other positions held; at present member of the United States Board of Ordnance and Fortification.

Campbell, Charles, Ironton, Lawrence County, O. Born at Iron-ton, O.; Scotch-Irish parentage; iron manufacturer.

Carlisle, William Smyth, 405 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born at Kells, County Antrim, Ireland; Scotch descent of the seventh generation from Scotland; tea and coffee merchant.

Dinsmore, Rev. John Walker, D.D., 289 South Tenth Street, San Jose, Cal. Born in Washington County, Pa.; son of William Dinsmore and Rebecca Anderson, both Scotch-Irish; Presbyterian minister; pastor Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Ill.; Director McCormick Theological Seminary; member General Assembly's Board of Aid for Colleges; Moderator of Synod of Illinois; visitor United States Naval Academy; member of the Executive Committee of the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Doland, Arthur W., St. Joseph, Mo. Born at Manchester, N. H.; Scotch-Irish descent on both sides; wholesale druggist.

Dickson, Alexander Walker, Scranton, Pa. Born at Philadelphia, Pa.; son of James Reid Dickson and Caroline Stuart Dickson; manager of the Weston Mill Company; Treasurer Scranton Board of Trade; elder First Presbyterian Church; superintendent Sabbath-school; Vice-president Lackawanna Institute of History and Science.

Doran, Peter, Grand Rapids, Mich. Born at London, Canada; son of John Doran and Susan McClory, who were born in County Down, Ireland; lawyer; Chairman of Democratic Committee of Grand Rapids.

Drummond, Hon. Josiah Hayden, Portland, Me. Born at Winslow, Me.; son of Clark Drummond and Cynthia Blackwell; lawyer; representative in Legislature from Waterville in 1857-58; from Portland in 1869; Speaker in 1858-59; Senator from Kennebec County in 1860; attorney-general of the State from 1860 to 1864, four terms.

Decker, Onear S., Box 1064, Pittsburg, Pa.

Dake, Mrs. Elizabeth Church, 216 Vine Street, Nashville, Tenn. Born at Pittsburg, Pa.; father, Dr. William Church, a leading physician of Pittsburg, Pa., was born at Coleraine, Ireland ; mother, Elizabeth Taggart Church, born in North Ireland ; wife of Dr. J. P. Dake, and mother of five children; manager of Protestant Orphan Asylum, and of the Woman's Mission Home, Nashville, Tenn.

Donehoo, Rev. E. R., 226 South Main Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Washington, Pa.; father, Rev. James Donehoo, brought when an infant from County Armagh, Ireland, to Western Pennsylvania; mother born in Washington, Pa.; pastor of the Eighth Presbyterian Church, Pittsburg, Pa., for twenty years; Vice-president of Allegheny County Prison Society; Secretary of Presbyterian Union of Pittsburg; general agent for improvement of the poor for the last ten years.

Doherty, William Wisner, 27 School Street, Boston, Mass. Born in Boston, Mass.; parents, Ross and Sarah Doherty, Scotch-Irish Presbyterians and natives of Muff, County of Derry, Ireland; counselor at law; assistant district attorney for Suffolk District, Mass.

Dickson, Miss Caroline Stuart, 616 Quincey Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Born at Scranton, Pa.; daughter of Alexander W. and Louisa C. Dickson; President of the Young Ladies' Society of the Presbyterian Church.

Deaver, Joshua Montgomery, M.D., Buck P. O., Lancaster County, Pa. Born in Harford County, Md.; his great-great-grandfather emigrated from the north of Ireland to the southern part of Harford County in the early part of 1700; paternal grandmother was a Kennedy; maternal grandfather was Montgomery, who emigrated from Ireland some time in 1700; physician; at one time President of the Lancaster City and County Medical Society.

Dunlap, Dr. Fayette, Danville, Ky. Born at Danville, Boyle County, Ky.; father Scotch, mother English; surgeon and physician.

Dickinson, Hon. Jacob McGavock, Nashville, Tenn. Born in Columbus, Miss.; lawyer.

Dalzell, Hon. John, Pittsburg, Pa. Born in New York City; parents came from County Down, Ireland, near Belfast; lawyer; member of Congress.

Dunlap, Charles O'Neal, M.D., Athens, O. Born at Pontiac, Mich., 1856; son of Samuel Dunlap, born at Chillicothe, O., son of Joseph Dunlap, born in Seneca County, N. Y., son of John Dunlap, whose father was a Scotchman from the West End of the Grampian Hills, and whose mother was Sarah Gillespie, born in County Derry, 1722; John Dunlap was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1718, and emigrated to this country in 1742; all these ancestors were Presbyterians; Dr. Dunlap's mother was of the German family, Kaler, and his. paternal grandmother, O'Neal, of Irish extraction; assistant physician of the Athens (Ohio) Asylum for Insane since 1887; captain of company in the Ohio National Guard during 1883 and 1884, and was with his company in the suppression of the Cincinnati riot in 1884; has been surgeon in the Ohio National Guard, and has been member of the Ohio Medical Society since 1881.

Davieson, Henry J., Jr., 45 Broadway, N. Y.

Douglass, Howard, Cincinnati, O. Born at Cincinnati July 21, 1846; attorney; President Board of Education; Work-house Director, and of public library of Cincinnati; Vice-president Board of Trade.

Elder, Joshua Reed, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pa. Born near Harrisburg, Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pa.; son of Joshua Elder and Eleanor W. Sherer; farmer.

Eagleson, John Geddes, 750 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland; parentage, English on father's side and Scotch-Irish on mother's; wholesale merchant.

Evans, Col. H. G., Columbia, Tenn.

Elwyn, Rev. Alfred Langdon, 1422 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Philadelphia; son of Alfred W. L. and Mary M. Elwyn; clergyman.

Echols, Col. J. W., Pittsburg, Pa. Member Executive Committee Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Ewing, W. E., National Tube Works, Pittsburg, Pa.

Ewing, Dr. Cicero Mendal, Tyrone, Blair County, Pa. Ewing, Judge Thomas, Pittsburg, Pa.

Evans, Thomas Grier, 49 Nassau Street, New York City. Born at Kingston, Ulster County, N. Y.; parents, James Sidney Evans and Mary (Dewitt) Evans; laywer; Secretary of the Genealogical and Biographical Society of New York City. Eakin, John Hill, Nashville, Tenn. Born at Nashville, Tenn.; grandson of John Eakin, County Derry, Ireland; cashier "Union Bank and Trust Company; President Bon Air Coal, Land, and Lumber Company; President Mammoth Cave Railroad Company. Evans, Samuel, 432 Locust Street, Columbia, Pa. For genealogical and biographical sketch see Part II., page 242. Eccles, Rev. Robert Kerr, Salem, O.

Ewing, Hon. Nathaniel, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa. Born at Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa.; Scotch-Irish parentage on both sides, with an admixture of Welsh on mother's side; lawyer; judge fourteenth judicial district of Pennsylvania. Elder, Miss Margaretta S., 26 East Vermont Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Born at Indianapolis, Ind.; father was John Elder, son of Samuel, son of John, son of Robert, born in Scotland, 1679, emigrated to America from Lough Neagh, Ireland, 1730; located near Harrisburg, Pa.; mother was Jane Henderson Ritchie, only daughter of John and Margaret Ritchie, whose ancestors were also Scotch-Irish. Floyd, A. C, Columbia, Tenn. Secretary of Scotch-Irish Society of America; born in Granville County, N. C.; son of John W. and Margaret (Campbell) Floyd ; lawyer. Frierson, Lucius, Columbia, Tenn. Treasurer of the Scotch-Irish Society of America; banker, cashier of the Columbia Banking Company.

Fleming, Judge William Stuart, Columbia, Tenn. Born near Columbia, Tenn., 1816; parents born in Williamsburg District, S. C.; mother's maiden name, Armstrong; lawyer, licensed in 1842; graduated at Yale College, in 1838; held the office of City Attorney; twice elected Chancellor for terms of eight years each; his family connection, or at least much of it, appears in the volume containing the proceedings of the First Scotch-Irish Congress, held at Columbia, Tenn., May, 1889.

Frey, George Henry, Springfield, O. Born at Philadelphia, Jefferson County, N. Y.; Swiss descent on his father's side; Scotch-Irish on side of mother, who was a Miss Calhoun; his grandfather, Andrew Calhoun, was a native of Ulster; the Frey family was one of the earliest of the whites who settled in the Mohawk Valley, N. Y., near Palatine Bridge; settled there in 1688; the old homestead is still held in the family; owner and operator of a stone quarry in Springfield; Director in Second National Bank; Director in Ohio Southern Railroad Company; President of Cincinnati and Sandusky Telegraph Company; President of Ohio Southern Railroad Company; President of Board of Water Works, city of Springfield; County Commissioner; and charter member of the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Foster, Thomas, 112 Broadway, Cincinnati, O.

Ferguson, Edward Alexander, Cincinnati, O.

Flowers, George W., 110 Diamond Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Foster, Hon. Morrison, Allegheny City, Pa. Born at Pittsburg, Pa.; son of William Barclay Foster, from Berkeley County, Va., and Eliza Clayland, from Easetrn Shore, Md.; brother of Stephen Foster, deceased, the celebrated composer of popular songs; coal operator; Senator from Forty-second District of Pennsylvania; and Manager of the Reform School, Morganza, Pa.

Ferguson, Rev. Robert Gracey, New Wilmington, Pa. Born in Franklin County, Pa.; father, James Ferguson; mother, Mary A. Doyle; minister of the United Presbyterian Church; President of Westminster College, six years.

Fulton, Mrs. Ann, Johnstown, Pa.

Fulton, Miss Annie, Johnstown, Pa.

Frew, John, 25 and 27 Fourteenth Street, Wheeling, W. Va. Born in County Antrim, Ireland; son of Alexander and Esther Scott Frew; publisher and half owner of Daily Intelligencer; member City Council; member of Board of County Commissioners; delegate at large to Republican National Convention, 1889; Director in Exchange Bank of Wheeling.

Fulton, John, Johnstown, Pa. Born at Drumard, County Tyrone, Ireland; ancestors oh father's side, Lowland Scotch; on mother's side, McKeown, Highland Scotch; General Manager Cambria Iron Company; superintendent of works on completion of North Branch Canal, 1848 to 1852; assistant engineer Barclay Railroad, 1852 to 1854; resident civil and mining engineer Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad, 1855 to 1874; chief engineer Bedford and Bridgeport Railroad, under Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1870 to 1873; general mining engineer Cambria Iron Company, 1874 to 1887; General Superintendent, 1887-88; General Manager, 1888 to------; member American Institute Mining Engineers; American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia; author of "Physical properties of Coke for Blast Furnace Use."

Fleming, J. Pressley, 108 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Fullerton, Hugh Stuart, Hillsboro, Highland County, O. Born at South Salem, Ross County, O.; son of Rev. Hugh Stuart Fullerton and Dorothy Boiles Fullerton; physician; first lieutenant Ohio Volunteer Artillery, U. S. A.; assistant physician Central Ohio Insane Asylum, Columbus, O.; member of Board of Education, Hillsboro; received the degree of A.M. at Miami University. Oxford, O., 1862; M.D. Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, O., 18G6.

Gibson, Thomas, Nashville, Tenn. Gray, M. L., 3756 Tindell Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

Gray, William Kyle, 21 Cabinet Street, Allegheny, Pa. Galloway, Rev. Oliver P., Ph.D., Prairie Home, Shelby County, Ill. Born in Warren County, Ky., near Bowling Green; A. B. and A.M. of Warren College; A.M. and Ph.D. of Woostor University; Pol.D. of College of American Politics; B.D. of C. University; son of James M. and Margaret Galloway; minister of the gospel and President of Perryville Seminary.

Graham, Dr. George, Charlotte, N. C.

Gillespie, Mrs. John, 1332 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in Philadelphia, Pa.; daughter of James Kirkpatrick and Rebecca Armstrong, of County Fermanagh, Ireland. Graham, Miss Elizabeth, 842 Sixth Street, Louisville, Ky. Born in Province of Ulster, County Tyrone, Ireland; Church-member for fifty-six years; devoted attention to Sunday-school and Mission work; Sunday-school teacher fifty-three years.

Graham, Augustus Washington, Oxford, Granville County, N, C. Born in Hillsboro, Orange County, N. C; seventh son of Hon. William A. Graham, son of Gen. Joseph Graham, son of James Graham, who came from County Down, Ireland; mother was Susan Washington, daughter of John Washington, of Kingston and New Berne, N. C.; lawyer; Secretary of Boundary-line Commission between Maryland and Virginia, 1875-76; State Senator, 1885.

Graham, Hon. George Scott, Bullitt Building, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in Philadelphia; son of James Graham and Sarah J. Graham, maiden name Scott, both of County Down, Ireland; lawyer; member of Select Council from January, 1878, to January, 1881; resigned to take office of District Attorney of Philadelphia (i. e., prosecutor of the pleas), which office ho has held ever since, having been re-elected three times, twice by a unanimous vote of both parties; professor of criminal law in University of Pennsylvania; Past Grand Commander of Knights Templar of Pennsylvania ; elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Given, Dr. A., 1403 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. Born at Warm Springs, Bath County, Va.; grandfather was an Irishman; grandmother, Scotch; physician.

Given, Mrs. Caroline Turnbull, 1403 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. Born at Monterey, Highland County, Va.; maternal grandfather, Scotch ; paternal grandfather, Irish.

Groves, Thomas Porter, Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tenn. Born in Robertson County, Tenn.; son of Wiley Groves and Leah West; farmer.

Guild, Mrs. Mary Stiles Paul, 120 Johnson Street, Lynn, Essex County, Mass. Born at Hanover, N. H., January 26, 1830; daughter of Bela and Mary (Briggs) Paul; descended on paternal side from William Strowbridge and Margaret Henry, Scotch emigrants from the north of Ireland; and William Strowbridge, Jr., and Sarah Montgomery Morrison; housekeeper.

Hall, Rev. Dr. John, New York City, 712 Fifth Avenue; Vice-President for New York in the Scotch-Irish Society of America. Born in County Armagh, Ireland; both parents of Scottish families settled in Ulster; Presbyterian minister; was Commissioner of National Education in Ireland; now Chancellor of the University of the city of New York; see Appleton's "Cyclopaedia of American Biography," Vol. III., page 42.

Henry, William Wirt, LL.D., Richmond, Va.; Vice-president for Virginia in the Scotch-Irish Society of America. Born at Red Hill, Charlotte County, Va.; son of John Henry and Elvira McClelland; lawyer; member of the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia; Vice-president of the Virginia Historical Society; President of the Scotch-Irish Society of Virginia.

Herron, Col. W. A., Pittsburg, Pa. Life member of the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Pittsburg; leading real estate man of Pittsburg; a director in a number of charitable and educational institutions, and prominent in all public enterprises.

Holmes, William, 10 and 12 Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Harbison, Samuel P., Twenty-second and Railroad Streets, Pittsburg, Pa.

Hayes, W. M. W., Franklin, Venango County, Pa.

Hardie, William Tipton, 229 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, La. Born at Talladega, Ala.; parents, John Hardie, born in Scotland, and Mary Meade Hall, born in Virginia; merchant; elder in First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans.

Hunter, Rev. O. J., D.D., North East, Pennsylvania.

Hunter, William Henry, Steubenville, Jefferson County, O. Born at Cadiz, Harrison County, O.; his father, Joseph P., was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., May, 1804, son of James, born in same county, 1777, whose father was born in Ulster and settled in Fauquier County, Va.; his mother, Letitia McFadden, was born in Coothill, County Cavan, Ireland, daughter of Samuel McFadden and Lydia Stafford; Samuel was the son of George McFadden and Isabella Mcintosh, daughter of Sir James Mcintosh; editor and proprietor of the Steubenville Gazette, in connection with Henry Hunter McFadden; Democratic candidate for presidential elector on ticket with Cleveland and Thurman; Vice-president for Ohio in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Howard, J. B., 971 Iowa Street, Dubuque, Ia. Born at Carrick-fergus, County Antrim, Ireland; father and mother born at Car-rickfergus; James Boyett, a relative on his mother's side, was Mayor of Carrickfergus in 1606 and 1608 ; gas engineer.

Houston, William Paxton, Lexington, Va. Born at Lexington, Rockbridge County, Va.; son of Rev. Samuel Rutherford Houston, D.D., and Margaret Parks Paxton Houston; lawyer; judge County Court of Rockbridge Count}', Va.

Humphries, Prof. David Carlisle, Lexington, Va, Born in Wythe County, Va.; parents, William Finley Humphries, M.D., and Bettie McFarland, both Scotch-Irish, and came from Augusta County, Va,; Professor of Applied Mathematics, Washington and Lee University ; member of the St. Louis Academy of Science.

Houston, James W., 436 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Garragh, County Derry, Ireland; wholesale grocer.

Hays, John, Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa. Born at Carlisle, Pa.; parents were John and Ellen (Blaine) Hays, both born in Cumberland, Pa.; lawyer; President of the Carlisle Deposit Bank since 1874.

Hogan, John P., Salem, Columbiana County, O. Born September 10, 1826, in Liverpool, England ; his father was Irish, from Limerick; mother, Scotch-Irish, descended from the Douglases, of Scotland; his parents came to America when he was four years old; manufacturer; City Treasurer and member of School Board, Salem, O.

Hammond, A. J., Cadiz, Harrison County, O. Born at Cadiz; parentage, Scotch-Irish; merchant.

Harbison, Jacob, Charleston, Ind. Born in Jefferson County, Ky.; son of Alexander Harbison, a native of County Down, Ireland; farmer.

Hotchkiss, Jed, "The Oaks," 346 East Beverly Street, Staunton, Va.; consulting mining engineer.

Harkness, William Glasgow, No. 18 North Compton Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. Born in Jacksonville, Ill.; son of James Harkness, born in Oritor, County Tyrone, Ireland, and Margaret Glasgow, born in Moneymone, County Derry, Ireland; great-great-grandfather and mother on both sides were born in Scotland; Secretary Arkansas Land Company.

Hamilton, A. C, Waco, Tex.

Henderson, Matthew, Nashville, Tenn.

Houston, Rev. Samuel, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Born at Bel-laghy, County Antrim, Ireland; son of John Houston, farmer, long an elder of the congregation of Killymonis, and Jane Heaney, daughter of Hugh Heaney, of Ballylig; minister; ordained in Calvin Church, St. John, New Brunswick, January, 1869, where he ministered nearly five years; then for a year and a half in Raisin, Mich.; returned to Canada in 1876, and was for nearly seven years pastor at Bathurst, New Brunswick; for past eight years has been in charge of Cooke's Church (Presbyterian), Kingston.

Hunter, W. Henry, Atlanta, Ga. Principal mover in the organization of the Scotch-Irish Society of Atlanta, and its first Secretary; member of the Executive Committee of the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Irvine, Miss Florence, Columbia, Tenn. Born at Columbia, Tenn., of Scotch-Irish parentage; an active and efficient worker in the arrangements for the first Scotch-Irish Congress.

Irvine, William M., Richmond, Ky.

Johnson, J. F., Birmingham, Ala. First Vice-president at Large in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Johnson, William Preston, New Orleans, La, Vice-president for Louisiana in the Scotch-Irish Society of America ; born at Louisville, Ky., January 5, 1831; son of Gen. Albert Sidney and Henrietta Preston Johnson; President of Tulane University; colonel in the Confederate Army.

Joyce, Edward Irvin, 1035 Fifth Avenue, Louisville, Ky. Born at Shepherdsville, Ky.; Scotch-Irish parentage; Southern agent of William Mann Company, of Philadelphia and New York. Johnston, Col. William, Charlotte, N. C. Member of Executive Committee in the Scotch-Irish Society of America. Johnson, richard Van Eman, Canonsburg, Washington County, Pa. Born near Canonsburg, Pa., September 23, 1841; parents, John Johnson and Rebecca Van Eman; farmer and surveyor; member of the State House of Representatives, 1885 ; Director in the Citizen's Bank, Washington, Pa.; elder in the Presbyterian Church at Canonsburg, Pa., and Director in the Pennsylvania Reform School, at Morganza, Pa. Jackson, F. Woolcot, Newark, H. J. Jones, Edgar, Nashville, Tenn.

Jewett, Hon. Charles L., New Albany, Ind. Born in Hanover, Ind.; lawyer: district attorney Fourth Indiana District; prosecuting attorney Fifth Indiana Circuit; member Indiana Legislature; Speaker Indiana House of Representatives; Chairman Democratic State Committee since May, 1888; Chairman Democratic State Executive Committee since May, 1888.

Johnson, James Nichol, 383 Pennsylvania Street, Buffalo, N, Y. Born at Ardee, Newton Cunningham, County Donegal, Ireland; father, Scotch-Irish, and his ancestors also Scotch-Irish for several generations; mother, Scotch, a native of Haddington, Scotland; father's mother, Margaret Irvine, a native of Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland.

Johnston, Stephen, Piqua, O. Born at Piqua, O.; father's birthplace, Enniskillen, Ireland; attorney-at-law.

Johnston, Andrew McKenzie, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, Cal. Born at Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland; son of John Johnston and Sarah Ann Hall, both Scotch-Irish; ancestors were engaged in the defense of Derry; merchant; elder in Presbyterian Church. Kelley, Rev. David Campbell, Leeville, Tenn. Born at Leeville, Wilson County, Tenn.; his parents were John Kelley, son of Dennis Kelley, soldier of the Revolution, and Margaret Lavinia Kelley, daughter of Col. David Campbell and Jane Montgomery; minister of the gospel; Secretary and Treasurer of Board of Missions M. E. Church, South; colonel of cavalry C. S. A.; member of Board of Trust and projector of Vanderbilt University; projector and President of Board of Trust of Nashville College for Young Ladies; four times a member of the General Conference M. E. Church, South.

Kinkade, Samuel, Nashville, Tenn.

Kidney, James, 119 to 121 East Second Street, Cincinnati, O.

Kerr, Samuel Griffith, 408 Lackawanna Avenue, Seranton, Pa. Born at Muckross, near Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland; son of John and Sarah (Griffith) Kerr; merchant.

Kennedy, G. C, Lancaster, Pa.

Kirkpatrick, Rev. Adrian Frazier, Freeport, Armstrong County, Pa. Born at Decatur, Brown County, O.; father was of Scotch-Irish Kentucky stock, mother from Virginia; clergyman.

Kerr, Frank H, Steubenville, O.

Kearney, Peter, Prescott, Ariz. Born in Ireland; of the Cashel family; telegrapher.

Knott, J. Proctor, Lebanon, Ky. His paternal ancestors were of Danish origin and lived in Northumberland, England, whence his grandfather's grandfather, Rev. Thomas Knott, emigrated at a very early day; his only son, Rev. Thomas Percy Knott, married Jane Hart, and his only son, Thomas Percy Knott, married Fanny Ray; on his mother's side is of pure Scotch-Irish extraction; his father, Joseph Percy Knott, married Maria Irvine McElroy; her grandfather's father, James McElroy, and her grandmother's father, Rev. John Irvine, both of whose ancestors were from Scotland, emigrated with their families from Ulster Province on the ship "George and Anne" in 1729 or 1730; her grandfather, Samuel McElroy (son of James), came over with his father, and on reaching man's estate married Mary Irvine (daughter of John), who had been his playmate on the passage over; her father, William E. McElroy (son of Samuel and Mary), married Keturah Cleland; Keturah Cleland's father, Philip Cleland, married a Richards, of Scotch-Irish extraction, and his father, Dr. Thomas Cleland, and his mother were Scotch-Irish emigrants, who settled in Virginia in 1732.

Kerr, Samuel, Recorder's Office, Chicago, Ill. Born in Sligo County, Ireland; son of Samuel Kerr and Ann (Cunningham) Kerr, all Scotch-Irish Presbyterians of Sligo County; his mother was Rebecca (Young) Kerr, whose mother was a Dennison, from Paisley, Scotland; the Youngs were Episcopalians; two brothers of his paternal grandfather emigrated to the United States in the early part of this century, and settled in Cincinnati, O.; Mr. Kerr himself came to this country in 1864, and has lived in Chicago most of the time since; he has been clerk in the Recorder's Office for nineteen years; before that, was four years in the employ of the Chicago and North-western Railway. Logan, Rev. Samuel C, D.D., Scranton, Pa.

Lee, Judge John M., Nashville, Tenn.

Loan, Thomas, Evaline Avenue, East End, Pittsburg, Pa.

Lyle, Rev. Samuel B. D., Hamilton, Ontario.

Latimer, James William, York, Pa. Born at West Philadelphia, Pa., June 24, 1836; Scotch-Irish parentage; paternal grandmother descended from an English Episcopal family (Bartow) and a French Huguenot family (Beneget); lawyer; in 1885 elected law judge of the Nineteenth Judicial District of Pennsylvania, composed of the county of York, which office he still holds.

Lamberton, W. R., Pelham Manor, New York City. Born at Warrington, Fla.; father, Scotch-Irish descent; mother, English and French; lawyer; holds several local offices and a number in railroad companies.

Lamberton, Charles Lytle, 46 West Twenty-second Street, New York City. Born at Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa.; his ancestors all Scotch-Irish, who emigrated from Ireland about 1748, and settled in the Cumberland Valley; son of Maj. Robert Lamberton and Mary Harkness; paternal grandparents, Gen. James Lamberton, who emigrated from County Derry, Ireland, and Janet McKeehan; maternal grandparents, William Harkness, emigrant from Ireland, and Priscilla Lytle, a native of Pennsylvania; lawyer; formerly Senator of Pennsylvania, and a member of Governor's staff; delegate to National Democratic Convention in 1864 and 1872 ; fellow of the American Geographical Society.

Lithgow, Hon. James S., Louisville, Ky. Born at Pittsburg, Pa., November 29, 1812; parents were from Province of Ulster; manufacturer ; Mayor of Louisville.

Latty, Alexander S., Defiance, O. Born in Ireland, June 30, 1815; judge of Court of Common Pleas and District Courts in the Third Judicial District of the State of Ohio from February, 1857, to February, 1877.

Lucky, Cornelius Evarts, Knoxville, Tenn.

Locke, C. A., Cole Building. Nashville, Tenn.

Mitchell, Robert, Cincinnati, O.

Mitchell, Rev. G. W., Wales, Tenn.

Mooney, William II., Steubenville, Jefferson County, O. Born in Jefferson County, O.; son of Johnston and Elizabeth Murphy Mooney; banker.

Moore, Armour J., 1616 Glenarm Street, Denver, Col.

Moore, Charles C, 2001 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Mahood, Edwin Blow, 921 Liberty Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Mahood, Mrs. Annie Reed, 921 Liberty Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Morris, William II., Monongahela, Pa.

Meharg, John, Ravenna, Portage County, O. Born at Drumlee, County Down, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; editor of the Re-publican; Mayor of Ravenna, three years; County Clerk, nine years; prosecutor, one term.

Miller, Thomas, 98 and 100 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.

Miller, W. H., 98 and 100 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.

Means, Arthur Frederick, 61 Court Street, Boston, Mass. Born in Boston, Mass.; his paternal ancestors, in lineal descent, were Robert Means, who settled in Falmouth, Me., in 1718; John Means, of Saco, Me., born 1728, died 1776; Robert Means, of Surry, Me., died 1820; Robert Means, born at Saco, Me., in 1783, died 1842; and John Withan Means, who was the father of Arthur F. Means, his mother being Sophia Romney Wells; member of the Boston Common Council, and member of the Massachusetts Legislature.

Montgomery, Alexander, 1801 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco, Cal. Vice-president for California, member of the Executive Committee, and life member in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; President of the California Scotch-Irish Society; born in County Down, Ireland, in 1825; pioneer, in 1848, to California, where he engaged in mining and accumulated a fortune; donated $250,000 at one time to the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of San Francisco; prominently connected with various philanthropic institutions.

Mason, Miss Meda, Prospect, Giles County, Tenn. Born in Giles County, Tenn.; Scotch-Irish parentage.

Maclay, Edgar Stanton, 98 Eighth Avenue, New York City. Born in Foochow, China, April, 1863; son of Rev. Dr. Robert Maclay, a noted missionary to China and Japan, and Henrietta Caroline Sper-ry; father was born at Concord, Franklin County, Pa.; educated at Syracuse, N. Y., where he completed his course in 1885; spent a year in Germany and France, engaged in researches in American history; managing editor of the Times, Brooklyn, N. Y.; author of the "Maclays of Lurgan."

Martin, Thomas Leslie, Louisville, Ky. Born in Woodford County, Ky., 1858; youngest son of Jesse and Margaret Thornton Martin; mother's parents were Scotch-Irish, and settled in Pennsylvania; lawyer, graduate in the class of 1880 of law department of Louisville, with degree of LL.B.; married in 1884 to Miss Willie E. Hunter, a descendant of the Scotch-Irish families of Hall and McDonald, of Scotland and North Ireland.

Montgomery, William G., Birmingham, Ala. Born in Lcwisburg, Greenbrier County, W. Va.; his ancestor, John Montgomery, came from Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century, settled first in Pennsylvania; married Esther Houston, from North of Ireland; settled in Augusta County, Va.; several sons became prominent in border warfare and were soldiers of the Revolution; one of these sons, Rev. John Montgomery, graduated from Princeton College in 1775, was one of the founders, trustees, and first teachers of "Liberty Hall Academy," afterward pastor of the Presbyterian Churches at Winchester, Va., and Rocky Springs, Augusta County, Va.; married Agnes Hughart; his son, John Montgomery, married Elizabeth Nelson, daughter of Alexander Nelson, who came from Ireland, about 1766; James Nelson Montgomery, father of the subject of this sketch, married Ann S. Jacob, of Wheeling, Va., and settled in Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, Va., now West Virginia; civil engineer and merchant.

Murphy, Rev. Thomas, D.D., 4315 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in County Antrim, Ireland, 1823; son of William and Mary Murphy; his father was elder of the Church which was the celebrated Rev. Dr. Henry Cooke's first pastoral charge; pastor for forty-one years of the Frankford Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia; originator and chief conductor of the great Log College celebration, September 5, 1889; deputy from American Presbyterian Church to the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, 1873, and delivered the address which awakened the first action in forming the Presbyterian Alliance; author of "Pastoral Theology," "Presbytery of the Log College," and three other volumes; framer of the Sabbath-school Department of the Presbyterian Board of Publication; D.D. from Princeton College in 1872.

Munro, Rev. John Henry, D.D., 714 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Rosedale, County Down, Ireland; son of Daniel and Rachel Munro; father's family came from Scotland in the seventeenth century and settled on land granted for service to crown; mother's family (Crawford) came from Ayrshire in times of persecution, and settled in County ------; Presbyterian minister; pastor of congregation of First Newry, Ireland, 1867-73; pastor of Third Presbyterian Church, Boston, Mass., 1873-75; pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa., 187*.

Magee, George J., Watkins, N. Y. Born at Bath, N. Y.; father, son of Irish parents from County Antrim; mother, daughter of Scotch parents; President of railroad and coal companies; Trustee in trust companies; Director of several railroad corporations; for four years, 1869-72, was Pay-master General of New York, and for sixteen years was Trustee of the Willard Insane Asylum, New York.

Maloy, Ed Nash, Gunnison City, Gunnison County, Colo. Born in Detroit, Mich.; father's birthplace, Rochester, N. Y.; mother's birthplace, Windsor, Canada; locomotive engineer, D. and R. G. Railroad.

Maloy, William James, Gunnison City, Gunnison County, Colo. Born in Detroit, Mich.; father's birthplace, Rochester, N. Y.; mother's birthplace, Windsor, Canada; locomotive engineer, D. and R. G. Railroad.

Mackey, Charles W., Franklin, Pa.; lawyer. Mayes, J. M., Columbia, Tenn. Born in Maury County, Tenn., of Scotch-Irish parentage; President Columbia Banking Company.

Morrison, Hon. Leonard Allison, Windham, N. H. Born in Windham, N. H., February 21, 1843; son of Jeremiah and Eleanor Reed (Kimball) Morrison; grandson of Dea. Samuel Morrison, and Mrs. Margaret (Dinsmore) (Armor) Morrison; great-grandson of Lieut. Samuel Morrison and Martha Allison; Lieut. Morrison came from County of Londonderry, Ireland, and was the son of James Morrison, who, with his father, John Morrison, was in the siege of Derry in 1688; author and historian; presided in annual town meetings for thirteen years; member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives for two years; Chairman of the Committee on Education; member of the New Hampshire Senate; Chairman of the Committee on Education in that branch; author of the following works: "History of the Morison or Morrison Family," "History of Windham in New Hampshire," "Rambles in Europe; with Historical Facts Relating to Scotch-American Families, Gathered in Scotland and in the North of Ireland," and "Among the Scotch-Irish, and My Summer in Exile; A Tour in Seven Countries;" received the degree of A.M. from Dartmouth College in 1884.

McDowell, Edward Campbell, Nashville, Tenn. Born in Fayette County, Ky.; son of Capt. John Lyle

McDowell, son of Col. James McDowell, son of Judge Samuel McDowell, son of Capt. John McDowell, son of Ephraim McDowell, who was their first American ancestor and who was a soldier at the siege of Derry; lawyer; lieutenant of artillery, Confederate Army; colonel of Tennessee militia; past Second Vice-president at large in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

McDowell, Dr. Hervey, Cynthiana, Ky. Born in Fayette County, Ky.; son of John Lyle and Nancy Hawthorne (Vance) McDowell; physician and surgeon ; elder in the Presbyterian Church.

McClure, Col. Alex. Kelly, Times Building, Philadelphia, Pa. Vice-president for Eastern Pennsylvania in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Center, Perry County, Pa., January 9, 1828; Scotch-Irish parentage; editor and lawyer; State superintendent of printing; State Representative three years; State Senator six years; Assistant Adjutant-general United States five months; editor of the Philadelphia Times.

McDowell, William Osborne, 20 Spencer Street, Newark, N. Y. Born at the Rihart, Pluckamin, Somerset County, N. J.; Scotch-Irish and English-Huguenot parentage; railroad President; National Vice-president General Sons of the American Revolution; executive councilman American Institute of Christian Philosophy; Council-in-chief Sons of Veterans, U. S. A.

Macintosh, Rev. J. S., D.D., 2021 DeLancy Place, Philadelphia, Pa. Vice-president General and member of the Executive Committee and life member in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; President of the Scotch-Irish Society of Pennsylvania; born in Philadelphia; educated in Europe; pastor of the historic Tennant Church, in Philadelphia, Pa.

Macloskie, Prof. George, LL.D., Princeton, N. J. Member of the Executive Committee and life member of the Scotch-Irish Society of America. Born at Castledawson, County Londonderry, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; professor of biology in College of New Jersey, Princeton.

McReynolds, Col. A. T., Grand Rapids, Mich.

McIlhenny, John, 1339 to 1349 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

McIlwaine, Rev. Richard, D.D., Hampden Sidney, Va. Born at Petersburg, Va.; his father, Archibald Graham McIlwaine, was a native of Londonderry, Ireland; and his mother, Martha Dunn, a native of County Derry, Ireland; clergyman and President of Hampden Sidney College, Va.; Secretary of Home and Foreign Missions of the Southern Presbyterian Church.

McGuire, Dr. Hunter, 513 East Grace Street, Richmond, Va. Born at Winchester, Va.; Scotch-Irish parentage; surgeon; medical director Second Corps A. N. Va.; professor of surgery Medical College of Virginia, Emeritus; President American Surgical Association, 1887; President Southern S. and G. Association, 1889; Vice-president American Medical Association, 1881.

McKay, James B., 115 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. Born at Limavady, County Londonderry, Ireland; son of James McKay and Mary McClellan; dealer in real estate; bank director.

McDowell, Col. H. C, Lexington, Ky. Owner of Ashland, home of Henry Clay, whose daughter he married.

McLaughlin, Judge William, Lexington, Va. Born in Rockbridge County, Va.; Scotch-Irish parentage; judge of the Circuit Court; member Virginia Convention; member of Virginia Legislature; judge of the Circuit Court of Virginia; judge of Special Court of Appeals of Virginia; rector of Washington and Lee University.

McKee, John Alexander, Kingsville, Ky. Born in Bourbon County, Ky.; son of John McKee and Eliza Willson; his greatgrandfather fought with the patriots in South Carolina, and was killed at King's Mountain.

McShane, Daniel, Cynthiana, Ky. Born in Harrison County, Ky.; son of Daniel McShane and Nancy Talbert; farmer.

McCoy, Dr. Alex, Pekin, Ill.

McIlhenny, George Alexander, 2001 O Street, corner Twentieth Street, Washington, D. C. Born at Milford, County Donegal, Ireland; son of James and Mary A. McIlhenny; President and engineer of the Washington (D. C.) Gas Light Company; Vice-president of West End National Bank; Director in Corcoran Insurance Company; Director of Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company; President of Board of Trustees of Western Presbyterian Church.

McNeal, Hon. Albert T., Bolivar, Tenn.

McIlhenny, Oliver, Hillsboro, Miss. Born at Milford, County Donegal, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; engineer and manager of gas works for twenty-eight years.

McClellan, Judge Robert Anderson, Athens, Ala. Born near Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tenn.; son of Thomas Joyce McClellan and Martha Fleming Beatie; both Scotch-Irish; lawyer since 1870; Mayor of Athens, Ala.; member of Constitutional Convention, 1875, of Alabama; member Alabama State Senate, 1876-77.

McFadden, Henry Hunter, Steubenville, Jefferson County, O. Born at Cadiz, Harrison County, O.; son of Henry Stafford McFadden, born at Coothill, County Cavan, Ireland, and Frances Isabella Poore, born in York County, Pa.; editor and publisher of Steubenville Gazette, jointly with W. H. Hunter; member of the Ohio State Board of Charities. McCook, George W., Steubenville, O.

McDowell, Samuel James Polk, Lockhart, Caldwell County, Tex. Born at Columbia, Maury County, Tenn., July 6, 1824; son of Samuel McDowell and Isabella McCleary; Scotch-Irish descent; his paternal grandparents were John and Esther McDowell; his maternal grandparents, Thomas and Jane Creigh, emigrated to the United States in 1792; landed at Wilmington; thence to Augusta County, Va.; his parents moved from Augusta County to Greenbrier County, Va.; thence to Columbia, Tenn.; farmer; delegate to Democratic State Convention from Hardeman County, Tenn., at Nashville in 1853; moved to Caldwell County, Tex., same year; county clerk four years; member of first Confederate Legislature, 1860-1862; resigned; captain Company K., Seventeenth Texas Volunteer Infantry, C. S. A.; transferred to Mississippi Department, 1862-1865; district and county clerk, 1873-1880.

McClung, Col. D. W., Cincinnati, O.

McDill, James Wilson, Creston, Union County, la. Born at Monroe, Butler County, O.; Scotch-Irish parentage; attorney-at-law; circuit judge; district judge; railroad commissioner; member of Congress; United States Senator.

McLenahan, W. C, Lane Street, Cincinnati, O.

McCormick, Cyrus Hall, 212 Market Street, Chicago, Ill.

McCall, Ansel James, Bath, Steuben County, N. Y. Born at Painted Port, Steuben County, N. Y., January 14, 1816; son of Ansel and Ann McCall; lawyer.

McIlhenny, Mrs. Bernice, Upsal Station, near Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

McCandless, E. V., Pittsburg, Pa.

McCartney, David, Rebecca Street, Alleghany, Pa.

McCrichart, S., 1010 Penn Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

McKee, John T., Buena Vista, Va.

McGowan, David, Steubenville, O. Born at Steubenville, O.; son of David and Mary Reed McGowan; wholesale grocer ; Vice-president of Steubenville National Bank.

McCullagh, John H., 148 East Forty-ninth Street, New York City. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; police captain, New York City.

McCandless, Henry, 77 Diamond Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Ban bridge, County Down, Ireland; son of Samuel McCandless and F. Anne Smith; both Scotch-Irish; cashier and book-keeper; Professor of Agriculture, Cornell University, 1871-73; Principal of Ontario Agricultural College, Canada.

McWilliams, John, 242 West Thirty-first Street, New York City.

McClintock, William A., 100 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

McKelvey, Rev. Alex., Jersey City, N. J.

McCarter, Thomas Nesbit, LL.D., Newark, N. J. Born at Mor-ristown, N. J.; father, Robert H. McCarter, son of John McCarter, a native of Ireland; mother, Elizabeth B. McCarter, a daughter of Thomas Nesbit, also born in Ireland; lawyer; LL.D. of Princeton College; member of New Jersey Assembly; Chancery Reporter of New Jersey; commissioner to settle boundary line between New York and New Jersey.

McMurray, James, Luna Landing, Ark. Born at Jamaica, Manchester County, N. J.; father, native of County Armagh, and mother of Dublin, Ireland; planter and merchant; has been Clerk of the Circuit, Chancery, County, and Probate Courts of Chicot County, Ark.

McConnell, John Alexander, 87 Water Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Harlem Springs, Carroll County, O.; ancestors on both sides came from the North of Ireland three or four generations ago; engineer and manufacturer; Chairman of the Prohibition State Convention, member of the Prohibition State Executive Committee, and Chairman of the County Committee.

McClintick, William T., Chillicothe, O. Born at Chillicothe, O.; father, James McClintick; mother, Charity McClintick; attorney and counselor at law; admitted to the Ohio bar, 1840; afterward admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States; prosecuting attorney for Ross County, O., from 1849 to 1881 inclusive; President of the Cincinnati and Baltimore Railroad from 1863 to 1883; President of the Baltimore Short Line Railroad Company in 1882; President of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company, 1879-84; President of the Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company, 1883-90; general counsel for and director in a number of other railroads; Trustee of the Ohio Wesleyan University and other similar institutions.

McDonald, Andrew Wellington, Steubenville, O. Born at Logs-town, Beaver County, Pa.; father, Andrew McDonald; mother, June Irwin McDonald; contractor.

McKee, Rev. John Shields, 322 East Pearl Street, Butler, Pa. Born at Pittsburg, Pa.; father, William S. McKee; mother, Elizabeth Shields McKee; minister of the United Presbyterian Church at East Brady, 1875-80; of First Church, Mercer County, Pa., 1881-84; of the United Presbyterian Church, Butler, Pa., since 1884.

McCandless, Stephen, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Pittsburg, Pa.; parents, Wilson and Sarah N. McCandless; attorney at law, and Clerk of the United States District Court of Western Pennsylvania.

McGaw, James, 186 Juniata Street, Allegheny City, Pa. Born in County Down, Ireland; ancestors of Scotch descent; tea merchant.

McCormick, Henry, Harrisburg, Pa. Born in Harrisburg, Pa.; son of James McCormick, born at Silver Spring (lower settlement) Church, Cumberland County, Md.; great-grandfather settled there in 1760; iron-master.

McAlarney, Matthias Wilson, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pa. Born at Mifflinburg, Pa.; son of John McAlarney, born in Longford, Ireland, and Catherine Wilson, who was born in Pennsylvania, and whose parents were natives of Maryland, of Scotch-Irish ancestry; editor and publisher of the Harrisburg Daily Telegraph; Postmaster of the city of Harrisburg from September, 1874, to April, 1887; member of the Scotch-Irish Society of Pennsylvania; editor of the " History of the Frontier Church of Rev. (Col.) John Elder Paxtang," the corner-stone of whose present building was laid in 1740.

McKee, Wilson, Steubenville, O.

McLanahan, J. King, Hollidaysburg, Pa. Life member of the Scotch-Irish Society of America, and Vice-president for Western Pennsylvania.

McCurdy, Rev. O. B., Duncannon, Pa.

McHenry, Robinson, 68 North Avenue, Allegheny, Pa.

McCready, William Stewart, Black Hawk, Sauk County, Wis. Born at Ballycormick, Parish of Bangor, County Down, Ireland, May 27, 1836; parents Covenanters, and came to America in 1850; farmer; captain Company G., Eleventh Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers in war of the rebellion; wounded in action at Pache River, Ark., July 7, 1862, and at Vicksburg, Miss., June 17, 1863.

Mackey, George, 361 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn. Born at Cool-atee, County Donegal, Ireland.

McCready, William, 1218 Broadway, Louisville, Ky. Born at Sligo, Ireland; merchant.

McKeehan, Charles Watson, 634 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in Juniata County, Pa.; attorney at law.

McClure, William, New York Stock Exchange, New York City. Born at Carlisle, Pa., July 12, 1846; son of Charles McClure, member of Congress about 1840, and Secretary of Commonwealth for Pennsylvania under Gov. Porter; mother, Margaretta Gibson, daughter of John Bannishee Gibson, for many years Chief-justice of Pennsylvania; stock-broker.

McAllister, Rev. David, Allegheny, Pa.

McRee, Rev. James McWhorter, North Vernon, Ind. Born in Iredell County, N. C.; father, James Polk McRee; mother, Rebecca (Brevard) McRee; grandfather, Adam Brevard (author of the Mecklenburg declaration of independence) ; Presbyterian minister.

McConnell, George W., Angola, Ind.

McDowell, J., Cynthiana, Ky.

McCormick,. William, Leighton, Colbert County, Ala. Born at Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland; father a native of Dublin, and mother of Carrickfergus; merchant; generally postmaster under a Democratic administration ; notary public.

McKenna, David, Slatington, Lehigh County, Pa. Born at Newton Stewart, Wigtonshire, Scotland; Scotch parentage; mother a McDowell; slate manufacturer and dealer; elder in the Presbyterian Church of Slatington, Pa., since 1878; school director for over twenty years; notary public for eighteen years; candidate for the Assembly in Pennsylvania and also for State Senator on the Republican ticket in his district; delegate to the Republican State Convention several times, and a delegate to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1887.

McMillan, Samuel, 247 Central Park, West New York City. Born at Dromore, County Down, Ireland; Scotch-Irish and French-Huguenot parentage; Director in Mutual Bank, New York City; Director in West Side Bank, New York City; Trustee and Treasurer of Central Baptist Church twelve years; member of the Real Estate Exchange and Chairman of Tax Committee.

McCracken, Alexander McBride, 610 Lexington Street, Louisville, Ky. Born at Bucyrus, O.; Superintendent Louisville, St. Louis, and Texas Railway Company.

McLean, John H, Iron Mountain, Mich. Born at Neenah, Wis.; father, Scotch-Irish; mother, Irish; has charge of supply store for Chapin Mining Company; supervisor for the city; member of Board of Education; and one of the Directors of the Iron Mountain Building and Loan Association.

McClaughry, Robert Wilson, Hoboken, Allegheny County, Pa. Born at Fountain Green, Hancock County, Ill.; his father, Matthew McClaughry, born in Delaware County, N. Y., and his parents came from County Longford, Ireland; his mother, Mary Hume McClaughry, daughter of Robert and Catherine Hume, born near Hume (Home) Castle, Berwick on Tweed, Scotland; General Superintendent Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory, Huntington, Pa., major One Hundredth and Eighteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry from 1862 to July, 1864; Pay-master U. S. A. from July, 1864, to October, 1865; county clerk Hancock County, Ill., from December, 1865, to December, 1869; warden Illinois State Penitentiary, Joliet, Ill., from August 1, 1874, to December, 1888; General Superintendent Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory from December 1, 1888, to date.

McLeod, Rev. Thomas B., 256 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born at Castle Bayney, Ireland ; came to this country in 1867; graduated from Princeton College, 1870, and from Princeton Theological Seminary, 1873; pastor of the Clinton Avenue Congregational Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.

McCue, E. McK., Fort Defiance, Va. Born near Fort Defiance, Augusta County, Va., October 11, 1860; son of Thomas W. McCue and Elizabeth Wilson, both of Scotch-Irish descent; his father was a son of Dr. William McCue and Ann Isabella Berry and grandson of Rev. John McCue, pastor of Tuekleag Spring Presbyterian Church; his mother was a daughter of Dr. James Wilson and Elizabeth Kenney, and granddaughter of Rev. William Wilson, D.D., second pastor of the Old Augusta Stone Church (Presbyterian), dedicated January, 1749, and of which Church his great-grandson is an elder.

McGinnis, Alexander, Prairie Du Sac, Wis. Born at Baragh, County Tyrone, Ireland; clerk; sheriff and postmaster.

McReady, William, Louisville, Ky. Born in Ireland; his paternal grandparents, John McReady and Mary (Anderson) McReady, were natives of North Ireland, removing after marriage to Sligo, where his father, John McReady, was born; his mother was Ann Hines, of Castleboro; the father died, leaving a widow and six children; William, being the eldest, came to America, and afterward sent for other members of the family; all of them now live in Louisville, except the mother, one brother, and one sister, who have since passed away, and one married sister living in Michigan; merchant.

Nelson, Robert, 342 Summit Street, Toledo, O. Born at Banbridge, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; wholesale jeweler.

Newell, James, 144 Irwin Avenue, Allegheny City, Pa.

Nelson, Ambrose, Franklin Extension, Allegheny City, Pa. Born at Tardree, Parish of Connor, County Antrim, Ireland; father and mother born in County Down, Ireland, of Scottish ancestry, partly raised in Glasgow, Scotland; stone-cutter by trade; city missionary Fourth U. P. Church, Alleghany, Pa., for the last five years.

Nelson, John Franklin, Hillsboro, O. Born at Hillsboro, O.; his paternal grandfather, a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian from County Down, Ireland, came to this country about 1775; was a merchant in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War, after which he went to Augusta County, Va., where he married Anne Mathews, of Scotch-Irish descent, and belonging to a family which has produced many noted men, among them being Prof. A. L. Nelson, of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.; his father settled at Hillsboro, O., in 1812; his maternal grandfather was a Scott, of Scotch descent; among his relatives of this family were Gen. Winfield Scott, and Dr. John Scott, who was the intimate friend of President William Henry Harrison; President Benjamin Harrison's father was named after this Dr. Scott, and his wife was also a Scott; Mrs. President Hayes was a cousin of the subject of this sketch.

Orr, Robert A., 419 Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Orr, D. A., Chambersburg, Pa.

Orr, Charles Edgar, 419 Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Orrstown, Franklin County, Pa.; Scotch-Irish and German parentage; iron broker and investment banker.

Orr, William B., Hamilton Building, Room 613, Pittsburg, Pa.

Orr, John G., Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pa. Born at Orrstown, Pa.; Scotch-Irish parentage; editor; elder in two Churches.

Omelvena, Rev. James, Washington, Ind. Born near Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland; son of James Omelvena and Jennie Gibson; minister of the gospel.

Orr, Robert Henry, Steubenville, O. Born in Steubenville, O; great-grandfather, William Orr, of Roddins, County Down, Ireland; grandfather, Robert Orr, of Roddins, County Down, Ireland; father, John Orr, of Ballyhalbert, County Down, Ireland; wholesale grocer.

O'Hearn, Edward Johnston, Custer, Wood County, O. Born in Washington Township, Henry County, O.; father, Edward O'Hearn, from Tipperary, Ireland; mother's maiden name, Agnes Johnson, of Kelso, Roxburgshire, Scotland; dealer in real estate.

Parke, Rev. N. G., D.D., Pittston, Pa. Born in York County, Pa,; Scotch-Irish parents; pastor First Presbyterian Church, Pittston, Pa.

Perry, Prof. Arthur Latham, Williamstown, Mass. Vice-president for Massachusetts in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Lynn, N. H.; son of Rev. Baxter Perry and Lydia Gray, both of Worcester, Mass.; maternal grandfather, Reuben Gray; paternal grandfather, Matthew Gray, and his father was Matthew Gray; the last two were emigrants, of 1718; teacher and author; professor of history and political economy in Williams College since 1853; President of Berkshire Historical and Scientific Society.

Pillow, Dr. Robert, Columbia, Tenn.

Pogue, Henry, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O.

Pogue, Samuel, Avondale, Cincinnati, O.

Patton, Dr. James Murray, Kelly's Station, Armstrong County, Pa. Born at Kittanning, Pa.; son of John M. and Elizabeth Stark Patton; paternal grandparents, James and Mary Murray Patton; maternal grandparents, Rev. John Stark and Mary Scott Stark; physician.

Park, Richard, 299 West Ninth Street, Cincinnati, O. Born at Divlin More, County Donegal, Ireland; son of Richard Park, of Drumardah, County Donegal, Ireland, and Elizabeth Dill, of Dills of Springfield; ancestors came with William of Orange; retired manufacturer.

Patterson, Hon. J. W., Concord, N. H. Vice president for New Hampshire in the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Paden, Robert Gordon, 4221 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Born in County Down, Ireland; parents, Hector Paden and Alice (Gordon) Paden; clerk for Pennsylvania Railroad.

Petty, Mrs. Anna M., 140 Meridian Street, Duquesne Heights, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Antrim, County Antrim, Ireland; of Scotch-Irish parentage; teacher; principal of " Lucky School," Thirty-fifth Ward, Pittsburg, Pa., for eleven years.

Polk, Jefferson Scott, Des Moines, Ia. Born at Georgetown, Scott County, Ky.; father and mother born in Scott County, Ky.; mother's maiden name was Moore; grandfather born in Delaware; great-grandfather Polk was of Scotch-Irish parentage; attorney at law.

Paterson, William, Perth Amboy, N. J. Born in Perth Amboy May 31, 1817; Scotch-Irish and French-Huguenot parentage; son of William Bell Paterson, son of William, born near Derry, Ireland; American ancestor, Richard, settled at Princeton in 1749, where these were educated in 1763, 1801, 1835; in early life lived in Mor-ristown, N. J.; since in Perth Amboy; by profession a lawyer, with business office in Newark; member of New Jersey Assembly 1842 to 1844; Secretary of Constitutional Convention 1844; Mayor of Perth Amboy twelve years; twice a State Tax Commissioner; State Director of Railroads for thirteen years; judge of the Court of Errors and Appeals 1882 to 1889.

Pollock, William J., 734 South Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in Philadelphia, Pa.; son of Edward Pollock and Catherine Colguhoun, of Tyrone, Ireland; insurance; member of Select Council for three years; fifteen years a member of Board of Education of Philadelphia; two terms a member of Pennsylvania Legislature; Chief Examiner of Foreign Goods for the Centennial Exhibition; twice Collector of Internal Revenue; General Approver of Merchandise of the United States.

Platt, John, New Castle, Pa. Born in County Armagh, Ireland; father, English descent; mother, Mary Henderson, Scotch, living in North Carolina, aged sixty-eight years; tailor; alderman Fourth Ward, County of New Castle, from May, 1878, to May, 1883; alderman of Fifth Ward from 1888 to 1893."

Piper, Dr. H. B., Tyrone, Pa.

Reid, John, 177 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, 0. Born at Rath-melton, County Donegal, Ireland; son of John Reid and Sarah Hatrick; retired manufacturer.

Rutherford, William Franklin, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pa. Bom in Saratoga Township, Dauphin County, Pa.; Scotch-Irish parentage; ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Ireland in 1689, to America in 1728; farmer; Vice-president Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society.

Russell, Samuel, 827 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. Born in Spencer County, Ky.; Scotch-Irish parentage; President of Bank of Louisville.

Reed, R. S., corner Thirty-third and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rankin, M. W., Twenty-third Ward, Pittsburg, Pa.

Rosemond, Frederick Leslie, Cambridge, O. Born at Fairview, Guernsey County, O.; son of James Henry Rosemond and Amanda M. Campbell; lawyer.

Ruddicks, William, Steubenville, Jefferson County, O. Born at Edinburgh, Scotland, December 22, 1846; son of John Ruddicks, who was born at Circubben, County Down, Ireland; boot and shoe dealer; steward of the Methodist Church.

Russell, John, 1243 West Fifteenth Street, Chicago, Ill. Born at Sheeptown, near Newry, County Down, Ireland; Scotch-Irish descent; clerk.

Ruffner, William Henry, LL.D., Lexington, Va. Born at Lexington, Va., 1824; son of Rev. Dr. Henry Ruffner, former President of Washington College, Va., and Sally Montgomery Lyle; father of German origin; mother, Scotch-Irish; Superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia for twelve years.

Reid, Rev. Alexander McCandless, Ph.D., Steubenville, Jefferson County, O. Born in Beaver County, Pa., April 20, 1827; on mother's side, Scotch; on father's, Irish; Presbyterian minister; Principal of Steubenville Female Seminary (which has had about five thousand young ladies under its care) for over thirty years; Moderator of the Synod of Cleveland; delegate to the Pan-Presbyterian Council in London; Trustee of Washington and Jefferson College, and the Western Theological Seminary.

Robinson, Hon. W. E., 92 Second Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ex-Member of Congress from New York; life member of Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Rice, James Montgomery, Peoria, Ill. Born at Monmouth, Warren County, Ill., March 8, 1842; son of Caroline Montgomery Rice, daughter of James Montgomery, son of Col. John Montgomery, son of Gen. William Montgomery—member of Pennsylvania Committee of Safety 1775-76, and colonel of Fourth Chester County (Penn.) militia for some time—son of Alexander Montgomery, whose father was a Scotch-Irishman and major in the army of King William, and who came to America about 1720-24 and settled in or near Philadelphia, Pa.; lawyer.

Roberts, Hon. Oran M., 2102 August and Twenty-second Streets, Austin, Tex. Born in Lawrence County (formerly District) July 9, 1815; son of Oba and Margaret Roberts; father of Welsh descent; family early settlers in Virginia; mother, Margaret Ewing, daughter of Sam Ewing, born in North Ireland, and captain of cavalry in the Revolutionary War seven years; his father was also from North Ireland, and his mother (a McCorkle) was Scotch; lawyer; now law professor in the Texas University, Austin, Tex.; represented St. Clair County in the Legislature of Alabama, 1839-40; District Attorney in Texas, 1844-45; District Judge, 1846 to 1851; Associate Justice Supreme Court, 1857 to 1862; President of Secession Convention, 1861; colonel of Eleventh Texas Infantry C. S. A., 1862-64; Chief-justice Supreme Court three times between 1864 and 1878; Governor of Texas, 1879 to 1883; law professor from September, 1883, to present.

Rankin, Henry S., The Homestead, Pawling Avenue, Troy, N. Y. Born at Troy, N. Y.; son of John Rankin, born at Garvah, near Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland, and Nancy McNally, born at Market Hill, County Armagh, Ireland ; woolen manufacturer.

Ross, W. A., 56 Pine Street, New York City.

Reynolds, James Ewell, 68 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. Born in Baltimore, Md.

Scott, Judge John M., Bloomington, Ill. Vice-president for Illinois in Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Stewart, Bryce, Clarksville, Tenn.

Stevenson, Hon. Adlai E., Bloomington, Ill. Born in Christian County, Ky.; parents Scotch-Irish Presbyterians from North Carolina; lawyer; representative in Congress from Illinois; First Assistant Postmaster-general under Cleveland's administration.

Searight, George, Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tenn. Born at Warrenpoint, County Down, Province of Ulster, Ireland; son of Moses and Charlotte Searight; merchant for thirty years; farmer; deacon and Treasurer of the Presbyterian Church.

Spencer, Moses Gregg, Piqua, Miami County, O. Born at Ramel-ton, County Donegal, Ireland, near Londonderry; son of John and Mattie Gregg Spencer, who were born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; merchant and farmer; Secretary of the Piqua Lumber Company.

Spencer, Daniel, Piqua, Miami County, O. Born at Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; son of John and Mattie Spencer; merchant.

Sherrard, Hon. Robert, Steubenville, O.

Shields, Capt. James Greenburry, 214 Spring Street, New Albany, Floyd County, Ind. Born at Marengo, Crawford County, Ind.; son of Clemant Nance Shields, born 1803, in Kentucky, and Mary Stewart, born 1807, in Kentucky, both Scotch-Irish; received thirty degrees in A.A.S.R in 1870; Past Master of Jefferson 104; Past Eminent Commander of New Albany F. A. A. M., Command-erv No. 5; Past Grand Sovereign of Independent Grand Council of Knights of Red Cross of Constantine; during the war was interested in five steamers doing service for the Federal Army—"Huntress," "Star," "Ollie Sullivan," "Bard Levi," and "Cora S.;" captain of steamer "Shields" in 1879; now a commercial traveler.

Scott, Rev. Charles, D.D., Holland, Ottawa County, Mich. Born at New Windsor, Orange County, N. Y.; his great-great-grandfather, Francis, came to America in 1729, died in 1775; great-grandfather, Thomas, born in 17G0, died in 1803; grandfather, Alexander, born in 1793, died in 1868; and his father, Charles, born in 1822; teacher, 1844-1851; pastor, 1851-1866; professor, 1866-1870; President of the General Synod Reformed Church in America, 1875; Vice-president Hope College, 1878-80; President of same, 1880.

Simpson, Robert. Cincinnati, O.

Stuart, Samuel Christopher, 1429 Moravian Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Gardenvale, County Antrim, Ireland; son of- Charles Stuart and Elizabeth Peacock, of Roseyards, County Antrim, Ireland ; police officer for thirty years.

Smyth, Samuel Kirkpatrick, 751 South Twentieth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Killigan, County Antrim, Province of Ulster, Ireland, July 7, 1825; son of William Smyth and Nancy Kirkpatrick; grandparents, McHatton on mother's side, and Huston on father's; came to Philadelphia from Ireland, July 7, 1846; undertaker.

Stewart, Rev. David C., Frankfort Springs, Pa.

Stewart, Matthew, 95 Jackson Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Sherrard, Miss Nancy, Washington, Washington County, Pa. Born in Jefferson County, O.; father, Robert Andrew Sherrard; mother, Jane Hindman Sherrard; her grandfather Sherrard was born at Newton Limarady, near Londonderry, Ireland; has been Principal of Washington Female Seminary for sixteen years.

Stitt, Rev. W. C, D.D., 76 Wall Street, New York City. Born in Philadelphia, Pa.; parents, Alexander and Ann Stitt, both from County Down, Ireland; minister in the Presbyterian Church; Secretary of the American Seaman's Friend Society.

Shaw, William Conner, M.D., 135 Wylie Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Born in Versailles Township, Allegheny County, Pa.; son of William A. and Sarah Theresa Shaw; his paternal grandparents, David and Jane (Eakin) Shaw, were natives of County Antrim, Ireland, and York County, Pa., respectively; they lived in Versailles Township, the grandmother living to be more than 102 years of age; his maternal grandparents were Rev. William and Margaret (Murdock) Conner; graduate of Washington and Jefferson College, and of Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City; practiced in Bellevue Hospital nearly two years; located as practicing physician in Pittsburg in 1874, where he has built a large practice; Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine, and of the Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital of New York; member of Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce, etc. Life member of Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Sheriff, John B., 150 North Avenue, Allegheny City, Pa. Born in Mercer County, Pa.; ancestors on both sides emigrated from County Antrim, Ireland, more than 100 years ago; dealer in copper, tin, and iron for fifty years.

Stuart, Inglis, Post Building, 16 Exchange Place, New York City. Born at Willow Tree, N. Y.; son of Homer H. Stuart and Margaret E. Dunbar; attorney at law.

Stewart, Hon. Gideon Tabor, Norwalk, O. Born at Johnstown, N. Y.; father, Thomas F. Stewart; mother, Petreske Hill, daughter of the eminent lawyer, Nicholas Hill, Jr.; lawyer; Grand Worthy Chief Templar of Good Templars of Ohio three times; several times nominee of the Prohibitionists for Supreme Court Judge and Governor of Ohio; once candidate of the same party for Vice-president of the United States.

Smith, Andrew, Cadiz, O. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland; his forefathers came from Scotland and fought in the battle of Boyne, and acquired landed estate; farmer and merchant; a soldier of the Union four years, going in as a private and coming out as a captain; County Commissioner of Harrison County.

Scott, John Lauchlin, Geneseo, Livingstone County, N. Y. Born in Carmegrim, County Antrim, Ireland; father, James Scott; mother, Eliza Laughlin; miller and farmer; Superintendent of the Poor for Livingston County, N. Y.

Speer, William McMurtrie, Manhattan Club, New York City. Born at Huntington, Pa.; son of Robert Milton Speer; mother's father, William E. McMurtrie; other family names, Cowan, Elliot, Whittaker; lawyer.

Searight, Thomas Broomfield, Uniontown, Pa. Born in Fayette County, Pa.; son of William Searight, Scotch-Irish, and Rachel Broomfield, Irish descent; attorney at law; Prothonotary of Fayette County twelve years; two years in the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania; three years in Senate of Pennsylvania; Surveyor-general of Colorado Territory.

Scott, William, Indianapolis, Ind. Born at Newton Cunningham, County Donegal, Ireland; son of Rev. William Scott, Newton Cunningham, County Donegal, Ireland, and Charlotte Crawford, of Castledown, County Derry, Ireland; grain dealer; President of Indianapolis Board of Trade.

Stevenson, Rev. Samuel Harris, McLean, Ill. Born in Iredell County, N. C.; great-grandfather Stevenson came from Ireland about the year 1740 to Washington County, Pa., and after marrying a Scotch-Irish woman, removed to Iredell County; was converted under the preaching of the celebrated Whitefield, and was ordained a ruling elder in the first Presbyterian Church organized in Iredell County, and continued to hold that office until his death; for his wonderful gift in prayer he was nicknamed "Little Gabriel;" mother's ancestors were of the same stock of people; mother's father was raised in Mecklenburg County, N. C., and associated with that set of people who produced the celebrated "Mecklenburg declaration of independence." Smith, John, Goldman, La. Sinclair, John, No. 1 Broadway, N. Y. Steele, Charles H., Steubenville, O.

Searight, Harry A., Logansport, Ind. Born in Cass County, Ind.; son of William Searight and Ann Hamilton, who came from Donegal about 1740; superintendent of schools.

Sharpe, George E., Steubenville, O. Born in Steubenville, O.; son of William L. Sharpe and Isabella McFadden; manufacturer, iron foundry; member City Council.

Sharpe, W. L., Steubenville, O. Born at Coothill, County Cavan, Ireland; descendant of the McIntoshes.

Stephenson, James S. T. D., Newmarket, Md. Born at Ardah, County Longford, Ireland; Anglo and Scotch-Irish parentage; Presbyter of the Protestant Episcopal Church; Dean of the Convocation of Cumberland, Diocese of Maryland, for seventeen years.

Smith, Rev. George Hutchinson, D.D., 269 Lure Avenue, New York City. Born at Killydonelly, near Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, twenty miles north of Belfast, son of Hugh Smyth and Jean Barber; ancestors came from Edinburgh, crossed the channel in row-boat; Presbyterian minister; has been in Dutch Church last ten years; Collegiate of Harlem, N. Y.; Moderator of Presbyteries, and Synods; clerk of same; also Commissioner to General Assembly twice; delegate from Dutch Church to Southern General Assembly, which met in Baltimore three years ago; graduated from New York University, 1862; studied theology at Allegheny, Pa., and at Princeton, N. J.; received from University A.B. and A.M., and from Geneva D.D.; was Chaplain in U. S. A.; pastor at Washington, D. C, Wilmington, Del., and New York City.

Stevenson, Rev. Ross, D.D., Washington, Pa. Born near Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland; on father's side, Scotch descent; on mother's, English; Presbyterian minister; Trustee of college; stated. supply of Upperten Mill Church.

Searight, James A., Uniontown, Pa. Born in Fayette County, Pa.; son of William and Rachel Searight; great-grandparents, William Searight and Ann Hamilton, were natives of Counties Donegal and Down respectively; they emigrated to America in 1740; landed in Philadelphia, and settled in Lancaster County, Pa.; Ann Hamilton was a sister of William Hamilton, of Lancaster County, Pa., from whom descended James Hamilton, of Revolutionary fame, and James Hamilton, the famous "nullifier" Governor of South Carolina in Jackson's day; graduate at Kenyon College, O., 1863; now President of the People's Bank of Fayette County, Uniontown, Pa.

Steele, Rev. Prof. David, D.D., 2102 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Born at Altahaghderry, near Londonderry, Ireland; son of James Steele; grandson of David Steele; minister of the gospel; pastor of the. Fourth Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Philadelphia, Pa.; Dean of the Faculty of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and professor of Doctrinal Theology.

Tarbet, Rev. William L., Pisgah, Morgan County, Ill. Born in Blount County, Tenn.; son of Hugh and Margaret K. Tarbet; minister of the gospel; Trustee of Blackburn University, Carlinville, Ill., and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of same.

Thompson, James H., Rantaul, Ill.

Torbet, Hugh, Mt. Pleasant, O.

Taggart, John D., Louisville, Ky. Born at Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland; son of James Taggart and Mary Douds; pork packer; President of Fidelity Trust and Safety Vault Company; President of Kentucky and Louisville Mutual Insurance Company; Director in Bank of Commerce, Louisville, Ky.; Director in Bank of Shelbyville, Ky.; President and Director in three other companies; Director of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

Throne, Robert Gillespie, Nashville, Tenn. Born at Lifford, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parentage; wholesale shoe merchant; elder in the First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tenn.

Thompson, De. John A., Wrightsville, Pa. * Thompson, Emmet Boles, 610 Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Thompson, Rt. Rev. Hugh Miller, Jackson, Miss. Born at Tamlaght, County Derry, Ireland; son of John Thompson and Anne Miller; clergyman of the Episcopal Church and Bishop of Mississippi.

Taggart, William W., M.D., Wooster, O.

Torrens, Finley, 420 Frankstone Avenue, East End, Pittsburg, Pa. Born at Letterkerry, County Donegal, Ireland; great-grandfather Francis Torrens, born in Kirkintillock, Scotland; grandfather, Francis Torrens; and father, Francis Torrens, born in Letterkerry, Ireland; real estate agent for the large Denny estate for thirty-five years; member of City Council; President of several manufacturing companies; elder in the Presbyterian Church, etc.

Thaw, Mrs. William, Fifth Avenue, East End, Pittsburg, Pa. Born near Kittanning, Pa.; paternal grandmother, Scotch-Irish; paternal grandfather, English; maternal ancestors have been in America for two generations; Mrs. Thaw is the widow of the late Mr. William Thaw, of Pittsburg, a very prominent railroad man; she is active in the charitable organizations of her city.

Temple, Judge O. P., Knoxville, Tenn. Born in Green County, Tenn., in 1820; three-fourths Scotch-Irish, of the blood of the Creigs, Burns, McCoys, Kennedys, McCords, McAlpines; lawyer; in 1850 appointed one of three commissioners to visit and negotiate treaties with Indian tribes of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California; in 1860 presidential elector on the Bell-Everett ticket for the Knoxville District; in 1866 appointed by the Governor one of the Chancellors or Equity Judges of the State; twice elected afterward, and held this trust twelve years; from 1881 to 1885 postmaster at Knoxville; in 1885 retired from active life.

Tate, Robert Cochran, St. Joseph, Mich. Born at Fourtowns, Tul-lymore, County Down, Ireland, January 5, 1830; son of Robert Tate and Margaret McElroy; father died August, 1840, at the old home in Ireland; mother died October, 1890, in the city of Albany, N. Y., where a large number of his relatives still reside, especially those on mother's side; General Freight Agent of the W. W. Railroad, and afterward General Superintendent of same; later General Superintendent of iron works in Pennsylvania; and General Superintendent of Chicago and Pacific Railroad; for last ten years has been General Agent of the C. and E. I. Railroad, with head-quarters in St. Joseph.

Taylor, John, City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in Philadelphia, Pa.; son of John Taylor, Bally William, Ireland, and Mattie Fulton, Derry, Ireland; insurance agent; Quartermaster-general of Grand Army of Republic; receiver of taxes, city of Philadelphia.

Thompson, Josiah V., Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa.

Turnbull, Mrs. Caroline, 1403 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. Born in Virginia.

Van Kirk, William Johnston, Pensacola, Fla. Born at Uniontown, Pa.; the Van Kirks came from Holland in 1630-40; settled near Princeton, N. J.; his maternal grandfather, Saul Carothers, was one of that numerous family, and of pure Scotch-Irish extraction; land agent for L. and N. Railroad; in the Confederate Army; was private on Gen. Price's escort, adjutant of a regiment, and a major on staff duty in McCullock's Brigade of Forrest's Cavalry, C. S. A.

Vance, Rev. Joseph, Chester, Pa. Born near Washington, Pa.; descended on father's side from John Vance, born in Virginia, 1730; Isaac Vance, born in Virginia, 1754; Samuel Vance, born in Pennsylvania, 1791; on mother's side from John Fife, born in Fifeshire, Scotland, 1721, and who came to America in 1756; his father's mother was a Cotton (Puritan); clergyman; pastor of Presbyterian Churches as follows: Beaver Dam, Wis., 1861 to 1865; Vincennes, Ind., 1865 to 1874; First Church of Carlisle, Pa., 1875-86; Chester Second, 1886 to ------; permanent Clerk of the Synod of Indiana 1871 to 1875; received the degree of D.D. in 1884 from Western University of Pennsylvania, at Pittsburg, and from Washington and Jefferson College.

Van Gorder, Greenleaf Scott, Pike, Wyoming County, N. Y. Born in York, Livingston County, N, Y., June 2, 1855; paternal ancestors, Holland Dutch; mother's name, Elizabeth Morehouse, daughter of Peter Morehouse and Sarah Johnson, who was a daughter of Edward Johnson and Elizabeth Stewart; lawyer; Town Clerk of Pike four years; Supervisor of Pike five years; Member of Assembly of New York, 1888-89; Senator Thirtieth District, N. Y., comprising counties of Niagara, Genesee, Livingston, and Wyoming; elected for two years, November, 1889, now serving first term.

Wood, Andrew Trew, Elmwood, Hamilton, Ont. Vice-president for Ontario and life member in the Scotch-Irish Society of America; born at Mt. Norris, County Armagh, Ireland; son of David and Frances Biggam Wood; steel, iron, and general hardware merchant; member of Dominion Parliament; President Hamilton Board of Trade, of the Mechanics' Institute, and of the Ontario Cotton Mills Company; President of the Ontario Baptist Convention; Vice-president of the Bible Society of Hamilton; Vice-president Hamilton Provident and Loan Society; Director of the Bank of Hamilton and of the Ontario Trust Company.

Willson, Samuel, Manterville, Minn.

Wallace, Dr. A. G., Sewickley, Pa.

Wilson, T. H., Binghampton, N. Y.

Wilson, L. M., Binghampton, N. Y.

Wilson, Rev. James Smith, Oxford, Wis. Born at Ballyhone, County Antrim, Ireland; Scotch-Irish parents; Presbyterian minister.

Wood, Mrs. Jane White, Elmwood, Hamilton, Ont. First lady member.

Waddell, Thomas, Jacksonville, Fla.

Woodard, John H., 188 Adams Street, Pittsburg, Pa.

Wilson, Charles Thomas, Altoona, Blair County, Pa. Born at Salona, Clinton County, Pa.; son of William Craig and Ruth B. Wilson; paternal ancestor was Hugh Wilson, who emigrated to America and settled in Northampton County, Pa., 1736; maternal ancestor was Gen. Thomas Craig, of the Pennsylvania line during the Revolutionary War.

Woodside, Rev. Nevin, 25 Granville Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born in Township of Stroan, County Antrim, Ireland; son of Robert and Elizabeth Nevin Woodside: minister of the gospel.

Wilkerson, Samuel H, 771 Front Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y.

Witherspoon, Rev. Andrew Jackson, New Orleans, La. Born in Waxbaw's Settlement, Lancaster District, S. C.; son of Col. Hervey Witherspoon and Jane Donnom, daughter of Maj. Robert Crawford; Scotch-Irish; Presbyterian minister of Seamen's Chapel; Chaplain of Army of Tennessee, C. S. A.; services as Seamen's Chaplain acknowledged by Presidents Arthur and Cleveland, Presidents of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras; Emperors of Austria, Hungary, Germany; Czar of Russia ; Kings of Norway and Sweden, Belgium, Holland; Queens of England, Norway and Sweden, and Empress of Russia—complimentary communications from the above potentates.

Wolff, Bernard, One Hundredth and Fiftieth Street and Eleventh Avenue, New York City. Born at Riverbound, Prince Edward County, Va.; father, Maj. Bernard Likens Wolff, of Virginia; and mother, Eliza Preston Benton McDowell, daughter of Gov. James McDowell and Susanna Smith Preston, of Virginia; physician; Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy in the University of Virginia.

Williamson, Samuel Eladsit, Cleveland, O. Born in Cleveland, O.; son of Samuel Williamson; lawyer; general counsel N. Y. C. and St. L. Railroad Company; judge of Court of Common Pleas.

Warden, Clarke Fleming, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pa. Born in East Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pa.; grandfather born in Ulster, Ireland, 1745, and emigrated to Pennsylvania between 1760 and 1770; maternal ancestors also from North of Ireland; Register and Recorder of Westmoreland County, and chief clerk in auditor-general's office under Gen. Temple.

Williams, James Clark, A.M., Pittsburg, Pa. Born in Richmond Township, Allegheny County, Pa.; Scotch-Irish Covenanter parentage; President of Curry University, Pittsburg, Pa.

Woodburn, Robert H, Franklin, Pa. Born in Armstrong County, Pa.; son of John and Jane Woodburn, both born in the North of Ireland; merchant; captain in the Volunteers of the Union Army of Pennsylvania; elder in the Presbyterian Church; Director in Exchange Bank of Franklin, Pa.

White, Henry Alexander, M.A., Ph.D., D.D., Lexington, Va. Scotch-Irish parentage; Professor of History, Assistant Professor of Moral Philisophy and Belles-letters, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, of Washington and Lee University; elected President of Central University, Richmond, Ky., 1891; Presbyterian minister.

Workman, Dr. Joseph, 112 Mutual Street, Toronto, Canada. Born at Armagh, Ireland; physician; Superintendent Asylum for Insane, Toronto, for twenty-two years.

Williams, Hon. Robert E., Bloomington, Ill. Born in Clarksville, Greene County, Pa.; maternal grandfather, Robert Hanna, from County Down, Ireland, one of the early emigrants to Western Pennsylvania, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; paternal grandfather, a native of Hampshire County, Va., also one of the early emigrants to Western Pennsylvania, and a soldier in the Revolutionary War; lawyer.

Wright, Richardson L, 4308 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in the Province of Ulster, Ireland ; son of Robert Erskine Wright, of Tyrone, Ireland, and Mary Richardson Little, of For-managh, Ireland; brought by parents to this country during childhood; retired, formerly in mercantile pursuits; Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Senator; served many years in both branches of the Legislature of Pennsylvania ; for the past nineteen years a member of the Board of Public Education in Philadelphia by appointment of the Judges of the Courts. (See " Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania," published in 1874.)

Willoughby, Rev. J. W. C, Washington College, Tenn.

Wright, Col. Thomas T., Nashville, Tenn. Born at Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland; English on father's side, Scotch on mother's; land-owner; founder of the Scotch-Irish Society of America, and of the Southern States Forestry movement; originator of the plan which brought the National Arsenal to Columbia, Tenn.; builder of the first modern business houses in Alabama and Florida; also creator of other local and national beneficial enterprises; life member of Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Westall, Rev. Henry A., Bloomington, Ill. Born in North Carolina; Scotch-Irish parentage; minister.

Wilson, James, Aurora, Ill. Born in Comber, County Down, Ireland; parents, Irish, born in Ulster, were residents of Glasgow for some time, and finally returned to Ulster; chief clerk to Superintendent Motive Power, C. B., and Q. Railroad, Aurora, Ill.

White, Hon. James B., Fort Wayne, Ind. Born in Sterlingshire, Scotland; Scotch-Irish parentage; merchant; Captain Company I, Thirtieth Regiment Indiana Volunteers; Councilman in Fort Wayne, Ind.; Member of Congress for the Twelfth District of Indiana in the Fiftieth Congress; World's Fair Commissioner for Indiana.

Young, Samuel, 921 Liberty Street, Pittsburg, Pa. Born in County Antrim, Ireland; Scotch-Irish on father's side, English on mother's; wholesale merchant.

Young, Hon. Hugh, Wellsboro, Pa. Born at Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland; son of Hugh and Katherine Kennedy Young, originally from Ayrshire; President of a national bank; member of the Pennsylvania Legislature, 1877-78; national bank examiner, 1878-88. Young, Rev. Thomas W., Gril Hall P. O., Allegheny County, Pa.

Young, Rev. Samuel, 151 Buena Vista Street, Allegheny, Pa. Born near Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland; parents, Scotch-Irish Covenanters; minister of the gospel in connection with the U. P. Church.

Note.—Every member of the Society was asked for biographical facts. Those have been published in brief where they have been furnished; but many did not respond to the request, and we are therefore unable to do more than give their names and addresses. This can be remedied in future editions.

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