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The Scotch-Irish in America
Proceedings of the Third Congress at Louisville - Proceedings


Polytechnic Hall. Mr. Bonner:

The Congress will now come to order. We will be led in prayer by the Rev. Dr. Murphy, of Philadelphia.

Dr. Murphy:

O Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place in all generations; Thou art our God; Thou art our Father's God. We adore Thee, O God, that in every undertaking we can look up to Thee for guidance and for help and for Thy blessing. We thank Thee as the God of all earth, as the God of the Church. Thou hast been with Thy people in all generations; Thou hast ordered all things for the advancement of Thy kingdom. We praise Thee that Thou hast conducted the affairs of the Church; that Thou hast guided our fathers, and hast overturned every thing for the building up of Thy own kingdom and for the redemption of the lost children of men. Thou hast given us a goodly heritage, but Thou hast also given to us a heavy responsibility. O make us faithful, Thou God of the Spirit, who didst send Thy Spirit and guide our fathers, wilt Thou guide us. We ask Thy blessing upon this part of Thy service. We thank Thee that we are here as witnesses of Thy life; that we are here to testify of Thy goodness to our fathers in other ages. Be with us now. May Thy presence be near to us! Be very near to us this evening. May every thing be done in Thy fear! and may the impressions made this night long continue with us every one! We ask all for the blessed Redeemer's sake. Amen.

Mr. Bonner:

We are now to have the pleasure of listening to one of the most distinguished clergymen in the South, the Rev. Dr. Bryson, of Alabama, an ex-Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, South. His subject is: "The Influence of the Scotch-Irish in the Formation of the Government of the "United States."

Dr. Bryson:

From the subject that has been announced, it is very evident that the address must cover a large territory, and I will ask you to listen to me patiently. I have endeavored to eliminate every thing that does not bear directly upon the point, and, as far as possible, to condense it in presenting this great subject before us this evening; and I ask you to be patient, because, of course, the subject is historic.

(For Dr. Bryson's address, see Part II., page 99.)

Mr. Bonner:

We have been listening with great pleasure to a statement of the achievements of our fathers and grandfathers of Scotch-Irish blood. I now have the pleasure of introducing to you a distinguished representative of the race, who was born and educated in Ireland. I refer to Dr. John Hall, of New York.

(For Dr. Hall's speech, see Part II., page 187.)

Mr. Bonner:

Col. Echols, of our Executive Committee, has some announcements to make before we adjourn.

Col. Echols:

Scotch-Irish Men and Women: I am glad to see such an audience here to-night, and we only trust their interest will continue through the meeting. To-morrow morning at 10:30 o'clock, after the usual opening exercises, we will be favored with an address from the Rev. Thomas Murphy, of Philadelphia, whose subject will be "The Scotch-Irish Among the Nations;" and after that speaker a paper that has been sent forward by one of our members, who cannot be with us, will be read to you, entitled "The Pioneers of California;" and I can assure you from what I have heard regarding that paper that it will be most interesting and entertaining, setting forth the trials and struggles of the pioneers of California, amongst whom were a goodly number of our race, and the important position that California has taken amidst her sister States. We thank you for the large audience of the evening and for their attention.

Mr. Bruce then repeated the announcements concerning the reception at the Galt House, which occurred immediately after adjournment.

Mr. Bonner:
The Congress now stands adjourned, to meet to-morrow morning at 10:30 at the Masonic Temple.

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