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Drawing for Kids
Book 1

  Finished drawing

"Practice makes perfect, Son."                                                      Finished drawing

Mom encouraged her boy.                                                                             

"You can learn to practice to be
frugal, you know."  Mother wanted
to teach her child.

How can I practice if I don't know
what it means?

"Frugal, my son, means being
careful, like when you walk on ice?"

"Careful with What?" Mom?

James really didn't know."

James Mother loved her son very
much.  She wanted him to have a
happy life so this is what she
told him.

"Are you careful with your books?"
Mother asked.

"Oh yes! I love to read them over
and over."

"You are careful, I noticed," James
mother praised him.

"Exciting, James. You are now
learning to have vision for
tomorrow. Just as
the great eagles can see to a
far distance, so you are
learning to do."

"You have realized that by saving
your books you may use them again
tomorrow."  James's mother was the
one to be encouraged now.

"What about your boots? Why do you
polish them?" Mother asked.

"Oh that is easy. It keeps the
water out so they don't wear out
so quick."  James was beginning
to understand to save.

"Do you have resourses, James?"

James replied, "I don't know what
that word means."

"Well, you teacher is a resourse!
Did you know that?" His mother
wanted him to think.

"Resource means that if you have
one pencil in hand and five more
besides that one, you have a
resource of five pencils." His
mother wanted James to understand
the word."

"Your teacher not only has many
pencils but she has many ways
of sharing and giving you what
she knows." James mother seemed
to have his attention.

"f you take care of her she will
teach you wonderful things to use
in the future."

James was thoughtful.

"But, how do you save a teacher?"
James had to ask.

"Do you think by being polite,
saying "Yes Mam, No Mam, Thank
You and please, might help?"
His mother answered.

"If you listening quietly when she
is speaking maybe she wouldn't
have to yell and that certainly
would save her voice, wouldn't it?"

"Oposite of Save is Waste," James.
"So then wny not, fight?"

"Waste my clothes, my shoes,
my head?"

"Exactly. You have the idea, even
though there are many more reasons
not to fight."

"So now, James, do you know what the word frugal means?"

"Yes, Mom, I think I do."  The
little boy had a lesson to
think about.

"James, can you tell me some
words that go along with
frugal?" His mother wanted to
test him.

"Careful, future, no waste,
save, resource?" He had been
listening and James knew the words.

"Excellent!  But you know, there is
much more to learn about this
small little word, frugal. Some wise men and
women have said it is the secret to happiness.

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