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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
Notes of the Rancher's Niece and Daughter

These are the notes made in an effort to record what went on at the Jones Place on the Osage Highlands, close to the famed Chapman Barnard Ranch, The "Boots" Adams Ranch, The Cotting Ranch, The Drummond's and the Oliphants ranches.

Really the Jones Place cannot by any stretch of imagination be mentioned along with these great ranches. It was a circle where the last of the line of a ranching family to come out of Georgia settled. Their grandfather, William Stephens Jones, Indian agent in state before Oklahoma was a state. His son, Joseph Hubbard Jones, ran the run, staked a claim and ranched along with farming there out of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Joseph's coming to the Osages for sustenance during drought was acceptable. His father had fought a battle before him to assure the tribe survived. Joseph and his family were welcome and one of his sons married an Osage girl. This gravitating by the family to the Highlands of Osage county was to go to the allotment of this girl. Land, no matter if it was only three hundred acres were worth going toward if one knew about living as a cattle grower. Their leasing of the lands around them increased the size of their spread.

In order to record the remnants of what happened to this family we did much study, record keeping, recording of what their house was like, the furniture, the work done to the land. Here is where I am setting the notes thanks to the generosity of Alastair McIntyre at Electric Scotland.

If from these notes at some distant time one of the heirs can pick up on this, pull the community together with a vision of creating a museum to bring to the public the hard work of the men dedicated to their family's and, to their nation through the raising of fine beef, it will be a fine project.

So, in my ignorance of what is what I go back to Scotland to study, to see what this country did to preserve their monuments. This is what helped me and I address this first.

Reuben Haines, III of Wyck wrote in the 1820s:

What is education--it is all that makes a man's mind more active, and the ideas which enter it nobler and more beautiful is a great addition to his happiness whenever he is alone and to the pleasure which others derive from his company when he is in society. Therefore it is most useful, to learn to love and understand what is beautiful, whether in the works of God, or in those of man; whether in the flowers and fields, and rocks and woods, and rivers, and sun and sky; or in fine buildings, or fine pictures, or fine music; and in the noble thoughts and glorious images of poetry. This is the education which will make a people good, and wise, and happy.

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