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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
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Oklahoma Cowboys are as certain about their dress as any suited business man might be. They topped their outfit off with a Stetson.

Lizard Boot
Lizard Boot

Boots come in any style, color, leather going to ostrich, cowhide, lizard, snakehide etc. Some cowboys who are the workers prefer the tall boots coming up to their knees. The gentlemen ranchers often wear a
shorter boot and even a boot shoe coming up to just under their pant leg.

Ostrich Boot
Ostrich Boot

Ostrich boot with the stockman's heel which allows one to slip out of the stirrups easily when roping. Price 500.00 up.

There are many types of spurs. There are: cutting, roping, barrel, bull and bronc, pleasure, jingle bob, show, or kids

Chaps (pronounced shaps) can be 1. working, 2. Rodeo  The working chaps can be for cutting cattle in thorn infested places which are almost like a pair of trousers themselves, covering the whole leg with a zippered leg or there is the working chap for the farrier, or for  shoeing horses. These are of strong supple leather with heavy thigh patches. These allow the farrier to rest the horses hoof on his thigh.

Gloves, There are gauntlet gloves, roping gloves, riding gloves, town gloves.


So, on and on it goes. This cowboy was just out for a Sunday ride, came by the house and I snapped his picture.

We won't even get into tack which is certainly the part of every ranch and actually it takes a lot of time to care for this. When the cowboy is on his leisure time is when he might choose to work on tack.

Just to name a few parts, there are: Saddle Bags, stirrups and halters. Reins: show reins, mecates, show lead reins, show lunge.

There are saddle blankets, saddle pads, cutter collection.

Of saddles there are:  Cutting, show, pleasure, reining, barrel, ranch, roping, training, youth. English.

Bits:  Western, English, snaffle, and more.

This is like a drop in a bucket as to listing of dress, tack and other accessories of the American cowboy and cowgirl.

This is a sketchy description but does give one an idea of what a great study this part of cowboy life  could be.

Heirs and Air
by Donna Flood

Breathed the air great grandfather inhaled
Rolled with comfort  wheels of silk to sail.
When once his burdened trek never failed,
Despite lesser means for travel prevailed.

The wagon drawn by oxen
Slowest travel locks in,
Until evening shadow walks in,
Give respite for fatigues toxin.

More than one hundred years ago,
Still today, I felt his horse's mane throw,
Knew the place they stood battle and blow,
The ghosts of Caney valley I know.

The battle wasn't his they said,
Spoke of it with some dread,
Clinched his jaw, saw his children wed
Where later,  on the city walk they bled.

"You can't beat old man right,."  His cry.
But there was Dora and she did die.
Seib, at Independence exhaled his last sigh,
Joseph, Grandad, remained. The tie.

Becky lost her husband on Arkansas land.
Walsie and her husband had to take a stand,
Ruth Ann owned hotel at Burbank so grand
And little Dee. a jockey with winners band.

Yes, I breathed the air of the valley fresh
While we were wrapped in that fine mesh
Of heavy green vegetation strong cache,
All this a part of me,  sealed in my flesh.

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