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Some Kids I Have Known

Bertie was moaning about her room when she heard her friend call to her.“Can you come out to play?”  Jessica  asked.

She dragged slow steps toward her window.  “I can't.”  “I'm grounded.”

“Grounded?”  “For What?”

“My room.”  “I have to clean my room.”  Bertie looked back and around at her room. It was a total disaster. “Oh yes.”   “If I don't get it in order, I'm doomed.”  “I don't know what doomed means, but that is what Mother said.”

“Will your mother care if I come up?”  Bertie's friend was loyal.

“She won't care.”   “I can't see why you would want to be shut in here with me though.”

Jessica just grinned her wide grin.  “I think I can help you out of a jam.”  “That is all.”

Jessica looked around her. “Wow!”  “This is kind of bad.”

“Don't rub it in.”  Bertie looked at her friend from lowered eyebrows.

“Oh, I'm not.”  “I just wanted to share a little plan with you.”  “I call it, J.A.M.”  “Not like jam and bread but like J is for just, A is for around, and M is for me.”  “That is my formula.”  For example, “Where you are standing now?”  “There is a half-eaten sandwich?”

“Hm, well yes, from last night.”  Bertie agreed.

“Just take it and toss it.”  “Now, that mobile phone off its hook there?”

“Well, yes.”  “That is where I was talking when I was eating my sandwich.”  Bertie reached down and picked it up and set it back on its hook.

“You see the crumpled up pieces of note paper on the same table?”

“Yeah.”  “That was for a note I made while I was talking.”

“Well, if it is crumbled that means you don't want it so toss it too.” “Now this one little area is neat so you are on your way to a clean room.”

The girl's moved from one area of the room while they visited and with each place they worked only on that one little area.  “You must not look at the whole room.”  Jessica told Bertie.  “Just remember J.A.M. or Just Around Me and do that little bit just immediately around.”  “Soon you will have the whole room finished without even having to worry about it.”

“If you can start remembering my little formula while you are in an area then maybe you can keep Completely  Always Neat and the letters for that spell C.A.N.”  “So you might say, “I CAN stay out of a JAM.”

Both girls were giggling and listening to music as they chatted. Bertie's mother felt she was probably not taking care of the cleaning so she walked up to the girl's room. As Bertie opened the door for her mother, the woman was so pleasantly surprised.  Everything was in perfect order. Her little girl was entertaining her friend in a very fresh lovely room.

“Oh my.”  The mother smiled.  “Your room is just beautiful.”  “How ever were you able to get everything in order?”  “I just didn't really believe you would be able to do it in one day.”

Bertie glanced   over to Jessica.  “Well, you see, Mother.”  Jessica has taught me her formula for keeping tidy.  I now know I CAN stay out of a JAM.”  Both the girls giggled and were so much  more better for the sharing of Jessica's knowledge.

“Well, whatever you have learned has helped you immensely.”  “I really believe you can go out now to play, since there is no longer any reason to ground you.”

“Oh, I don't know.”  Bertie signed with contentment. “My room is so pleasant now.”  “I think maybe we will just stay here.”  “I love the CD of my favorite music Jessica brought over.”

“You are very fortunate to have such a good friend, Bertie.”  “And, she has such a nice influence on you too.”

Bertie's mother left the newer more mature girl alone to enjoy her friend's company.

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