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Some Kids I Have Known

Jaylene was just a goat but she and her sisters played for hours on end. They could make a game out of just about anything. At this moment Miranda called to Jaylene.  “Can't catch me?”  “Can't catch me?” The saucy little goat was all but hopping straight up and down in one place as she challenged her sister. Maxine and Marcy the other two sisters stopped their grazing and looked up with interest.  Miranda raced off down the path toward the house and Jaylene was in close pursuit.  Maxine and Marcy joined the chase.  All four kids were in  a single line. First  Jayleen dashed  over the patio and up to the sliding glass door. She stopped for a minute to gaze at her reflection there and then she hopped to  the right, up on the glider and bounced off and back onto the path from which she had just made.  This game went on with insane repetition until all at once a new interest caught Jayleen's eye.

Bales of hay were stacked out side the barn where they were to be stored and this was where Jayleen found her next game.  Up to the top of the bale she would bound.  There the largest goat was the queen of the mountain. One by one,  each in turn the goats jumped atop the stacked bales.

“Look at me!”  “Look at me.”  The little goat bleated. “I am the biggest!”  “I am the smartest!”  “I am the tallest!”  “I am the boss!” Jayleen stood the tallest.

Maxine was the smallest but when she was atop the bales in her mind she was the strongest, tallest, smartest.  “Look!”  “Look!”  “Look!” “I told you I was the best.”  “I really am.”  “I am the best.”

All went very well with the fun and games until Jaylene was fascinated with a new lovely  row of marigolds  the lady of the house had set out. As if they felt the flowers were put there just for them the kids went down the row snapping them off to the ground in a methodical way which was incredible to watch. They finished off the plants so quickly and so completely the lady was all but aghast with the sudden disappearance of the bright flowers.

“Oh no!”  “You have munched my marigold!”  “Well, this is the end of playtime.”  “Up you go, into your pen.”  The lady reached into their feed sack with a metal cup, banged it on the side of the barrel and right away she had their attention. It was an easy matter to lead them into their pen with the feed cup in plain sight for the goats to see.

Marcy never missed a chance to challenge Jaylene.  “I knew you would get us in trouble.”  “You always do.”

Jaylene was noncommital. Instead she was busy with a new, old game and that was of running the full length of the pen, bounding up on top of the cover on one end and back down,  around starting  all over again.

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