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Some Kids I Have Known
No Pow Wow's?

Nora was the typical Native American Grandmother. Her house, her yard, her car  let the world know the grand kids were often there.

On this particular day the children had been unusually active. First they were whizzing around the house chasing each other on their bikes and then again swinging from the swing set.  Bibeth held the affectionate name given  by her younger cousin. At the moment she was in a tug of war with her boy cousin, Tommy.

Both the children's hands were surprising strong  as they were clinging to the same toy. The two jerked it back and forth, first one way and then another. Neither of them was willing to let the other one win.

“Snacks!  Snacks!”  Nora called to the children. “You said you were hungry.  Come on in for treats.”

The children forgot the toy and were all three in through the back door, pushing and shoving to try to get in at the same time.  Bibeth pulled a stool from under the table and claimed it.

“I want a stool.  Bibeth got the stool. I want a stool.”  Tommy screamed.

Nora looked frantically around the big kitchen. “There are plenty of stools. Let me bring some more in here.”

As soon as they were all seated on their stools,  Nora pulled the juice from the refrigerator. No sooner was it on the table when Tommy grabbed the bottle.

“I get to pour the juice.”  Tommy let them know.

“Oh no you don't!  I will pour it.”  Bibeth again had a grip on the bottle while Tommy maintained his hold on it.

“Hold it!”  Nora caught them before the juice was to surely spill on the floor.

“Okay!  That's it! I am worn out with squabbling.  Get your juice and your treat. We are going to read. I'm tired and you are totally out of control.”

Nora picked up what was closest and it happened to be an article out of a Christian magazine. The point was being made as to how one could get along with their fellow humans.

“Hmmm, must be an angel about the place. I couldn't have found anything better to read.”

As Nora skimmed through the article about empathy, kindness, and other skills, she tried to makes the words more simple in order for them to understand. Finally a point about the treatment of people of other races was made.

“How am I going to get this across?”  Nora was thinking.

“Tommy, do you know some people don't like Indians?”

Tommy in his four years was a thinker far past his age. The moment could have been set in a time warp far past what one knows as slow motion. The little boy turned to look directly at his grandmother.  His expression was priceless as he lowered his eyebrows while he studied the woman. The comment he made struck her as even more rare when he nailed the problem down with such a simple observation.

“That's crazy Gramma!”  Tommy was incredulous.  “If there weren't any Indians, we wouldn't have any Pow-Wow's.”

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