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Some Kids I Have Known
Sing The and Spider

Cricket was such a bothersome little creature.  She was here, she was there and made a nuisance of herself generally. Chirping loudly while people were trying to sleep, hiding under clothing dropped, and then, bouncing away in a zig zag fashion,  at the least gave her a glance askance.  Hmmmmm, Sing The,  in their language was her name, no doubt about it.

If she was threatened her wildly doing back flips had to give her tormentor a pause for laughter. She was so ridiculous in her dramatic ways and it was funny.  But, because of her child like and human ways, generally, she was just pushed out the door without harming her. Sometimes, a soft towel was thrown over her and she was picked up gently only to be shaken out of the towel into the large outdoors where she, after all, belonged.

Once,  Sing the was caught in a corner by a very large spider. Neither of the creatures  were welcome in the house. But, for some reason or another,  they seemed to prefer the space inhabited by humans.

The spider whirred a loud challenge. Sing The held her ground. The loud battle of sounds was so noisy the owner of the home had to take notice of the two misbehaving insects.

“Out!”  “Out!”  “Out you go.”  “I mean.”  “You little monsters.” “Neither of you belong here.”   And then they were herded out the door at the end of a broom.

Sing The hopped in long low skips as she covered the grassy ground in front of her. “Humph!”  She complained. “I've been thrown out of better places.”

“Well, its all your fault.”  “You should have moved out of my way.”  “You know everything fears a spider and lets us go first.”

“Everyone but me.”  Declared the saucy little insect.

“You will fear me if I get a hold on you.” The spider warned.

“Won't happen!”  The little cricket   was   so impudent.

Meanwhile the owner of the house was watching the display of that small battle going down.  “Well, girls!”  “I can't bring you to ruin.” “However these are the days of man's genius.”  “There is a little gadget sold at Wal Mart.”  “It is an electronic thing which puts out a high pitched sound you two will absolutely not be able to tolerate.”  “You have brought me to it.”

Sing The did double back flips.  The spider stopped in place as rebellious as its powerful control allowed her to do.

“You know!”  Said the spider. “She has a nerve.”  “Can you believe it?”  Cricket hoped and skipped, and then ran along side the spider who was leading the way.  She was chirping in a most winsome way to the spider who appeared to have all a sudden become her close friend.

“She does, doesn't she?”  “She really does have a nerve.”  “I guess we know where we aren't welcome.”  And off they went to look for another house which did NOT have a little electronic beeper.

Author's note:
This is a story to show the relationship between the Ponca and the Osage. Spider of the Osage is respected as “One who leads the way.” “Cricket of the Ponca's is a friendly little bug, tolerated because of its human like ways.” It is all a tribute to the Native American culture who somehow or another had a great respect for ecology before it was commonly studied.

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