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Some Kids I Have Known
What's His Name?

Mary Ellen was so captivated by the pony her friend owned. The short built horse was a quarter horse. His markings were  striking with a beautiful white blaze above his nose.

“Please may I ride your pony?”  Mary Ellen implored.

Shari looked away for a moment.  “You seem to be a good enough rider.” “I just don't take a chance on letting someone ride him if I'm not very sure they can handle him.”  “He is spirited.”

Mary Ellen was a good rider and she was sure she could manage the good looking little quarter horse, but her friend just kept making one excuse after another for her not to ride.  What she did not know was that Shari was watching and observing to see how well her friend could sit the other horses.

Finally the day arrived when Shari gave her friend permission to ride her horse.  Mary Ellen placed her foot into the stirrup and easily was up on the horse. He certainly didn't have the height of a thoroughbred and because of this she was able to mount the horse with little effort. Once on she seemed to feel the excitement the horse radiated. There all at once was a unity between them and the girl was into another world. This was a world to give her and the animal one purpose, together.  The quick moves the horse was exhibiting let Mary Ellen know he was ready for any action.  There was no question, he was spirited.

Mary Ellen gently reined the horse around in order to speak to his owner.  “Does He have a name?”

Shari was again slow to answer.  “I didn't tell you before because I knew you were so in love with him.”

“What IS his name?” Shari looked down shyly and then looked back up to her friend.  “His name is Spook.


Shari smiled slightly and again replied.  “Spook.”

Mary Ellen had no fear and  as she took him for a trial ride around the outside of the track the horse was obedient and anxious to please his rider.  All at once he threw his head back and Mary Ellen could see the whites of his wall eye stare.  She looked toward one side to see what had  “spooked” him.  On the ground was a very small white paper napkin someone had dropped. It fluttered ever so slightly in the wind but it might have been Casper the ghost as far as the horse was concerned.  As soon as they were out of the sight of the napkin the horse was again obedient and stepping in an active spirited way.

Once again he threw his head back and this time was side stepping all but moving to one side closer to the fence. It did take some careful working with the pony to guide him on past the propane tank which was this time his “ghost.”

Mary Ellen was capable and with only these two events she finished a pleasant ride with Spook.

As she handed the reins to her friend, Shari asked her.  “Did   you enjoy your ride?”

“Oh yes!”  “I really love his obedient ways.”  “He is so quick and ready to do what he is asked.”  As she walked away, she looked back over her shoulder and grinned.  “I see why you call him Spook.”

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