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Some Kids I Have Known

Scotland is a travel video tape we play for the grandson since he loves the differences and richness of Scottish living. He has become familiar with words like,

"Glen," "bagpipes," "loch." He knows about the Picks, the Scots, and some of the other tribes. He loves the castles. The festivals of Edinburgh with the performers intrigue him. I think he even has the accent of "My love is like a red, red rose."

The boats of Aberdeen are especially interesting since he knows about boats from our living close to our eight hundred mile water line of the Kaw Lake. Of course, monsters are always a way to catch the interest and "Nessie," does this.

The every day with the grandchildren is like a new world's happenings for me. Wonder why I didn't see with my own children what I see with the grandchildren? The respect one develops for their mother's personality, genes and culture are just an extra gift of understanding of why my son fell in love with her. The ways of her children express so much in my being able to communicate more easily.

Try though we may in our imperfect way to bring to our beloved children, dear friends, and even, acquaintances something of caring and sharing often the feeling is that we have not done our utmost. However, as we begin to age then one has the advantage of pulling from experience as well as thinking through ways of entertainment to create learning. If we stay rested, careful as to diet, and exercise self-control to overcome limitations as to physical stamina, then we only but a struggle to a goal.

Every day a new word is written on the blackboard. Yesterday the word was stand. Today the word was fear. During the day the word is used in sentences in a casual way so they become a part of the child's vocabulary. At meal time we discuss the word while using stories that pertain to it in some way.

With the word "fear," we discussed some different words meaning the same thing such as scarred, afraid, frightened, and terror. A very brief discussion about terrorizing in order to cause fear. If a child is allowed to talk about the word one can get the feeling as to whether they truly are getting an understanding of the meaning of the word.

To illustrate. While we talked about the word "stand," it became apparent the dictionary could not be used because the examples were far too many. There was over a column on the one word. So, we go around the table asking each person to use the word in a sentence. One said. "We stand in line at school." Another said, "I can't stand broccoli." While I'm wondering. "Is this slang?" I'm not given time to decide because we are moving right along as to different uses for the word.

My question was, "What would you say if I told you to, Go stand at the gate?"

Rewards are small but so very appreciated when ones sees the point has been made.

"Open it up for them, and close it after they come through."

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