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Genealogy Library Gallery
Chapter 3

We walked across the ridge where we were to build our house. Nothing was there. All around was nothing. The farmer had the ground prepared for sowing wheat but not any had been sown. Scraps of metal off the temporary shade Rodney built blew all over the hillside. That was a spooky feeling! Would the winds tear apart everything we put here as easily as that?  Somehow through,  we trudged through each job required for building a house. Once a whole crew had to be let go because of their neglect, but after that things went more smoothly.

Going into an area where there were people who had their reservations (is that a pun?)  about having Indians was tricky too.  Mostly the children suffered for that. This was painful but we took the insults with armadillo skin,  just thankful to be under a roof and in a place to keep the kids warm and secure. Today, seeing the Anglo people move into the homes originally built for Indian people who gave up the battle, still give us no resentment.  Life is like that, you know, the new people  have children too and they must be housed. And,  we continued onward.

Each project around us has been extra and above the norm.  Always, one has to stop to enjoy the finished job.  Having friends gathered around the computer with enough space to do so in the extra room Rodney added was payment for the finagling we did for money and construction of it. So many have come through this same room to enjoy videos shot of cultural events as well.  Sometimes, my camera work is laughable, but usually people are willing to overlook that in order to get to the meat of the subject.

Having the children run through and under the cedars which provide shade and privacy is payment for having to dig them out of a roadside.

Now, as we firm up our plans to display my art work as well as the antique photographs much of the same old situations walk through the door, but hopefully we will overcome.  Ideally this is the time to do the organizing before the fall rains set upon us as they usually do in September.

Every day we do one thing.  Yesterday a very large old metal desk for spreading papers and documents across was set on the front patio.  A volunteer came up with some of the materials for a water proof area
which is wonderful.  Pulling the file cabinet full of the genealogy from the back walk in closet making it available again will be next. The thing is heavy but we have borrowed a large “dolly” in order to move it as easily as the desk was moved.

Rodney has suggested that since there is no shade for the car at this time the arbor should be doubled in size allowing the grape vines to come over the new section in order to give us shade for our vehicle. The total peacefulness of the ranch is not here, but we do have a nice neighborhood. With the bubbling fountain out there and the extras to make it comfortable maybe we will be able to create a retreat of sorts.

The rocks Mr. Flood collected over a life time we will attach to a large board. With the help of one of our friends who has a degree in geology to label them these will be a nice display also.

Good people who dedicate themselves to genealogy love to trade and share information. This is a wonderful thing but the utmost need  for order and organization is necessary. A place can be small  with things in their proper place and the material becomes readily available.

At this moment I'm listening to the news which is talking about civil unions between people of the same gender.  It has crossed my mind as to what will happen to genealogical records if this does become legal. Just a moment of a lighter thought to go into this place.

I can't wait to have all this wall space in order to hang my paintings. Maybe I can get them all up out where people who come and go can enjoy them.

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