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Writing Group
Description of People

In order to create a picture of a person in the mind of the reader four things must be used.

1. Appearance 2. Voice 3. Walk 4. Mannerisms

The following is an exercise to describe some of the people I know.

Exercise one

The tall slender woman came into the room with little pretension or calling of attention to herself.  There was the thought that she was having to contend with her impeding age. However the management of this was part of her life showing a  resolve to be active up until the very last.   Evidence of this is the quick way she moves. The woman's hair is groomed with a care going to the discipline of another time. No neglect is  given to this part of her appearance.

Her clothing she selects is  tailored with neat pressed lines. Something about the way the woman  dresses tells that she had lived a life of dignity.

While speaking her voice is strong, clear  and had no mincing or slurring of words.  A younger woman seemed to speak as she mouthed words in a concise way.  If the material before her held strict discipline or soft emotion the learned  academic  study was most evident in her carefully covering  the material.

Exercise Two

There is  a strength about the woman sitting across from me. Her features are chiseled as if some carver of stone had carefully cut and shaped them. Physically she has a thin structure which could easily have been gaunt. Age approaching ninety was the reason. This gives us an understanding and explanation for her tight muscular structure made this way from steady work while  living on a farm.  She worked as a school teacher with the responsibility also  of caring for the duties of country life. It has given her a notable swift walk. Quick steps must have helped her cover territory and area in order to complete numerous tasks.

Although a hearing impediment makes it difficult for her to sometimes understand it still has no effect on the way she speaks. Her voice is soft and controlled. As with all capable  people others sometimes resent this and tend to pick at her. However, she seems to be accepting of the ones around her and never becomes angry or short with this sort of treatment.

It is interesting to see how she dresses. Obviously her calling in life dictates she dress in a conservative way. On the other hand, on occasion she will break over to another selection of something colorful and rare with an expensive look. As with all women no matter how much is demanded of us we still all enjoy having a feminine appearance at least once in a while and she is no exception to this rule.

Exercise Three

Even though age is present with the woman somehow this isn't what is seen when she slips quietly into a room. It is true she usually has her arms wrapped around her books and material as if she were still cradling one of her children.

      Her voice is quiet and melodious with a modulation to tell of her work. The stillness of her movements makes us know she has been inculcated with heavy discipline of one or more persuasions.

      Personally, it makes me want to feel an understanding and empathy with the essence of all women who are infinitely beautiful regardless of their looks. To imagine a youthful girl with skin like milk, hair of the most desirable color and a voice like honey gives us an understanding of how a God-fearing father must have been afraid for her. Men have a knowledge of other men's choices and desires. People who are terrified themselves often become fearful and domineering in their manner.  To have so imprinted all these negative things on a child's mind is an ultimate sadness.

      We, who are women,  have had a cruel trick played on us in this century. We are made to stare at the successful feminine entertainer on televison and the movies while we of the masses are to take up the sometimes basic work available in our own lives whether it is teaching, secretarial work, doctors, lawyers, and so many other careers where we must forego,  at least at the work place, our feminine ways.  The more feminine, desirable and attractive we are the more we feel it is necessary to cover this over  as a weakness.

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